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Extracts from book ‘Vedic Remedies in Astrology

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Vedic Remedies for Curses



Extracts from book ‘Vedic Remedies in Astrology’






The word curse as a noun means a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come

upon one - an imprecation, evil, or misfortune that comes as if in response to

imprecation or as retribution. It is the root of great harm or misfortune and causes

torment, prolonged suffering, depression, and all sorts of troubles. Curses do not

happen by themselves. They are caused by an ‘interaction’ between two or more

beings (ätmä).

As a verb, the word ‘curse’ means (1) to use profanely insolent language or


blaspheme –


pisacha bädhaka causes by planets like Ketu (headless behaviour) and




Mars (extreme anger) and (2) to call upon divine or supernatural power to send

injury. Such a curse can be delivered by one who has the ätmä bala (lit. soul force or

truth force) to do so. The first type of cursing is a behavioural problem and either

the native suffers at the hands of such people or he is headless (lacking rationality

and etiquette).

The second type is caused by emotions and hence, graha dåñöi of planets that

indicates desires are to be considered in the chart for determining curses. These

emotions can be due to an extreme anger (Mars), sorrow (Saturn), shock (Rähu) or

hurt (Sun).

One who has the ätmä bala alone can curse. The curse of a saint carries more weight

than that of a loafer. The benefic planets Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon and

sometimes Sun are included in this category of people who have the power to

curse. This is also the order of their beneficence starting with Jupiter the greatest

benefic to the Sun at the bottom of the rung, for determining the effective curse.

Jupiter indicates a Brahmin and includes priests, scholars and men of letters;

Mercury indicates close friends and relatives; Venus indicates ones spouse; Moon

indicates ones mother and the Sun indicates ones father or such fatherly figure.

Can animals curse? Yes they can and the curse of serpents has been specifically

indicated in Båhat Paräsara Horä Çästra. When curses are caused without the direct

involvement of a natural benefic planet they indicate that the curse is of a lesser

being or creature.

Secondly, the extent of the hurt shall depend on the strength of the aspecting

malefic. If the aspecting malefic planet is retrograde the curse cannot be redeemed

and will have to be suffered. No remedial measure is going to work. The native will

have to ‘live’ the experience and feel the same pain, anger, suffering or shock that

he has caused another to feel in another past life. Sometimes curses of the same life

also give the results and this can be known from the Praçna chart. If the native is



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fortunate and spiritual then the curse received during one life is redeemed or

suffered in the same life and not carried over to suffer in another. Dasaratha the

father of Çré Räma was cursed to die in the sorrow of his son and he saw the curse

fulfilled in the same life time due to his intense affection for Räma1. This is the real

reason for spiritual people suffering more than the irreligious ones. They are

ensuring that their sins and curses do not carry into another life. They are ensuring

that they do not have to be born as animals or other creatures to feel the suffering

they caused to another soul.

Curse is as a result of hurt, sorrow or other emotion felt by a being due to the

actions, desires or thoughts of another. It is vital to know whether the karma that

caused the curse was done (a) consciously or inadvertently and (b) whether the real

intention of the person was for good or evil. The position and strength of the

natural benefic planet indicates the knowledge and intention respectively. For

example, if the natural benefic is retrograde in a dusthäna then this is the worst as

the intention was bad (strong) and the karma was done in ignorance (Saturn the


ignorant is the significator of dusthäna – 6, 8 & 12 houses).

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Çré Jagannäth Center ® SJC Serbia conference, 2004 Page-3

© Pt. Sanjay Rath Paper: Vedic Remedies for Curses Presented on: 25-Jul-04



Steps to identification of curse (if any) and its remedy



Step 1: At least two or more malefic planets aspecting another planet or house by

graha dåñöi (planetary aspect).

In the chart of Bhagavän Çré Räma, the following aspects ore observed –

1. The Lagna, Jupiter and lagneça Moon are aspected by natural malefic planets

Saturn and Mars.

2. The sixth house is conjoined Rähu and aspected by Saturn.

3. The tenth house (throne/kingship/work), AL, A7 & UL are conjoined the Sun

and aspected by Saturn, Rähu and Mars.

4. The second house, second lord Sun and dhana käraka Jupiter are aspected by

Mars & Rähu.

