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  2. Hello Christa, You are some what right,however both paths are very complex in there own right and of course you put "Black" in front of any thing of a spiritual nature and its considered bad right away. I my self come from a Black Tantric background,how ever ive never referred to it as such nor heard it used as such with that tidal. But some things that needs to be clarified yes some of these powers/Siddhis can be used to harm,or to protect..once one has archived some of these ability's it is like a sword it can be used to destroy or cut some thing down to build some thing,the power is what you use if for. That is the basic version of that but it also gets more complex with what Devi/Demons gods goddess or energys in the universe you work with. I also not call it a sub group but its own group with in its self. Chris
  3. I second that test...I jsut found out in order to respond to a private message you need to make at least 30 post so be for warned so I guess here is a better place than nothing.
  4. You are very simply wrong with thinking there is no Black Tantra that is equal to that of so called White Tantra..I love this double standard. I have personally studied under what one would call a Black Tantric Master from the east and thats all I go into here in public and partially it really doesnt matter if your opnion changes on the matter because I know what I know from personal "OccultGnosis" experancres. I think you are confusing things with the Thelemic Tradition. The universe is not all fluffy and white light as all would wish,there are different cosmic forces at play.
  5. Greetings, I wanted some one's educated advice on this matter. Recently I meet with a Tantric who is from india and lives in the states. He seems to be real,how ever in order for me to work with him if accepted as his student he asked for some thousands of Dollars for his time. Is this common for a tantric teacher to charge money? My Regards
  6. The above I feel is a white light fluffy response in all due respect and I feel its very wrong. Many great Yogis and Gurus speak about such awaking going wrong and they even go into detail as to why they these things happen[lack of proper work on ones own being with kundalili practice.
  7. In all respects I studied and practiced under a Black Tantric from Cambodia in my early years and I learned a many great things as well as experienced many Occult things that I wont go into,but these were pivotal in my initiation into these mysteris which drive me to this day,I do practice Kundalini Yoga and over all I do have good morals but dont fool your self in focusing on morals and this and that....kundalini yoga and power does not reconize morals...how ever on the flip side if your focus is to destroy and controll then you are most likly a unbalnced person and you will destroy your self. Again Black Tantra is not a bad thing as a Aghora is not bad persay!
  8. Hello, I worship Kali Ma as well as Lord Shiva and my question is this, Can I put a statue/Image of both Kali and Shiva on my alter at the same time and do Puja to them both or one at a time?
  9. Greetings every one, My name is Chris I live in Sacramento California and I have been practicing preliminary Kundalini yoga for some time now and I was was wondering if any one knew of a real Guru that lives in California? One that is of the Varma Marg path,a Tantric? If not any Kundalini master that one could trust? I have been studying under the Bihar school of yoga's books for some time and strong interest in the Aghoric tradition. I worship Shiva and Kali Ma. Kind regards, Chris
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