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Sarva gattah

HH Jayapataka Swami is in critical condition from a stroke, please everyone pray

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Lord Caitanya eventually delivers the most fallen souls by the mercy of the devotees

Some great news just in. Maharaj’s body is gradually healing

(26 Oct - 10.30 a.m. report) Ratnavali dd:

Dr.Syamalal Prabhu from the Bhaktivedanta hospital asked Jayapataka Maharaja to give his right hand and he responded to it. The doctor asked Maharaja to squeeze his hand and Maharaja squeezed his hand.


The doctor asked Jayapataka Maharaja to move his legs then he started shaking the legs vigorously. Even the bed started to shake. Therefore the doctor wanted him to stop and Guru Maharaja immediately stopped.


Whenever the doctor speaks to Maharaja he opens his eyes and looks at the doctor.

Jayapataka Maharaja is still in a delicate situation and the hospital has strictly ordered not to disturb him.


(26 Oct - 07 a.m. report) Ratnavali dd:

Dear Devotees, Hare Krsna. Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.


Revati Raman prabhu, the Temple President of Tirupati, AP, India one of the senior disciples of Jayapataka Maharaja is rendering a very important service for the care and safety of Maharaja in the hospital by the ICU. Today under the supervision of the doctors and nurses he approached Maharaja to the pavitram of Tirupati Balaji Deity.


While tying the pavitram on Maharaja’s hand Revati Raman prabhu spoke, “We love you so much. Every one around the world wants you. They are all praying for you and sending so many emails.”


As Maharaja heard this he opened his eyes looking at Revati Raman prabhu for 2 minutes and raised his left hand pointing to his mouth. The doctors and nurses were amazed and said that Maharaja perfectly understood what Prabhu said and indicated that he was unable to speak because of the tubes in his mouth. This is the most wonderful information for all of us.


Thanks to all the prayers of the devotees. The main doctors will be making soon a decision if the ventilator could be removed.


Your humble servant, Ratnavali

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Yes, Death is certain for all of us. Today or tomorrow, there is no escape for any of us.

Is this the appropriate moment to remind the readers of the forum to be prepared for death?


No, such behaviour is rather macabre and in bad taste.


Guess, we shouldn't pretend of being all knowing but be a little patient and wait till HH Jayapataka Maharaja has fully recovered and there's no subsequent damage due this stroke.

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Death is certain. Today or tomorrow, there is no escape. Now is the time to remember that the self is not the body. So when praying for Jayapataka Swami are we praying for the well being of the self or the body?


I mean is it in his best interest to live in the body for a few more years in what would likely be a highly compromised situation from the severe stroke or to live the body now and accept all the Krishna Conscious rewards Krishna has in store for Him in appreciation for all the sincere service he has rendered.


His disciples will have their own personal feelings over this but as for me if Krishna has decreed it's his time to leave the body behind then I wish Jayapataka Swami 'God's Speed' on the rest of his journey homeward.


Everyone should be prepared for death because it could happen at anytime. The great illusion in the material world is 'it will not happen to me'


What I repeated from Theist prabhu is very fitting, true and honest therefore, I humbly make no apology

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Everyone should be prepared for death because it could happen at anytime. The great illusion in the material world is 'it will not happen to me'


What I repeated from Theist prabhu is very fitting, true and honest and I make no apology

Your topic is called, "HH Jayapataka Swami is in critical condition from a stroke". Now, before we have the details about JPS being fully 100% recovered and the critical condition being over you come up with, Everyone should be prepared for death. Better you make an apology!

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Let's all pray for HH Jayapataka Maharaja and not speak of death.

Guess the readers of this forum anyway are knowing all this what you have to say about temporary material existence anyway. Why remind them when it comes to pray for diseased Vaishnava?

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Latest update (26 Oct - 9.30 p.m. report) : There is a gradual improvement of Maharaja’s consciousness but not out of danger yet


Ratnavali dd:


There is a gradual improvement of Maharaja’s consciousness but he is not yet out of danger.


Jayapataka Maharaja is able to recognize some people and understand some commands but he is not totally conscious. He still feels drowzy.


Dr. Hegde came at 9.15 pm and said that neurologically Maharaja is improving. BP and Sugar level is under control.


The platelets count is 79,000 now and it is gradually increasing which is a good sign.


As per Bhanu Maharaja the next couple of days is not auspicious as New Moon day is approaching.


There is a general chance for disease to be aggravated during this time. Therefore Bhakti Purushottama Maharaja requests that devotees continue to pray intensely.


Your humble servant,

Ratnavali dd

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Maharaja is now more conscious but very emotional. By seeing devotees tears come from his eyes.

Last update:

(27 Oct - 10.30 a.m. report)



Purusottama Swami:


Dear Maharaja/Prabhu, Please accept my humble obeisance . All glories to Srila Prabhupada.


This morning the doctor said he may remove ventilator and all tubes within the next 24 hours if every things goes as it is now.


Maharaja is now more conscious but very emotional. By seeing devotees tears come from his eyes.


The doctor said we have to completely stop any devotees going to meet maharaj including senior devotees because as soon as devotees go to meet him due to excitement his blood preassure increases.


If devotees will not stop visiting Maharaj, the doctor said, they will not be able to make him free from ventilator. His blood pressure is ok now. Bloolet count is no more decreasing even without medecine. He seems to be more reciprocative.


By seeing all these symptoms the doctors feel more satisfied.

Few astrologers have said HH’s condition will reman critical to some extend untill 28th Oct. because of tithi is Amavasya. After that things will go better. But still untill Nov. 14th we have to be careful.


We are very thankfull to the devotees around the world who are praying for HH’s quick recovery. Only prayers of devotees around the world and their chanting of the holy name is our hope.


We disciples of Jayapataka Maharaja are very gratefull to GBCs for their kind help and support. Specially HH. Gopala Krishna Maharaj and HH. Radhanatha Swami as also HH Bhakti Charu Swami who are constantly supervising the treatment. Mnay GBC members accompanyed Maharaja to the hospital. Some GBC memebrs like HH. Kavicandra Swami and Virabahu pr. are still here in Mumbai to see the recovery of Maharaj.


Iskcon Mumbai, Juhu temple management has extended their topmost help in every aspect. We are very much indebted to Iskcon Mumbai management.


Please pray for Maharaj’s quick recovery so that he can again join with you all to participate actively in his service to Srila Prabhupada and his ISKCON.

For HH’s health update you may visit



Thank you very much.