Step 2: Determine the most benefic planet among those listed in previous step

The most benefic planet is Jupiter indicating that there is the curse of a Brahmin

(priest, teacher or such learned person). Involvement of the 9th lord Jupiter confirms

that the curse is from a previous incarnation. If the 9th house is involved in any

manner, be sure that the curse is because of a past birth. Since the lagna lord Moon

is also involved, the curse is on the native himself. Although we are unaware of the

Ätmakäraka planet in the chart, generally the AK or lagneça has to be involved to

confirm the personal suffering due to the curse. Alternatively, the 8th lord shows

physical suffering and torment while the 10th lord shows financial suffering and

loss of position/humiliation.

Step 3: Examine the effect of the curse in detail by examining houses, planets and

their state (avasthä), motion etc.

The most benefic planet is Jupiter indicating that there is the curse of a Brahmin

(priest, teacher or such learned person). Involvement of the 9th lord Jupiter confirms

that the curse is from a previous incarnation. If the 9th house is involved in any

manner, be sure that the curse is because of a past birth.

The planets aspecting Jupiter, Moon & lagna are Saturn (sorrow) & Mars (anger) of

which Saturn is retrograde and full of rays indicating that the curse will have to be

suffered and the various remedial measures will help to give the strength and

resolve to face the suffering.

Of the aspecting planets, Saturn is the greater malefic as Mars is a yogakäraka for

Cancer lagna. Saturn owns Capricorn, the 7th (marriage) and Aquarius, the 8th



(death, debts) houses and the root cause of the curse has to be linked to these

houses. Of these, the 7th house is stronger as it is associated with a planet while the

8th house is empty. The root cause is identified as marriage, relationship or such


The Ramayana explains that the Räma incarnation of Viñëu was due to the curse of

Deva Åñi Närada on Bhagavän Viñëu when the sage, being struck by the arrows of

the love god Käma devatä, wanted to marry. Viñëu realized that Närada was going



Teachings of



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to break his vow of perfect celibacy and in order to protect his ardent devotee,

played a trick. On the crucial moment when the bride was to garland Närada,

Viñëu turned his face into that of a monkey. The bride shrieked and the marriage

was called off! When Närada saw his face in a mirror, he was extremely sad and

flew into a rage. Realizing that none other than Viñëu could have played this trick

on him, he cursed that the latter would also suffer such shock and anguishes due to

separation from his beloved Lakñmé and would be rescued by monkeys. Since the

words of his most beloved disciple could not become untrue, Viñëu incarnated as

Räma to suffer the curse. The most important lesson here is that we have to develop

the equanimity to suffer such curses with a strong mind and be resolved to

patiently wait out the period and dutifully do out karma.

The placement and strength of the benefic planet is to be examined to determine the

intention and knowledge of the act that caused the curse. Since Jupiter is placed in a

Kendra, the intention of Viñëu (Räma) was good and he desired the real welfare of

his devotee. Since Jupiter is in exaltation, Viñëu (Räma) had done the karma with

complete knowledge and it was not a mistake or something done out of ignorance.

Step 4: Timing of the curse can be done accurately through Müla daçä. Determine

the most malefic planet for the chart and look for links to the 8th house

which shows néja doça (own sins that cause suffering).

In the chart of Çré Räma, the greatest malefic is Saturn and it is also the 8th lord and

is qualified to cause suffering. Saturn is placed in the fourth house which rules

mother, step-mother, maid servants, governess, childhood friends etc.

With the advent of the Müla daçä of Saturn, a hunch back maid servant poisoned

the mind of his step mother Kaikeyi who caused him to be banished to the jungles

for 14 years. The Müla daçä period of Saturn is 14 years [Vimçottari – Mülatrikoëa

correction Exaltation/debilitation = 19 – {(5-1) + 1} = 14].

Step 5: There is only one operative curse for a chart in a lifetime but other evil

indications of the planet will also surface during the müla daçä.

Although there is only one operative curse in one life time (generally believed to be

so), it is advisable check for allied ‘curses’ or suffering indicated by the evil Müla

daçä planet. All the allied suffering will also happen during this time. It is well said

that when it rains it pours. The Müla daçä planet which is to deliver the results of

the curse will also activate allied curses of other relatives during its daçä thereby

ensuring all round suffering and torment.

Look at the list under Step 1. Saturn the planet given the responsibility to deliver

the sorrow of Närada Muni is involved in two other allied trouble spots.

