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Gaurahari das

Distinguishing Gaudiya Sadguru from Sad or morose Guru

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There are many Gurus and teachers of Bhakti yoga who have sprouted up after the departure of AC bhaktivedanta Prabhupada who first inspired many thousands of people to take to chanting the Mahamantra which he obviously loved and held most dear to his holy heart. As it was in Gaurangas day, there are many dedicated regulated vaishnava Gurus now days endowed with wonderful qualities of a Brahmin, knowledge of sastras, ability to memorize and quote vast amounts of slokas, and are very charismatic and cultured individuals but the upon careful analysis the essential quality of deep love and devotion for the hearing and chanting of Gauranga Lila is still not present- this will show in that their realizations of Gauranga and Krishna lila are superficial much like a parrot and are not able to penetrate deep into understanding the confidential messages contained in these lilas for the benefit of advancing devotees which will benefit and purify the consciousness of their followers. Only a genuine representive of Gauranga such as is the case of Srila Prabhupada can practically demonstrate the realization of the this important relevant bhagavatam verse paraphrased here to stress the point



" The highest truth is the top most divine reality distinguished from practical illusions we are facing according to our present time place and circumstances, for the welfare of all who are endevoring sincerely to find the real path of pure devotional service."SB 1.1



Only a real experienced transcendentally situated Acaraya can be like King Arthur and prove that he can unsheathe the sword out of the stone by propagating purifying conclusions acceptable to the real disciplic succession. Usually only an experienced advanced devotee will be able to discern and appreciate the deeper relevant meaning of the Bhakti sastras - one can also know if one gets Gaurangas special mercy by being able to hear and accept His genuine bhaktas teachings - therefore the fruits of the genuine mature Bhakti lata biaja can be practically implanted and passed on to these kinds of faithful and qualified disciples who turn a deaf ear to the superficially show bottle false Gurus who sometimes even accumulate thousands of faithful followers. This is the trap of the false Guru and most fall down from the real path by becoming attracted to the false Guru's boasts and speculations often even after finding the real transcendental Guru. No matter what is claimed or boasted about by such spik and span but still mundane religious leaders, their disciples will not be purified in the way Lord Chaitanya considers purification. The following verse reflects this situation clearly.



"‘For a person devoid of (pure) devotional service, birth in a great family or nation, knowledge of the revealed scriptures, performance of austerities and penance, and chanting of Vedic mantras are all like ornaments on a dead body. Such ornaments simply serve the concocted pleasures of the general populace.’" Madya 19-75



From this verse question a may arise… What is meant here by the term devotional service? There are many preceptors that are allegedly teaching devotional service, qualified with the above mentioned qualities claiming to be Guru and an authentic connection to the real disciplic line and Krishna. After many years of chanting how many of their disciples are overcoming the offensive stage and developing pure loving attraction to pastimes of Lord Caitanya? How many gurus themselves know that attachment for Gauranga must develop first before true taste for the authentic Radha Krishna rasa develops? This rare treasure of Braja Bhakti rasa is buried very deep in the bowels of Vrndavan- It is buried so deep that it could not even be attained by the austerities of the Goddess of fortune much less fools who try to get it directly bypassing cultivating attachment to Gauranga. If such gurus claim to know Gauranga how many demonstrate that they know by instilling a real loving attachment for Gauranga in the hearts of a sincere disciple instead of some mentally concocted rasa with Radha Krishna? If one jumps into intimate Krishna lilas and so called culitivation of manjari seva by bypassing the cultivation of deep estatic attraction to Gauranga lila his proper spiritual development will be naturally arrested. Such a devotee can only develop sahajya tendencys of relishing Krishna lila according to mental speculation and concoctions without tasting through the genuiine progressive development of bhakti rasa. Prabhodanandan Saraswati states in his book nectar moon of Lord Caitanya,



" One dives deeply into Gauranga lila and surfaces into Krishna lila".



Of course one has to attain the recognition and association a genuine devotee of Gauranga who knows the real and clear pure devotional path that begins from Navadwipa Dham and continues on gradually arriving at its final destination Vrndavana dham. If one goes to Vrndavana first one only finds the path of deviation, mental speculation sahajya . This is the authorized method according to authentic Acaryas like Probodananda Swaraswati who associated with Lord Caitanya personally.


Even preceding the appearance of loving symptoms, hearing and chanting in genuine devotee association directly causes disappearance of the symptoms of the three fold miseries? Now days as it was with Srila Prabhupada and Bhaktisidhanta saraswati real devotee association means finding even one rare devotee on this planet to associate with and serve. Here is the real test of having real transcendental devotee association. How many practitioners of Bhakti yoga, following Spiritual Masters of our religious institutions for many years are still in need of psychological and emotional counseling, are addicted thinking day and night about providing for their family's, or still intensely desire to develop their personal economic situation and desire name and fame of being recognized as a big sanyasi? These are all anartas and weeds which can only be uprooted by the shovel of following the genuine pure path of Bhakti under genuine transcendental guidance.