Your humble servant

Bhakti Purusottama Swami

(27 Oct - 9.30 a.m. report) Ratnavali dd:


Jayapataka Maharaja’s health is progressing very nicely and the doctors are happy with his improvement. Yesterday the doctor saw him coughing and said it is a good symptom. This means the bodily system has started to function.


A visiting doctor asked Maharaja to first lift the left hand which he did. Not only that, he also articulated all his fingers very well. The doctor then asked him to lift the right hand, he wasn’t able to lift it well. He said some physiotheraphy would be required.


Later Dr. P.P Ashok came and asked Maharaja to lift his legs. Maharaja lifted both the legs and started to move them in the air 3 to 4 times. Maharaja also pointed to the tube in the mouth indicating he wants to speak. Therefore the doctor said that Maharaja is showing excellent responses and that he understands everything 100%.


Maharaja had good eye contact with the doctors the whole time. The doctor gave instruction to the nurses that they could start removing the tubes one by one.

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Doctors are now very concerned about the recovery of Maharaj, so everyone please keep praying to Krishna


Monday, October 27, 9.00 pm:


The blood pressure of Guru Maharaja is fluctuating (goes up and down between high and normal). The platelets have gone down to 69,000. The normal platelets count under this situation should be above 1 lakh. Sugar is normal. Sometimes he moves his limbs and opens his eyes voluntarily.



Although no devotees have visited in the evening still his BP is high and the doctors are concerned about it.


Magnesium has gone up from a previously low level to a slightly higher level. (It is a good symptom for blood coagulation) Brain activity is stable. Pulse rate is very stable. Let's keep praying to Lord Krsna for Guru Maharaja's health.


Your humble servant,

Ratnavali dd

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Things have improved again over the last few hours, the doctor have instructed the nurses to start removing the ventilator


Tuesday 28th October 2008 - 1.30 pm Mumbai time which is 7pm Sydney time, 4am New York, 1am San Francisco, 8am London, 11am Moscow, 5am, Beijing, 4pm, Tokyo, 5pm, Cape Town, 9am Prague, 11am Baghdad, 1pm New Delhi, Honolulu Mon 10:02 PM (27th still)



From Ratnavali...


The following report is from Dr. Madhavananda Prabhu, the Bhaktivedanta Hospital. The Hinduja hospital doctor said that Guru Maharaja is stable now. His consciousness is also good. The doctor has instructed the nurses to start the process of removing the ventilator.



May all the Deities give protection to our beloved Guru Maharaja.





By seeing devotees tears came to Maharaj's eyes and he became very emotional



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Maharaja is chanting mentally the Hare Krsna maha mantra on a clicker slowly and is far better now than 12 hours ago.


He IS gradually getting better, therefore there is no need to panic - the outcome however, is a decision made between Jayapataka Maharaj, Srila Prabhupada, Krsna and the prayers of all the assembled Vaishnavas.


I recently heard Ramai Swami, the GBC Chairman recently saying in a class"it's all up to Krsna" Actually that is not completely true because Krsna listens to the prayers of the Vaishnavas.


Also, as far as the fallen souls of this world are concerned, it is also the selfless humble mercy of the devotees that saves us all and delivers us to Krsna and not Krsna personally.


Ramai Swami must understand this, it is not only up to Krsna directly, it is up to devotees like him to preach and save the fallen souls on behalf of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krsna!!



Last updates:

(28-Oct-08, 12:30 p.m. report) Ratnavali dd:


Dr Hegde came to check Maharaja today and the doctor said he looks better than yesterday and there is no need to panic. Jayapataka Maharaja is feeling very uncomfortable with the tubes and asking everyone to remove them.


So the doctor has given instructions to the nurses and local duty doctors to remove the ventilator. They are planning how to do it. The process usually takes between 24 to 48 hours. They are praying that everything would go smoothly.


The cardiologist also came to see Maharaja and he said it is natural for the blood preassure to fluctuate. They are giving the blood preassure medicines under his guidance.


Jayapataka Maharaja asked one senior disciple signaling to get him a clicker to chant. Since that devotee had his and Maharaja took it from him and he is chanting mentally the maha mantra on the clicker slowly.


Your humble servant,

Ratnavali dd

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Who is H. H. Jayapataka Swami?








Jayapataka Swami was born John Gordan Erdman on April 9, 1949, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, North America and was later given the name 'Jayapataka dasa' upon receiving initiation into the Hare Krishna movement, by his guru, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Presently he is one of the initiating spiritual masters ( diksa gurus) of ISKCON and a member of the Governing Body Commission (GBC), is a divisional trustee for the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT), and an ISKCON swami.

John Gordan Erdman was born to John Hubert and Lorraine Erdman. At 14, he graduated in the top of his class from St. John's Academy, a college preparatory school. He was offered full scholarships including tuition, books, food, lodging, plus incidental expenses by several major universities around America. He accepted admission into Brown University.

There, as a fresh enrolee, he was influenced by a guest lecture on the life of Buddha that he lost all interest in his studies and began searching for a spiritual teacher. After some time of searching he concluded he would have to go to India to find his teacher.

Before leaving for India, Gordan came across some Hare Krishna devotees, doing kirtan and distributing 'Back To Godhead' magazine. Shortly after he visited the San Francisco ISKCON centre, where he met Srila Prabhupada who encouraged him by inviting him to take prasadam with him. John took first initiation in Montreal, Canada and was given the name 'Jayapataka dasa'. Soon after he was awarded 2nd initiation in New York.

While in Montreal, Jayapataka was engaged in the service of printing books and dispatching them to other ISKCON Centres around the world. Later, on the instruction of Srila Prabhupada, Jayapataka went to Toronto to open a centre there. When Jagadish dasa took over the Toronto centre as president he wrote to Srila Prabhupada enquiring about his service and was told by him to go to India.

Preaching in India


At Calcutta, Jayapataka began to learn Bengali by going out to buy fruits and vegetables. Along with the other devotees, he conducted house programs, organized pandal programs, and went out on sankirtan and book distribution.

On Radhashtami (festival for Radharani) in 1970[citation needed], in Calcutta, Srila Prabhupada gave Sannyasa initiation to Jayapataka dasa, awarding the title "[citation needed]Jayapataka Swami".

When ISKCON got a land in Mayapur, Jayapataka dasa went there on the instruction of Srila Prabhupada.

There were 5 other devotees with Jayapataka dasa in Mayapur. Jayapataka dasa taught modern techniques of agriculture and the farmers taught him Bengali. Jayapataka dasa began to oversee construction work in Mayapur and the lotus building was built.

