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Atheist buses denying God’s existence take to streets

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Prabhupada: No, atheist, that is there should be reasonable proposal. If you speak something nonsense, that “I exist,” why he, does he bring the word God, if God does not exist? God is there, but He denies the existence. That is atheism. Otherwise, why bringing the word God? If God does not exist, why he is bringing the word God?

Philosophy Discussions with His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Jean-Paul Sartre

Atheist buses denying God’s existence take to streets


Martin Beckford – Telegraph.co.uk January 7, 2009

Organisers originally hoped to put the message on just a handful of

London buses, as an antidote to posters put up by religious groups

which they claimed were “threatening eternal damnation” to



But after the campaign received high-profile support from the prominent

atheist Prof Richard Dawkins and the British Humanist Association, the

modest £5,500 target was met within minutes and more than £140,000 has

now been donated since the launch in October.

Enough money has now been raised to place the message – “There’s

probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” – on 200 bendy

buses in the capital for a month, with the first ones taking to the

streets .

A further 600 buses carrying the adverts will be seen by passengers

and passers-by in cities across England, Wales and Scotland, from

Aberdeen and Dundee to York, Coventry, Swansea and Bristol.

In addition, two large LCD screens bearing the atheist message have

been placed in Oxford Street, central London, while 1,000 posters

containing quotes from well-known non-believers will be placed on

Underground trains for two weeks starting on Monday.

They feature lines doubting the existence of God, and celebrating

the natural world, written by Albert Einstein, Katharine Hepburn,

Douglas Adams and Emily Dickinson.

It is the first ever atheist advertising campaign to take place in

Britain, and similar adverts are now also running on public transport

in America and Spain.

Ariane Sherine, a writer who first thought of the atheist bus

adverts, said: “You wait ages for an atheist bus, then 800 come along

at once. I hope they will brighten people’s days and make them smile on

their way to work.”

The campaign has even been welcomed by religious groups for

increasing the profile of debate about faith, and although there was

tight security outside the launch event by the Royal Albert Hall, the

campaigners have not received any threats from fundamentalists.

Paul Woolley, director of Theos, a theology think tank which

donated £50 to the cause, said: “The posters will encourage people to

consider the most important question we will ever face in our lives.”

Some atheist supporters of the campaign were disappointed that the

wording of the adverts did not declare categorically that God does not

exist, although there were fears that this could break advertising


Prof Dawkins, the renowned evolutionary biologist and author of The

God Delusion, said: “I wanted something stronger but with hindsight I

think it’s probably a good thing because it makes people think. It’s

just food for thought – people will have conversations in pubs when

they see these buses.”

Hanne Stinson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association,

said the adverts were “overwhelmingly positive” and were intended to

reassure agnostics and atheists that there is nothing wrong with not

believing in God.


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These boneheads :) are just going to get more and more disturbed emotionally as time goes on cause God is real. I had a therapist once who I was trying to explain to him how God is the supersoul within all living beings and he thought I was crazy and told me there is no God and I told him yes there is. Later on that therapist ended up screwing one of his patients and lost his job and ended up suicidal. You gotta be careful to never deny God as it will come back on you in a bad way.

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They deny God because of their taste for material enjoyment.

The more deeply they are attached.. the more deeper is the ditch.


There's more to that than simple "escape from materialistic life" aspect in Spiritualism.


I myself are a scholar (of my own rights) of Evolution of Mankind. I believe that there are three paths to Evolution (to a higher being).


Believe it or not, it was Hindusm which teached me the most about Evolution and not Science alone. Studying the Nine Avatars of Maha Vishnu from an Evolutional point of view have been an incredible experience for me and offers a lot of answers which Science alone have not provided.


The three paths of Evolutions are : Path of Animalistic Qualities, Path of Mental Qualities and Path of Spiritual Qualities.


Our earlier ancestors (some 5 million years ago) were animalistic in qualities. Many of the human cousins were killed off by nature disasters, famine, sickness or wild animals till they have been forced to develop Mental Qualities. Creation of fire, settlement, weaponry and agriculture (some 10,000 years ago) have enabled humans to settle down and populate the Planet as we have today.


I believe that without this Mental Evolutions from primitive nature to a higher nature (as we are today), we could not have come so far ahead, breaking ourselves away from Animal world completely.


So, I believe that the next stage in Human Evolution can ONLY BE ACHIEVED through Spiritual Path.

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