First is the sixth house which is conjoined Rähu and aspected by Saturn. Rähu is the

lord of the çatrupada (A6) and indicates that during this müla daçä there shall be

many enemies in the form of Räkñasa (demons or cannibals who relished human

flesh). Since Jupiter is exalted in lagna, the native shall bow to Lord Çiva and secure

the blessings of the sages and shall destroy these demons (as the lord of Çatrupada



Intention and


Müla daçä


Multiple effects

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Rähu is placed in the sixth house from Jupiter2). Thus Saturn has a hidden agenda

in taking Çré Räma through the border areas of his kingdom and ensuring the

annihilation of the evil ones. The primary cause of destruction of the chief enemy is

seen in the second house from the çatrupada. The çatrupada is in Aquarius and the

second from it is Pisces with Venus exalted in it. Rävaëa was the chief enemy of

Räma and women in the form of his sister & Sitä (wife of Räma) who he kidnapped

became the primary cause of his destruction and death. Räma was advised by the

sage Agastya to recite the Äditya hådaya (Sun is exalted in äruòha lagna) and

destroy Rävaëa.

Second is the tenth house (throne/kingship/work), AL, A7 & UL are conjoined the

Sun and aspected by Saturn, Rähu and Mars. In this curse the native himself is not

involved directly but the curse is on the father (Sun) and the throne (10th house).

When Saturn Müla daçä started, due to the boons granted to Kaikeyi, the step

mother, Räma had to be banished for 14 years. His father Dasaratha died pining for

him just as Sravana Kumar’s blind parents had died pining for their son who had

been killed accidentally by Dasaratha. Treating the 9th house as lagna of father,

Saturn is placed in the 8th house and shall deliver the results of the curse of the

blind sage (father of Sravana Kumar). Just as the last rites of the blind sage were not

performed by his only son Sravana Kumar, so also the last rites of Dasaratha could

not be performed by his eldest son Räma. However, due to the intervention of Sage

Vañiñöha, the Kula guru, they were performed by Bharata the second son.

The multiple effects of the malefic daçä should be studies carefully to determine all

the results that can come due to the aspect of the malefic planet.

Step 6: Three parts of daçä

The 14 year daçä of Saturn can be divided into three parts just like räçi daçä. In the

Ramayana, this is shown as 5+5+4 =14 i.e. there is the clear division in starting of

the last part where we find Räma’s mother Kauçalyä hallucinating the return of her

son and Räma moves to Païcavaöi in South India.

In the first part, the loss of throne, machinations of maid Manthara & step mother

Kaiketi, death of father and other matters related to the aspect of Saturn on the

tenth house from the fourth house are the focus. In the third part, great battles at Çré

Lanka and destruction of the Räkñasa king Rävaëa and many demons related to the

sixth house aspect of Saturn are the focus.

Generally the third part is the most evil part in malefic daçä while the same is the

least malefic if the planet is a natural benefic. Readers would do well to work out

the chronology of events in the Ramayana and try to time the various battles of

Räma with various demons as well as the meeting with various great souls like

Atri, Agastya etc.


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Great piece of information.



Thanks sir.









Dear anusha ji,


As promised you can download this topic of curses in full from the attached file.


This content belongs to sh sanjay rath and SJC.






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My dear Durga Putra,

"Vedic Remedies in Astrology" by Sanjay Rath is published by

Sagar Publications,72,Janpath,Ved Mansion,New Delhi-110001.

email: sagarpub@del3.vsnl.net.in

It has 451 pages and costs Rs 325. You can try. Good book.

"Remedial astrology" by K.K.Pathak is published by Nishkam Peet Prakashan,Rajeswari Shankar Associates,1009,Indra Prakash Buildings,21 Barakhamba Road,New Delhi -110001.

web ID: thetimesofastrology.com

This costs Rs 200 and has 190 pages. Nice book.

"Remedies through Mantras" by Dr.M.H.K.Shastri and Pt.Laxmikant Vashisth is also available with Sagar Publications.It is Rs 275/- has 295 pages.Good book.

A small compilation " An Introduction to Remedial Astrology" by K.K.Pathak is available with Alpha Publication,2640,Roshan Pura,Nai Sarak ,Delhi 110006. It costs Rs 60/-and has 72 pages.Readable.

Many more are there and many regular books also contain remedies.

Try the books,read them from beginning to end, analyse and apply as per your capabiity, tradition and full faith.Don't consult all,but a good Guru/pandit and do the remedy for success.

with best wishes,


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