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How to work out exact birth time

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many people do not have their exact birth time with them, making it difficult for astrologers to work out predictions and remedies for them, any solution to this? i did read some ancient astrology books but to no avail. regards,



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Dear Ravi ji


There are many theories in this and many have different views too


And now a days there are medical procedures to modify the birth time


so as far as my view is concerned i can say the time when a child cry can be considered as a right birth time as it cannot be altered


Also there are geographical time errors and also man made errors


So it may be better to consider the nearest to exact time be considered by doing birth time rectification






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Dear Raviji,


One of the methods is to get known fact from the subject regarding major events in his/her life. Like say date & time of "marraige". This event is then seen in the Navamsha D9 chart or D60 chart. If the event time and the time for that event as per given DOB/TOB matches then well & good. Else reverse engineer based on the event time dasa in Navamsha and get the rectified TOB.

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thanks a lot trivediji,


your comments makes sense, but still there has to be some method, by which exact birth time can be figured out. i think some palmists have this technique. i am not sure how they do it but there is a principle somewhere that if the luck line and life have any connection at all then they must be placed in the 7th house from each other. although i must warn everyone here on this forum that i am not very sure about this technique. so reply with something interesting on this subject. thanks and regards,



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Dear All,


I find this subject very intriguing. So here's my two cents on this.


Birth time is highly subjective both in theory and in practice. Well its like defining Sunrise time.


When a baby is born normally there can be many different points which can be considered as birth time. For example when the crown is visible or when the head is outside or the entire body is fully outside or the umbilical cord is cut, the first breath, the first cry etc.,

This is hoping everything was normal. More points if things do not progress normally. May be there is a large gap between coming out and the first breath ( like when I was born).

I am not even going to go into Caesarian births.


This is the theory part - Now the practice of it. The noting of the exact time is dependent on the person noting and documenting it safely. Most people have to refer to their Mother's for their own birth time. In common practice we are used to rounding/approximating it up the time to the closest five minute.


So for astrologers it is advisable that we take the given time as the starting point, ensure that the D1 and D9 lagna (atleast) are not on boundaries and ask validation questions and rectify. Then go from there to answer the primary questions.


Yes unless the parents find value in the exact birth time - it is not recorded. One thing I found very valuable atleast in the US is that attending doctors state the birth time aloud during the birth. I believe they also record it atleast on official hospital records ( may not be on the birth certificate always). Not sure how other countries have it setup currently.


For valuable historical charts the only resort is life events for reverse engineering.


Just thought I'd share my views about this.



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