With the permission of Srila Prabhupada, Jayapataka dasa applied for Indian citizenship. This meant that he could not leave the country. He utilized this time for travelling within Bengal into the villages preaching and distributing books.

Srila Prabhupada told him to distribute 10,000 'big books' and 100,000 'small books' every month. Also, Srila Prabhupada instructed Jayapataka Swami to build the congregation and this is the area that Jayapataka Swami is very much focused on nowadays.

He's been travelling extensively around the world for many years with the desire to fulfil this instruction of his Spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada.



Jayapataka Swami has developed the system of Bhakti Vrksa preaching which assists namahatta preaching by enabling wider preaching and giving intensive and personal training to devotees so that everyone gets the chance to train to be a pure devotee while engaging in preaching activities.

Mayapur Mandala Parikrama and pilgrimages

In March 1974, the first Gaura Purnima festival was held. Four hundred devotees from North America, South America, England, Europe, Australia, India, and other parts of the world joined in the festival in Mayapur.

Coinciding this event, Jayapataka Swami led groups of devotees on Parikrama (pilgrimage) to local holy places. This visit to Mayapur would constitute the first half of the devotees' Indian pilgrimage; after ten days they were scheduled to go to Vrndavana. The Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama has been continuing ever since with the number of devotees participating increasing each year in the thousands.

Jayapataka Swami also has recently introduced the 'Ganga Safari' to visit those holy places connected to Lord Caitanya, which are approachable only along the river flow. Similarly, he conducts a tour of holy places in India and neighbouring countries.

Uniting the Sarasvat Gaudiya family


Initially he stayed in Gaudiya Matha for a few months in Calcutta and Mayapur, and earned their respect. That short period of stay in the Gaudiya Math made it easier for Jayapataka Swami to relate with some of the Gaudiya Maths.

Prabhupada told him to unite the Gaudiya Matha in an effort to connect the spiritual family. After endeavouring for more than five years finally the Sarasvat Gaudiya Vaishnava Association was formed with the blessings of Prabhupada and blessings of all the senior Vaishnavas like Bhakti Pramode Puri Swami and other Acaryas and Jayapataka Swami is the convenor for this association.

ISKCON responsibilities

Spiritual master

Jayapataka Swami was one among the eleven named by Srila Prabhupada to give initiation on his behalf when he was seriously ill. After Srila Prabhupada died, Jayapataka Swami began to accept disciples as a spiritual master in the Srila Prabhupada branch of the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya.

Food For Life

Jayapataka Swami is the world chairman for 'Food for Life' and ISKCON's Food Relief Programs. A descendant of Advaita Acharya selected him to be in charge of the annual Santipur mass prasadam distribution program.

Life Chairman of Bhaktivedanta Swami Charity Trust

On November 5 1977, Jayapataka Swami went to Vrndavana to meet Srila Prabhupada. Prabhupada told him, "I am making Bhaktivedanta Swami Charity Trust" and added, "you are the life chairman. At this time he also got the mandate from Prabhupada to unite the Sarasvat family, preserving the holy dham of Lord Caitanya and serving the pilgrims.

Governing Body Commission (GBC)

Jayapataka Swami started as GBC secretary in 1976 in East India, which includes Bihar, Orissa, and Bengal. From 1980 to 1999 he was the GBC for South-East USA, as well as South America. He is also the GBC for Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.

Jayapataka Swami serves as Co-GBC in the Far East. Jayapataka Swami is also a GBC for Assam. He is also the Minister of Congregational Preaching and Minister of Congregational Development [citation needed], the Vice-chairman of the World Hindu Federation and Convenor of the Sarasvat Family.

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Guru Maharaja asked one senior disciple signaling to get him a clicker to chant. Since that devotee had his and Guru Maharaja took it from him and he is chanting mentally the maha mantra on the clicker slowly.

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Healing process slowly positively continues - October 29, 6.00 pm: (7 hours ago New York time Time which was 9.30 this morning)

Guru Maharaja had to be put on sedatives yesterday evening because when he is conscious he asks the doctors to remove the tubes as it is uncomfortable for him. The doctor's plan was to start removing the ventilator today.


Today early in the morning Guru Maharaja came to awakeness from his sleeping state. He asked again for clicker to chant mentally and chanted few mantras on it after that he became tired and slept for a while.


Since his condition was stable the doctors put the ventilation off without removing the tubes to check how Guru Maharaja was responding.


For 2 hours Guru Maharaja was able to breathe by himself but later felt uncomfortable therefore the ventilator was turned on again. Since then Guru Maharaja is exhausted and is taking rest.


Guru Maharaja's sugar level is normal. His platelet count is 82,000 today*. Although his BP is fluctuating still nothing alarming.


The doctors will continue this process until he is able to breathe normally without the help of ventilator. Let us keep intensely praying and chanting. May Lord Krishna and Lord Narasimhadeva empower the doctors and nurses in this process as well as to give strength to Guru Maharaja to crossover these difficult moments.


Your humble servant,

Ratnavali dd


* platelet count is normally between 150,000-450,000 platelets in each microliter of blood. Low platelet counts or abnormally shaped platelets are associated with bleeding disorders.


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Maharaj is Still Nicely Improving



HH Bhakti Charu Swami spoke on HH Jayapataka Swami’s health situation and how Lord Krsna always protects His devotees.


Click to listen here.


Continuous prayers and chanting are going on in Mayapur for HH Jayapataka Swami. A Nrsimha Homa was performed on 28th October. Today Panca Tattva Astottara Nama is recited pleading the most merciful incarnations to help Maharaja come out of this situation.


You can download all these prayers in our Kirtan Downloads section.

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When Gopal Krishna Maharaja came to visit him, Maharaja took Gopal Krishna Maharaja’s hand and put it on his head and had tears in his eyes.

Last update:


(30-Oct-08, 12:30 p.m. report)

Ratnavali dd:


CT scan report is positive.


The report shows the same situation as the day one and nothing new. Guru Maharaja is coming back to consciousness again like yesterday.


When Gopal Krishna Maharaja came to visit him, Maharaja took Gopal Krishna Maharaja’s hand and put it on his head and had tears in his eyes.


The only biggest hurdle right now is his respiratory system. If that functions well then they could remove the ventilator.


Your humble servant,

Ratnavali dd


(30-Oct-08, 10:00 a.m. report)

Ratnavali dd:


Maharaja was given sedatives yesterday in the night as he wants the tubes to be removed. The tubes can be removed only until he is able to breathe normally.


Today in the morning his conscious level is down a bit. They are taking him to the CT scan and then we could have some clear picture.


