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Marriage inquiry

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I wonder what makes people think and over think about marriage. Guess that's the way some societies are where marriage is extremely important.


It's my personal opinion, no harms done, whatsoever.



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ganesh_bangalore: sorry to use your thread to post a reply. I dint know any better place.


Ayush Sir,


We have to get married in order to follow the Varna Ashrama Dharma(It divides man's life into four stages and specifies what one should do in each of the stages) which is the path to be followed for hindus. I'm also thinking that you get eligibility to do lot of spiritual deeds(like performing some vratams) if you are married.


Hence marriage is very important in hindu society i guess.

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Your chart analysis is as follows:


1. Kal sarp dosha is seen in your chart. In some cases it totally denies marriage. In order to speed up your marriage process, please visit either ghati subrahmania or Kukke subrahmania and perform some pooja there. (Since you are from bangalore, these places are nearby to you).


2. Jupiter is in your 7th house. Normally jupiter is a benefic planet. But in your chart, he is a lord of 6th house. Lord of 6th sitting in house of marriage is not a good sign for a happy married life.


From the dasha bukti you are running Moon/ketu bukti now. It is favorable for marriage. Moreover the transit planet are also in your favor.


With regards

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