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Help to know tormentor who is doing black magic

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hi brothers and sisters


I am victim of extreme black magic from last 10 years. however i came to know about this , just a year ago.Before that i was just visiting doctors for different ailments.

As i was achiever, these jealous relatives are doing all this to me. My family life is destroyed.

There 3-4 relatives who are doing this.Many sadhaka tells age group and gender . But the issue is there many peson in this profile and are also suspect.As there are many issues unanswred and question mark on many persons behaviuor, I am not able to find out who is main culprit? who is supporting? and Who is doing what?

I heard that Crystal Gazer have capacity to tell /show this.I read somewhere that some person have such power that they can show images in water contained in utensil.

Any person in mumbai or around who have such powers?

Also I want to know that if i know close relative who is doing black magic and is also a tantric himself? What is the way to make him deprive of his TANTRIC VIDYA. I mean kisi bhi tarah se (even any act by force) usaki vidya nashta ho jaye.

Please help me.

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the forum is filled with all sorts of people who think of getting taste of sadhana at the earliest and dont realise how much energy and live beings get into action and being a human would only curb them to awesome treat of death at an early stage... anyways, if you ur any tantric proyog done on u to be totally null and void, do jaap of " Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Datt ", this mantra is given directly by the Dattaterya Ji in kaliyug ! it accomplises every resort of problem with fast solution, it doesnt need procedure, gives immediate samadhi and makes 84 siddhas to protect you ! i'll try to post out a whole on it someday ! even audio too !!! have a nice day ~

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