Devotees are asked to keep on praying especially at this most critical moment.


Your humble servant,

Ratnavali ddr

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It will take sometime, even weeks for Maharaj's body to become stronger. Also, according to expert specialist observers, his body weight will have to come down considerably to assist the healing process and prolong life.


Thursday, October 30, 8.30 pm:

This afternoon the doctors did Tracheostomy.


Tracheostomy is a surgical opening in the trachea (windpipe) that forms a temporary opening to make breathing easier.


They have inserted the ventilator tube into this hole instead of sending the tube through the mouth.


Since Guru Maharaja is unable to breathe by himself they cannot remove the ventilator.


They cannot keep the tubes through the mouth for a long time and it can catch infection. Guru Maharaja also feels uncomfortable with the tubes. Therefore the panel of doctors decided to go for tracheostomy.


Compared to yesterday the consciousness level is down today. There could be different factors. They will wait and see tomorrow. Apart from this the other parameters are stable.


We do not know how many more days it might take for Guru Maharaja to breathe by himself and to be out of ventilator. It is all upto Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna now.


Whatever happened so far is a miracle and we need more miracles for Guru Maharaja to completely come out of this situation successfully.


Your humble servant


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They have inserted the ventilator tube into this hole instead of sending the tube through the mouth.


Since Guru Maharaja is unable to breathe by himself they cannot remove the ventilator.


This is nice to hear. Tubes in the mouth and nose are very unpleasant. Maharaja will have more comfort now.

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It's all up to Krsna!! However, Krsna does listen to the prayers of the Vaishnavas



Messages from Godbrothers of HH Jayapataka Swami

Posted below are messages from HH Jayapataka Maharaj’s godbrothers.(compiled by Suvarna Krsna Lila dd)


HH Radhanath Maharaj (25 October 2008):

“4000 devotees are going to pray in Vrindavan. And in Vrindavan to whichever holy place they go, they will be praying for Jayapataka Maharaj. And they are going to dedicate the whole yatra for HH Jayapataka Maharaj.”


Maharaj also mentioned that he is with all of us (all the disciples).Maharaj instructed the Chowpatty temple that the 24hrs kirtan praying for the recovery of HH Jayapataka Maharaj should continue.


HH Ramai Swami Maharaj - “I really do not know exactly what plans the Supreme Personality Sri Krsna and Srila Prabhupada have for HH Jayapataka Swami. As far as we are concerned, we hope that he recovers and stays with us and gives us his association. And helps push on the preaching all around the world as he has always done.


My heart goes to him and my heart goes to all the disciples of Jayapataka Swami. And we are continually praying. I have asked, as a GBC chairman, that some GBCs stay here in Mumbai just to follow the developments as for as his health is concerned.


So some are staying on extra, they have changed their timings and everything like that so that four, five or six GBCs will stay on like that. We are feeling positive by the indications given by the doctors there. Of course everything is in Krsna’s hands!! It could improve by His will and be happy.”


HH Sivaram Swami Maharaj - Hare Krsna! Very often in medical history, there is a thing that doctors say are medically inexplicable, doesn’t make sense to medical science.


And that’s because in the ultimate issue it is not the medical science that determines whether someone becomes healthy or unhealthy because they deal with a very immediate cause and effect but as devotees we know that beyond the immediate movement of organs the reaction to some kind of medication, medicine, treatment is the underlying spiritual energy upon which all matter functions.


And that spiritual energy is directly under spiritual control, which then subsequently controls the material energy. And our faith in regards to the conditions of HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj is that in that way, he is in Krsna’s hands and Krsna is the controller.


Whatever apparent medical indications areican be overridden by the underlying spiritual potency which directs everything. And spiritual potency to cure and direct the material energy can be invoked by the devotees’ desire.


Therefore devotees pray. We pray for the wellbeing of Vaisnavas, we pray that Jayapataka Swami Maharaj may be cured. But we always pray in a certain mood.


Just like Srila Prabhupad taught us to prayi ‘My dear Lord Krsna if you so desire..’. Because we don’t want to voice any type of intention that would appear to be separate from Krsna’s desire. So if it is Krsna’s desire, then we request that ‘You please cure Jayapataka Maharaj’. And the quality of our faith that is parallel and in harmony with Krsna’s desire and quantity of our faith is that we know actually Krsna can do anything.


Atheistic people, materialistic people may have a different vision but as Vaisnavas we know that if Krsna wants ‘mukam karoti vacalam, pangum langhayate girim..’, He can make lame people walk across mountains and make dumb people speak and bring any person of any type of sickness and He can make them completely healthy, against so called medical evidence and medical science because Krsna is the ultimate doctor! Krsna is the ultimate mystic and He is the ultimate controller!.


So we should have faith in that and we should pray in that way and know that certainly Jayapataka Maharaj is not a victim of material energy but he is directly under Krsna’s hands. He is been in Krsna’s hands all this time and now he is also in Krsna’s hands.


So we will pray to Krsna ’so if you want to fulfill the desires of so many disciples, devotees and well wishers of His Divine Grace’. Hare Krsna.”


HG Badrinarayan prabhu - “Jayapataka Maharaj is one of the generals in Lord Caitanya’s army and it is very hard for me to accept that he does not have further duties and battles to win for Krsna. At our meeting yesterday, at the GBC meeting, repeatedly we thought ‘Jayapataka Maharaj would know the answer’.


If Jayapataka Maharaj was here… as far as spirit of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, relationships with Gaudiya Math, how to develop Mayapur, Prabhupada’s instructions and vision for the future temple, he is an irreplaceable storehouse of practical experience and transcendental knowledge and an ocean of Prabhupada’s instructions.


So just like Nrsimha brahmachari, his mind could not go beyond a certain point on the path I cannot picture going on without our Jayapataka Maharaj. Still Krsna has his plan. We don’t have that vision so we simply fold our hands and pray that whatever Krsna wants may it become manifest and we understand it. Hare Krsna.


HG Anuttama Prabhu - “I had the honor of visiting Jayapataka Maharaj in his hospital room, the day after he was taken to the hospital in the morning. And his color was very good. Obviously he was unconscious and in the hospital he was getting treatment of many different fluids, tubes and things like that. He was in the corner room of the intensive care with windows on both sides.


I noticed that sunlight was coming in and sun is always an auspicious and helpful sign. And I spoke into Maharaja’s ear.


I understand often times people in this situation, they can still hear and I told him how much the devotees around the world loved him and devotees around the world are praying for him and I told him that I am praying that Krsna restores his full strength and full health so that we can preach together and serve Prabhupada together for many more years.


