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Paying for a Tantra Teacher.

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I wanted some one's educated advice on this matter.


Recently I meet with a Tantric who is from india and lives in the states.


He seems to be real,how ever in order for me to work with him if accepted as his student he asked for some thousands of Dollars for his time.


Is this common for a tantric teacher to charge money?


My Regards

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Dont look for a teacher- look for a Guru. A Guru is much, much more than a teacher. As Kabir said " If all the seas were converted into ink and all the trees in the world into pens, it would still not be enough to write the glory of the Guru'. In the tantrika path, it is essential to have a Guru- it is said that Guru, Devatha and Mantra are the same.


If a path appeals to you- stick to it. If a Guru appears, hold on to him/her. Do not be misled by a million people who say a million things. Be clear about what you want to achieve. Is it union with the ultimate soul- then it is wonderful. Law of reciprocity(karma) applies to any action performed with a desire in mind, so beware about using tantra prayoga for just the shad prayoga ( marana, mohana etc) by themselves. It is like using a golden spoon to clean ordure.


Above all- the biggest enemies one has are the shadripu( 6 enemies) of any spiritual aspirant. If you have to do any prayoga, it is on them that one needs to do so..


I am just a beginner.. Anything I say, I say because I care.:)


Jaya Devi Durge

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