Above all controversies, differences of opinion, deep attraction and relish for hearing and chanting about the transcendental pastimes of Gauranga and Krishna is the only way we can know who a real Guru is. As the above verse quoted by Lord Caitanya, impressive shows of austerities, braman qualities, and cultured behavior may be external and superficial . Lord Caitanya once met a ignorant Brahmin who could not read or write properly. He saw him in the temple crying looking at a picture of Krishna in Bhagavadgita. Lord Caitanya inquired why are you crying? The ignorant Brahmin said, " people generally laugh at my ignorance but I am following my beloved Guru’s order to read bhagavadgita daily. I cannot read very well but when I see how kind and merciful Lord Krishna is to Arjuna by personally driving his chariot my heart melts and I cannot stop crying. Lord Caitanya said, "You are the real authority on bhagavadgita and no one else"! Why did Gauranga consider him authority? Lord Caitanya also said that,



" It is the behavior of a genuine vaishnva that determains real religious principals". CC



In the simple behavior of this ignorant Brahmin were the essential ingredients of success in developing the first class level of Krishna Consciousness. If one does not have genuine pure bhakti he cannot demonstrate these internal natural symptoms of a melted heart contemplating Krishna's pictures nor can one pass such a rare treasure on to others. This illiterate Brahmin was faithfully executing the order of a real rasa laden bonafide Guru to read bhagavadgita daily. If one is faithfully executing the orders of a authorized representative of Krishna he should receive the authentic fruits of the real bhakti bijas increasing developement in a reasonable amount of time. If this is not taking place in a sincere disciple then one has not yet found a real bonafide spiritual master. It can also happen that one has been deviated from a real Guru by the imitative Putana false Guru representative who poisons and destroys the faith of a unfortunate disciple who listens to her sweet but deadly mental speculations which only are convincing to the mind and not the supersoul in the heart. Only a personality with a genuine deep spiritual relationship with Gauranga and Krishna is the real bestower of the authentic Bhakti lata bija of pure devotion to Lord Hari. No matter how many external qualifications a alleged Spiritual Master may demonstrate in this age of Kali, he or she cannot fool the true guardians of devotion. There are obviously many personalities looked upon in this world as great devotees or Spiritual Masters. If they are in the Gaudiya vaishnava disciplic line they must establish Gauranga worship and relationship in the heart of their disciples first. Real pure Bhakti will develop properly in this way only otherwise the path of speculation and mental concoctions is attained in place of the real thing. Gauranga and Nityananda are the root cause of pure devotional service in our line and their authentic devotee is the only rare personality that can genuinely continue this transcendental blood line. Their genuine potent represesentive knows these important foundational principals therefore Lord Caitanya says,



"The real path of pure devotional service is hidden in the heart of a unadulterated self realized soul".



Gupta means hidden. Like Lord Caitanya named his devotee Murari because this devotee doctor had Krishna Bhakti deeply hidden in his heart. He appeared ordinary to ordinary persons but showed his love for Krishna when he fell from the Kings seat when he saw a peacock feather fan- still he tried to hide the truth by saying he had a disease. Krishna is very expert at hiding. He hides himself and he also hides deep in the heart of his rare jewel like genuine devotees. Only out of extraordinary mercy do they reveal themselves to the world as in the example of Srila Prabhupada". In Caitanya Caritamrita Gauranga says,



" If one has attained love of God then the symptoms of this will be noted in their activities".



Srila Prabhupada’s devotion for Krishna and preaching activities were most extraordinary and uncommon! Those who have Srila Prabhupada's real mercy will also show symptoms of uncommon spiritual activities. This is how Krishna reveals his genuine representives.

Jai Gurudeva Gaura Nitai!

Gaurahari das

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Jaya Jaya !!!

Couldn't put it better myself ever.


Ha Gauranga ! Ha Jagannatha ! Ha Praan natha !





Once Sri Gauranga took Gadadhara Pandita to Pundarika Vidyanidhi.As soon as Gauranga saw Pundarika,He rushed and embraced him and both showed extraordinary ecstasies.

Now Gadadhara saw Pundarika's house.Hundreds of maidservants,Gold everywhere.He was literally richer than the king.Pundarika's intelligence got 'degraded'(LEELA LEELA LEELA).He went back.Sri Gauranga too came back.He rebuked Gadadhara,"What happened ?? Buddhi bhrasht ho gayi?? Are you dis illusioned."

Gadadhara said"Ha Maharaj ! Vidyanidhi is so rich.He has so many opulences.He is married.He has maidservants.He looks so materially engrossed.Why did you embrace him ?"


Gauranga : "You Donkey.Reflect upon history ! Dhruva,Prahlada,Arjuna all of them have ruled the earth and higher planetary systems for thousands of years.All of them had wives.Krsna Prema manifests in the heart and it remains there.It has very little to do with the outward appearances.Go and fall at Vidyanidhi's feet.If he forgives you,come back in My satsanga."


I have seen so many devotees in ISKON.I asked one of them politely to merely listen to a couple of lectures to a personality without the sampradaya.I still cannot forget the expression he had when he saw that the person had long hair.He was livid with anger.I immediately switched off the T.V on which the lecture was appearing.


Prabhupada said,"You should go to HEAR a Vaishnava.Never go to SEE him."


One of the exalted babajis used to eat the Jagannatha prasada which used to 'rot' near the garbage.I know I WILLl make some observations when i see such a sight.This is aparadha.So please do not try to pass any comments EVEN in the MIND.

He is outside sampradaya ? Fine.Don't listen to him.Why do you have to criticise him,especially when he can explain the most profound truths by support of Sastra ???

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Gaura Bhakti Sadguru Gaurahari das





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Name: Gaurahari das

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For over thirty five years I have been preparing,learning, experiencing and teaching about this crest jewel of spiritual paths called Bhakti Yoga. By the extraordinary grace of my eternal SadGuru and God they have authorized me to assist others make their transition and practical ascension to the divine level of experience. This cuts one free for good from the cylce of birth and death by bestowing upon the soul the boon of confidential service to Supreme Eternal Truth. This is even a deeper grace than that of liberation or salvation .


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