And I told him that we are very grateful for his very sweet nature and his loving compassion mood towards so many devotees all over the world. And I offer my obeisances to all the disciples of HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj and I pray that Krsna will give them strength in this difficult time and they offer their most sincere prayers to Lord Krsna.


Srila Prabhupada, when he had serious health crisis he instructed his disciples to pray ‘My dear Lord Krsna, if you so desire, then please let our spiritual master stay for he has not finished his work’. So ultimately situations like this are in the hands of the Lord.


But the signs are good. We are keeping our hope and prayers up and we are praying to Krsna understanding that Krsna has, in the recent years, Prabhupada has called back some of his senior most preachers to help him wherever his mission may be at this time.


And that been very painful but we are hoping this time our prayers will be heard by the Lord and he may bless us and allow us to have more of Jayapataka Maharaja’s association in this world for few more years so we can relish his association in the service of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krsna.


All my prayers and best wishes are to his disciples and well wishers around the world. May we get the strength in each other’s association and remember this and our appreciation for Maharaj for his love and service.


Hare Krsna!


Prabhava Das - May Lord Krsna Protect Jayapataka Maharaja, who has been working so hare to spread

the mission of Lord Caitanya throughout the world tirelessly.He is so dear to all of

his desciples and dear godbrothers.I am praying to Lord Krsna to protect Jayapataka

Maharaja at times that is needed the most.We all love him very much and that we want

to see him recover quickly .Of course , he will from now on spend more time at one

place and take care of his health.Please , Lord Krsna protect and give Your

blessings to Your dear preacher.

I also request many of my friends and godbrothers to make similar prayers to Lord

Krsna from the core your hearts.

Your humble servant

Prabhava das


Pusta Krishna das - "Dear Bhaktas and especially disciples of His Holiness Jayapataka Maharaj,


Please do not despair. I have just now seen that tracheostomy has been done, and this is a wise decision on the part of his physicians. Here in the San Jose, California area, our pulmonary specialists recommend this relatively early also since it protects the injury to the vocal cords that occurs with prolonged intubation, and it facilitates suctioning of secretions from the airways.


Thus, it helps to prevent infections of the lungs or pneumonia which is very dangerous when one is on a ventilator.


The injury to the part of the brain where hemorrhage occurred can play a role in breathing, and so that part of the brain will hopefully recover with time so that our dear Jayapataka Maharaj will recover more and more his capacity to breathe, speak, and interact with his disciples and well-

wishers. Please be patient as this may take some time.


It may also play a role in wakefulness as well. So, Maharaj resting is part of the injury to that part of the brain.


But, remember, he is the atma within the body. His service is under the internal potency of Sri Krishna, so whatever situation he may be placed in, that is the grace of the Supreme Lord.


I have noted in some of the reports that a clicker is being used for Maharaj to chant the Mahamantra internally. There are small tulasi japa malas that have 27 beads. If you can arrange that, and if Maharaj possesses the dexterity to use it, please give him a small tulasi mala to use when he wishes to chant to himself.


I am thinking about my Godbrother frequently in these days, and I am grateful for the updates on his condition. We must be able to see his divine self through this, as he is also feeling the urgency and necessity to take profound shelter of Sri Krishna.


Krishna is our dearmost Friend, and so we must believe that all is for the very best. And, I pray too that this unexpected health emergency will bring out the very best in his disciples as well.


Hare Krishna.


Pusta Krishna das

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The platelet count today is now 98,000, it needs to reach at least 150,000 for the vessels in the body to stop the sometimes leaking blood that can happen at anytime when high blood pressure developes

Friday, November Ist, 2008 - 6.30 pm:


After the tracheostomy yesterday, Guru Maharaja is not fully conscious. He is resting.


Only once this morning he opened his eyes and after that he is resting

again. At 1.30pm they have turned off the ventilator system.


Guru Maharaja was able to breathe by himself until 7.30pm. They didn't want to strain Guru Maharaja and therefore they have turned on the ventilator system again.


The BP is on the higher side but the doctors say it is alright. The sugar

level is normal. The platelet count is now 98,000 today.


Subhag Maharaja and all the senior devotees are asking us to chant and pray more for our Guru Maharaja's recovery. Only Lord Krishna can perform miracles and without his blessings nothing can happen.


As long as Guru Maharaja is in the ICCU his situation is still critical. Guru Maharaja appeared in a dream to a devotee yesterday and said, "Please keep on chanting. That gives me strength."


Your humble servant,

Ratnavali dd

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Prognoses doesn’t look good, it appears too much damage may have been done to the brain although time will tell. It is all in the hands of the Doctors, the prayers of the devotees and the will and ultimatly the inconceivable plan and mercy of Krsna.

01-Nov-08, 10 pm report)


Dr. P. P Ashok visited Maharaja and he wasn’t happy with his situation. Maharaja is not conscious and doesn’t respond to any commands.


Brain haemorrage is very unpredictable. Any moment anything can happen.


Blood preassure is also on the higher side and keeps fluctuating.


The doctor says Maharaja can remain like this for a longer period of time. He is still in ICU and with ventilator.


Let us all pray intensely to Krsna. Only Krsna can do something. It is all in His hands.


May Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari cast their most merciful glance upon our beloved Jayapataka Maharaja so that he can come out of this horrifying situation and be with us all again.


Your humble servant,

Ratnavali dd

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Srila Prabhupada remained in the association of his loving disciples


Jayapataka Swami - "In 1977 A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, at the age of 82, suffered illness repeatedly and became in a physically weakened state. He decided to discontinue his travelling around the world and take shelter of Vrndavana dhama, the sacred place of Lord Krsna's pastimes.


He listened and chanted Hare Krsna and meditated on the transcendental pastimes of Krsna, throughout the day and night. However, Srila Prabhupada remained in the association of his loving disciples, who assisted him during his final pastime by chanting, very softly and sweetly, the Hare Krsna mantra 24 hours a day.


Srila Prabhupada said that this was his 'nirjana-bhajana', and that his sannyasi disciples, including the translator of this work, had to take over the responsibility of travelling and preaching all over the world, as he would not be able to travel anymore.


This great spiritual master had taken shelter of Lord Krsna in Vrndavana during the last days of this life.


(H. H. Jayapataka Swami - Commentary on Srila Bhaktisiddhanta's Vaisnava Ke?, Verse 19)


Jayapataka Swami - "So Vidura began his pilgrimage traveling around the different holy places of India. By his traveling, Yudhisthira later made a quotation that you make the holy places holy because you are carrying Krsna always in your heart. He went as a humble devotee. He was going to get purified from the association of Duryodhana and Dhrtarastra.

