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Need help for my dead future

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I am Jignesh Patel born on 23 November 1971 at 3:43pm at Navsari, Gujarat, India.


I have always faced hardship in achieving anything I have wanted.


I am married and have no problems with my married life now.


I have just lost my job in worst economy conditions on Jan.05, 2009. I had worked very hard at this place and spent many many hours. I am also a very good team player and also liked by all at work. However still my superior decided to replace me and this has nothing to do with company's economic crisis.


I do not understand how this can happen as all was going well and had received no warning sign. It is very difficult for me to sit at home and do nothing.

I need some directions here. What will happen to me. Will I be able to find a good job, shall I do some business...I am just lost. What shall I do as I am becoming helpless.


Please help.


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I did had a huge problem with my marriage 12 years ago and seemed I might get divorced. However it did not happen...everything straightened out and I have no issues right now with marriage and I do have 2 kids.


My current biggest problem is that I just lost my job and I need to find one soon. I am not getting any calls for even an interview. I may run into big financial problem if job does not come my way soon. Also I cannot sit Idle.



When will I find a job - Can you tell?


Please reply.


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Never accept articles of silver as gift or donation. instead donate silver articles frequently


Ancestral pots and utensils of brass should be used and not to be sold.


Avoid extreme anger and extreme softness


must not receive any amulet from sadhu

donate mushrooms in temple

keep a red iron ball

wear new yellow clothes after washing them with river water

keep silver saffron or gold with you

All remedies to be performed after during the day, not in the night..

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Throw 125 pieces of sweet peda (white pedas made of khoya)in river

Wear gold (urgent)

donate mushrooms in earthern pot in temple..

If you can get it done, get your nose pierced once for a week. this is imp.. if you can get it done. put a red thread for a week.

Throw new empty pitcher in the river (mitti ka) ..i think i ve told you before too

put a ring of stainless steel without any joint.

put kesar tilak

eat and offer sweets as much as you can

go to temple everyday

avoid non-veg and liquor

place water and saunf on the headside of your bed during night

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along with remedies advised by k1_monica ji, u shud do remedies related to shani maharaj like offering mustard oil on saturdays to him in the evenings and recite shani stotra also in the temple..never do any puja's related to shani devji at home..also do hanuman chalisa every tuesday and saturday...u can keep fast on saturdays and u shud give donations to a poor old man on saturdays..


along with this, u should also do remedies related to brihaspati maharaj like offering of food brahmins, teachers, priests on thursdays especially in the morning and keeping fast on thursdays.


u r likely to get ur job in the antardasa of shani that is around july 09

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