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  1. dasans pranamams... i am a traditional astrologist . relates to srivaishnavism. i am searching for remedies to navagrahas by using the SUNDARAKANDA OF SRREMADWALMEEKIRAMAYANAM. . If know anyone kindly give the details of that web or address of that book in english medium. adiyen dasan dr swamy kvr
  2. dasan pranamams. there is a book "how to recognise the ascendent" published by the n.c.lahari publications. calcutta.. so better to try from that book.this is very useful in this subject. dasan dr swamy kvr
  3. dasan, pranamams....i am relates to srivaishnavism. and also a traditional astrologist. i am recomending remedies to the people who are suffering from navagrahas. i am searching for remedies to the entire navagrahas through only sundarakanda of the saint valmiki's sreemadramayana . already i know NAVAGRAHA MANTRA MALA FROM SUNDARAKANDA. EXCEPT THIS any one know it kindly give the details.Navarathna Mantra Maala - Sundara Kaandam
  4. can i know the garuda puranam audio version from any web?
  5. adiyen dasohams. can i have any chance to know the slokas in sundarakandam detaildly. kindly help me.
  6. dasans..... dasohams can i have any chance to download "UPDESA RATNAMAI" AND "THIRUVAIMOZHI NOOTRANDADI" audio version ? if u know kindly give that web address to me. adiyen ramanuja dasan dr k.v.r.swamy
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