So here in this verse, the glories of the holy places is mentioned. In the Padma Purana there is a list of holy places. According to a holy place's ability to counteract sin, purify one from different sins, it is rated. So there is a whole chapter that rates little sins like lying and stealing. There are lots of holy places that can do that. But if you murder somebody, then which holy place? There is a list of those. Then if you murdered a brahmana, then there's a list. Then finally there are seven holy places that if you die there you go back to Godhead immediately. Mayapur is one of them.


Devotees: Haribol!


Prabhupada once arrived in Mayapur, we had a big reception for him, we offered guru-puja. Then he gave his class. He went up to his room, he sat in seat, he took a sip of water. Prabhupada would drink water without touching. He taught us, so we had to drink water without touching. If you touch, your hand is dirty. You touch the Bhagavatam, you just committed an aparadha. You spit on the Bhagavatam according to brahminical standards.


He taught everyone. He gave Brahmananda sweet balls and said, "Throw it in your mouth without touching." If you live in India, you have to learn these things because people notice. They know the standard of cleanliness. In the West, nobody cares. If you drink from a glass of water, nobody thinks twice about it, but in India they notice. You drink, you touch. If you drink without touching, then you can touch the Bhagavatam.


Prabhupada always drank without touching. He had a golden goblet. He drank and then, [sighs]. I can't sigh the way he sighed. He sighed an ecstatic sigh. I just sigh an ordinary sigh.


He said, "Living and dying in Mayapur is all the same."


Devotees: Haribol!


Wow, what does that mean?


He said, "You live in Mayapur, you are living in the holy dham, and when you die in Mayapur, you go back to Godhead. You are living in the spiritual world and when you die you go back to the spiritual world."


It's like this year we are going on the safari to Divyadesa. We are going to the holy places designated by Ramanaujacarya. Some of them are considered like the spiritual world on earth. Prabhupada told us even Haridaspur, where Haridasa Thakur was chanting for one day, within a three mile radius it is a holy tirtha. It is called sripat. Where the Lord's murti is established, then it has a wider area that is affected. It is a whole science.


So Vidura was going to all these temples. Just like Ranganatha is the personal Deity of Lord Ramacandra. He gave to Vibhisana, but he got tricked by the brahmana to leave on Ranganatha Island, Sri Rangam, in the middle of the Kaveri river. So all these deities, the Kancipuram diety, Ramanauja's disciple, Kuresa, who was blinded, he got his eyesight back from the Deity. Even in our Mayapur, Lord Jagannath is always performing so many miracles. When we go there on parikrama, you can hear from the pujaris about his different pastimes. Our Nrsimhadeva also saved one lady from blindness, many different pastimes.


I think this verse is very appropriate for me because I travel around the world. I don't know what most of the places look like. Only I know what Frankfurt looks like because I went on harinama in downtown Frankfurt with the devotees. Otherwise, I don't know what. I went to Koln in Germany. I only know what London looks like because I go on Ratha Yatra. I just go from the airport to the temple and see the Deities. The Deities are so special.


Some of our devotees, some did well, some didn't do well, but the ones who did well took groups of wealthy Indians to see the temples in the west. In this way, going around seeing all the Deities, seeing the wonderful devotees practicing Krsna consciousness in the West. Many of them started chanting japa and become devotees themselves. Even they went on a mixed spiritual tour, see Washington, see New York, then they'd go and see Radha-Govinda, they'd see the different Deities. Actually, they'd get purified. These Deities all over the world also, like we heard a few days ago in the class, embassies.


The Dhams are direct extensions of the spiritual world. The temples are embassies. Like Haridaspur,there was no temple there, but Haridas Thakur stopped and chanted 300,000 names of Krsna there. So Prabhupada said it is a holy place, Sripat, wherever some pure devotees gives a class, that is also sanctified. So all the places they especially established Deities.


We go around Gaura Mandala Bhumi and say, "This Deity was established by Lord Nityananda. This Deity was establish by Bhaktivinoda Thakura. This deity was established by one of the associates of Lord Caitanya." We go there, we bow down, remember that associate. It is so sanctified.


Similarly, the Deities which were installed by Prabhupada or worshiped by Prabhupada, those are more special. In New Panihati, Atlanta, Prabhupada taught the devotees how to chant "parama karuna, pahun dui jana, nitai-gauracandra". He was crying before Gaura-Nitai. Tears of love were pouring from his eyes. He said, "How merciful they are. They have come here to America to deliver the fallen souls." Like that there are worshipable Deities all over the world, giving their mercy out.


For me it's a great pilgrimage to go and visit these Deities. Of course in India, if you can't go anywhere, at least come to Mayapur or Vrindavan or both because here all the holy places are exisiting. They all reside. This is Radharani's place. Radharani made Mayapur Dham for the pleasure of Krsna. So to please Radharani, the supreme energy, all of the holy places have come. Or some say they are all here and from here they expand out to their other external forms. We'll see Naimisaranya on parikrama. We'll see Puskar-tirtha, Kuruksetra, Triveni, Pancaveni, Campaka gardens of Campakalata devi. Campakalata is next to Lalita. She has her own gardens in Mayapur to bring campa flowers to Radha-Krsna by her mystical powers. With their supreme energy, they all have so many potencies. We can't imagine. These deities are unlimited, ananta-linga, unlimited potencies.


We pray, Prabhupada would pray to all the Deities, so many pictures of him standing with folded hands, praying. Once some lady came up to Prabhupada and said "What are you praying?"


Everyone was shocked, how can you just ask someone what they're praying. It's private.


Prabhupada looked at her, then said, "I'm praying that I never leave Krsna consciousness." Whether that was what he was praying or that is what he was instructing her she should pray, we should pray like that anyway. Take the tip. You don't want to leave Krsna consciousness. We want to spend ourselves under the shelter of Lord Krsna's devotional service.


Today is a very special day. It's the disappearance day of three great Vaisnavas, one of whom is a disciple of an associate of Lord Caitanya. Shyamananda Pandit, who helped bring the works of the acaryas with Narottama Dasa Thakura and Srinivasa Acarya. His disciple was Rasikananda, his chief disciple. He had thousands of disciples.


