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Skin problems caused due to increased Medho dhatu (obesity)

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Skin problems caused due to increased Medho dhatu (obesity)


Obesity causes harmonal imbalance. Imbalanced harmones cause dark patches(acanthosis nigricans) on neck and skin folds.Skin stretches due to increased body fat. This leads to stretch marks.Over weight causes vericose veins and ulcers which take a very long time to heal.Due to obesity moisture get trapped in skin folds. This becomes a habitat for microbes and thus leads to bacterial or fungal infection.

Corns will develop in foot due to over weight.Diets which cause obesity also cause acne and pimples. Oily foods and sugar leads to excess secretion of sebum and formation of acne.Imbalanced harmones also cause oily skin.

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tips for loose weight

when u usually wake up like 6 am.-7am??

Once u woke up Drink normal drinking water as much u can drink like 500ml – 1 ltr.

After coming from toilet (fresh)

-----> 10 min Pranayam ( sit properly take a put thub in left nose and take long breath.. change thumb realise breath do i for only maximum 10mins..i guess u know pranayam.

Also you can do your meditation together.


Now its chart for your food. For my therapy always u need to take some thing in your diet.. and please read this carefully about this Diet chart..

Please be lock in ur mind that after 8 pm in night u didn’t need to talk the food any thing. and please keep in mind never take heavy food or Junk foods..

start from ur whole day..

at morning when u ready fresh in breakfast u only take single Apple ( that maintain all those carbohydrates and calorie.) after gap of one applet then after 10min u can take fresh fruit juice, soup, (without cream, butter)

Or you can do in night put 15 green Dry Grapes in bowel in water add 10 small COUSCOUS (channa) let it for whole night dipped in water. In morning eat that that 10 green grapes and Chana and drink that water In which channa and dry grapes dipped. And then u can have one glass of juice or apple ..

after four hours lunch time.. during the office ..


if ur pure vegitarian or u used to take non veg please start ur food in that manner..

take only green vegetables , leafy vegetables, boiled one, (no roots vegetables like potato, ) and if take non vegiterian please only used roasted one.. use only single or two chapati ( dont take bread,) if u like to eat rice please take fried rice ( that is boiled in ghee or just fried in little oil because boiled rice increase obesity (medor) and once rice get fried its Guna the specility ends so no danger to get obesity.. along with it you can take Butter milk after lunch like 200ml


After four hours

take some snacks without oily , butter. or u can take salad. of cubage, only single piece tomoata cuccumber. While return from bank..

after that in night before 8pm take only single or double chapati with some green vegitables that are prepared from boiled, not much oily and can take luke warm single glass of milk around 300ml ..

Noting should be taken after 8pm..

Hope u get it.. that is introduction chart about your taking food timming according to your work and if you have doubt you can mail me and in coming 1-2 days I will tell u some Satvik recepies that you can easily prepared in home and they were balanced diet for balance dosha in body..

And it can reduce weight upto 4kg a month for sure..

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