Rasikananda was born as the son of a very wealthy feudal landlord. He was married to Icchadevi. As soon as he met Shyamananda, immediately he knew, his hairs were standing on end. Immediately he knew there was a connection from a previous life, this was his preceptor. He immediately surrendered and begged Shyamananda for initiation, Shyamananda initiated him and his wife. He became Rasikananda and she became Syama Dasi.


Rasikananda and Syama Dasi established Deities in their town where they were the lords, previously the lords. The town was so much, he said the people were so devoted to the Deities, that they changed the name of the town to Gopiballabhpur, all were in love with Gopiballabh, the dear to the gopis, Lord Krsna, hoping that all the townspeople would also develop this love for Radha and Krsna.


Somehow I have a really great fortune that Prabhupada made me the life chairman of the Bhaktivedanta Swami Charity Trust and gave some of his guru daksina as the seed capital. One of the assignments he gave was to fix up the temples, preserve the ancient temples of Gaura Mandala Bhumi. So somehow this trust has been fixing up the original temple of Rasikananda, which is five hundred years old now, putting up a wall around it, fixing it up. We did so many services, so somehow I got a little mercy there.


Rasikananda was taken to Radha-Gopinatha, Ksira-cora Gopinatha. After Lord Caitanya and Madhavendra Puri visited. Gopinatha stole the ksira, everyone knows that famous story. If you don't, have someone tell you because if I tell it it will take too long. Anyway, the basic thing was, just the short form of it: Madhavendra Puri wanted, since we are talking about Deities, he wanted, everyday they offered condensed milk sweet to this Deity of Gopinatha. Madhavendra Puri was coming from the Sri Nathaji deity. The Gopalji deity, who is now known as Sri Nathaji, was in Vrindavan. He thought, "I'd like to know what this tastes like so that I could offer it to my Gopal deity. Wow! I just committed a big aparadha! It's bhoga. It's an unoffered offering and I thought, 'How would it taste?' This is a big offense. I am an aparadhi."


So he went out and he was chanting his japa and thinking, "Krsna forgive me. I am so offensive."


Then the Deities came in the dream of the pujari that night and said, "We took one of the pots of ksira and put it under our cloth. You can come and get it. In the market there is a devotee called Madhavendra Puri. You can give it to him."


He wasn't thinking about tasting it to enjoy it. He was thinking about offering it to Krsna. So there was really no offense, but he was very humble about the whole thing.


So this pujari woke up. Hours had passed since this Deity stole the offering. He took his shower, got dressed in clean cloth, went, opened the temple, looked, and sure enough, behind the dhoti of Gopinatha, there was the pot of ksira. So the Deity stole the ksira to give to his devotee.


He went out in the market, crying, "Madhavendra Puri! Madhavendra Puri!"


Madhavendra Puri said, "Yes?" No one else was there. It was like one in the morning. He was chanting his japa. He was still feeling so bad. He [the pujari] told him what happened and said, "You are the most fortunate man in the entire world. For you, the Deity has stolen this condensed milk." He gave it to him. Madhavendra Puri offered his obeisances to it, ate the ksira, kept the clay pot. He would eat a little piece of the clay pot every day. So many other pastimes with Madhavendra Puri.


So this Ksira-cora Gopinatha was very famous. There was some king, maybe he was a Muslim king, I don't know. He was a Deity-hater. He was going around smashing Deities in temples. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan were smashing the Buddhas. So when the people in Remuna heard that he was coming, they hid Gopinatha under a pond three miles away.

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Jayapataka Swami - "The king was so upset, "Oh I could not smash the Deity! I love smashing Deities!" What a demon, huh? Some people are like that. So then he broke the Ramacandi, the Durga Deity that was there.

Later, Rasikanada was kept in-charge of that place. He had a dream to excavate the pond where that Gopinatha Deity was hidden. He recovered the Gopinatha Deity, built a temple for Gopinatha, because the temple, the other one, must have been smashed or something, and he took charge of the worship.


Rasikananda and his wife made hundreds of thousands of devotees, according to the history. They were super preachers. Even Shyamananda made Rasikananda a guru in his presence. Like in ISKCON we have a few where the guru orders his disciples to take disciples. Rasikananda was one of the main examples of that kind of that the guru wants one of the disciples [unclear] preaching, so they were both preaching simultaneously in different places. Later, Rasikananda inherited the temple responsibility in Remuna.


There is a famous story that one morning he was sitting brushing his teeth with a neem twing. Prabhupada used to use neem twigs. He said, "These toothbrushes are unclean, using again and again." Of course sometimes he used toothbrush, too, but that is because there was no neem twig in the West. But he would change regularly his toothbrush, not keep them until they are like rotting. But he said, "Best is the neem twig, disposable toothbrush." You chew on the end, make a brush out of it, brush your teeth, divide it in half, scrape your tongue, finished. So Rasikananda was sitting in the asrama, in the courtyard of the temple, brushing his teeth early in the morning and the villagers came, "Gurudeva! Gurudeva! There's a yogi in the village, a yogi!"


"So what, there's a yogi in the village?"


"He's flying!"


"Not important."


Another group of villagers came, "Gurudeva, Gurudeva, there's a yogi in the village and he's flying! He's got a stick under his leg and he's flying around." Like the witches, they put broomstick, but somehow, this guy put some kind of stick and sometimes people get this magical power.


"It's not important."


Again a third group came, "Gurudeva! There's a yogi flying, 'phush, phush, phush,' flying in the sky!"


"I told you, it's not important." He took the twig out of his mouth, put it under his leg, and started flying around the asrama. [laughter] "It's not important. If it was important, I would have taught you a long time ago." Landed down again.


Rasikananda Prabhu ki jai!


He's one of these personalities who came down from the spiritual world to help Lord Caitanya's movement spread. It was on this day, on this tithi, he was chanting in the courtyard in front of the Gopinatha Deity. Suddenly, poof, he disappeared. He went back to Godhead. Some of his associates were so struck with separation that they also went back. His samadhi is in the temple courtyard compound of Ksira-cora Gopinatha. Today was his disappearance.


Today also is the disappearance day of Jagannatha Dasa Babaji, the guru of Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Rasikananda was 1590 AC. Jagannatha Dasa Babaji was born in 1780. That was probably before the British got here, 1780 AC. And he left, that year it was 25th of February, this is tithi, 1895. So he lived to be 125 years old. He was born in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Mymensingh is about two hours drive north of Dhaka, the capital. I went there several times to do programs. We have to find out his birthplace. I don't know if we can find it out.


He a disciple of Madhusudana Babaji. He lived in Vrindavan, Kuliya, Navadvipa. Bhaktivinoda Thakura met him in Vrindavan as well as here. So we are going to go to his samadhi mandir on the parikrama on the third day. We tell a lot of pastimes about Jagannatha dasa Babaji. I don't want to spoil all those.


There is his samadhi temple there and behind the temple there is the old Ganges. The Ganges at one point had a channel that ran there. He used to chant his japa looking over the Ganges. One day he was chanting his japa in great separation here in Navadvipa dhama. Radha and Krsna revealed themselves to him. Everyone knew he had realization of Radha and Krsna. He was called Siddha Jagannatha dasa Babaji. He was perfected. He had God realization while he was living.


Because of his God realization, he had very much spiritual vision. One pastime I can tell, some wealthy Indian gentleman came and saw him and asked him, because at that time, in India it is quite popular that babas show a little magic and then everyone thinks, "OK they're God." Without mentioning which babas, there are a number of babas who are thought to be God or some incarnation or something. Similarly, any great Guru, they should show some magic.


Even people asked Prabhupada to show magic. "I went to America with forty rupees. Now I have over forty million dollars of temples all over the world in just five-six years with thousands and thousands of disciples. What more magic do you want to see?"


Devotees: Haribol!


Sometimes they say that someone walks on water, so you save fifty paisa. It costs fifty paisa to cross the river by boat.


So they asked Jagannath dasa Babaji to show some magic, show some miracle. He said, "No, no, I don't do that. . . . Eh, get out! Out, out!" He started with hitting his stick on the ground, "Out!"


"What are you doing? There is nothing there."


He said, "No, no, in Vrindavan," I forget which temple, one of these temples, "the Gokulananda temple, there is a goat who is eating the Tulasi by someone's samadhi, I am just scaring that goat away."


"How can you be sitting in Navadvipa scaring a goat away from eating a Tulasi plant in Vrindavan?"


So they sent a telegram to find out if it is true. They said, "Yes, there was a goat eating a Tulasi and the goat was chased away by something."


But the biggest miracle for us, the most important, is that he found the birthplace of Lord Caitanya. We'll go there tomorrow morning and pay obeisances at the birthplace because on the parikrama, we are supposed to first start and end at the birthplace. The international parikrama, the day after tomorrow when we have the parikrama, we won't go to the birthplace because we'll save three miles of walking. You may not appreciate that right now, but you will the day after tomorrow. Even if you don't go on the parikrama, it is nice to go and hear from the different sannyasis about the glories of the birthplace of Lord Caitanya. He found that. He was carried on the head of Bhaktivinoda Thakura. You'll hear about that tomorrow, so I won't. So today is his disappearance day.


In our own ISKCON, our own saint, Tamal Krsna Maharaja, he left the world on this holy day. When I first went to the temple in San Francisco, I saw him and I saw Visnujana. They were very impressive to me. At that time I didn't talk to them, but I saw that they looked like very enthusiastic devotees. Jayananda Prabhu was the one who talked to me. That's another story.


Here in India we were together when we were building that building. These columns where Prabhupada is seated is in the Lotus Building. Behind Radha-Madhava is the Conch Building. This is the temple, separate, connecting the two. The first building we built was the Lotus Building. Prabhupada was very tight. He gave us a 600,000 rupee budget to build that building, which was about, in those days, about seven and a half rupees per dollar, so 600,000, that's less than a 100,000, maybe 85,000 or something dollars. Now it's forty-four, forty-five rupees a dollar, forty-two, I don't know the latest rates, but in those days it was seven and a half, maybe. I don't know. At one point it was seven and a half. Of course it's been changing.


So we decided we wanted to cut the money, we wanted to really save the money, so we decided we'd go out with the steel in the trucks. Tamal Krsna sat in one truck and I sat in another truck. There was one other devotee, I don't remember who, was in the third truck. The three of us were escorting the steel. Why do you have to escort the steel? Who would steal steel?


Along the way, they stopped, after the weigh bridge, they weigh. We had the right amount of steel. The weight was OK. The drivers offered us glasses of milk at the Punjabi Dhaba. We were traveling the whole day, we haven't eaten anything, so a little milk. Milk you can take from anybody. So we decided to take a little milk.


Then somebody came and whispered in my ear because I was the only one who knew Bengali, "They are stealing your steel. They are unloading it from the trucks and throwing it in the ditch. They will pick it up later." So we ran out. You can imagine Tamal Krsna at that moment. We found they were stealing, trying to unload the steel. Like that, we were together many times, many days, getting cement, getting steel, getting stone chips. He was helping us.


He was a great strategist, great preaching strategist. Some points he was here in India in the beginning. Before that I was temple president in Calcutta. It was very hard to please him. I was not very efficient. He was a very efficient person. He really wanted to do the right thing for Prabhupada. Sometimes I'd get chastised. That was his special mercy. But something I never minded because everything he was trying to do for Prabhupada.


In the end, last days, he was serving Prabhupada so nicely. He was anticipating. Prabhupada said, "First class disciple knows what the guru wants even without him telling." It seemed he would always anticipate what Prabhupada wanted. Sometimes Prabhupada wouldn't say anything, he was just lying there in Vrindavan. He would go, [motions]. So like, what does that mean, "Bring me water? Close the window?" He figured out. I was amazed. Like that, "Go and close the window." How did he do that? He was like that. So many times he would ask Prabhupada, "Do you want this, do you want that something?"


In the last days, when he was here, he was just, I don't know if he graduated or he was about to graduate as a PhD from Cambridge. He came here and he was treating everyone, he started these kirtans that we should come and get more absorbed in chanting the Holy Names. For a couple of years he was having this chanting, really going deep into the nectar of the Holy Name.


One day he went with me to the Ganges. We took our holy dip together. He was very especially loving and affectionate during his visits.


I'm remembering how he was the one who made the six buses on the Radha-Damodara party. Was it six? Prabhupada initiated, I think, one hundred and fifty devotees at one time, Chicago, installed Radha-Damodara. Many amazing things. Later Prabhupada asked him to go to China. He opened up China.


Prabhupada suddenly took him away. He left his body in the holy place of Phulia where Haridasa Thakura was chanting 300,000 names in a cave, just about a kilometer from there. So today is his sacred disappearance day. Devotees should go and pay their obeisances to his samadhi. Previous years we had very big celebrations for his disappearance.


Today is a day when many people, three of our Vaisnavas left and went back to Godhead, so it must be a special day for going back, just before the Gaura Purnima.


So this verse we read today, Vidura is also visiting the holy places, chanting. I hope that your pilgrimage, coming to Mayapur, seeing Radha-Madhava, seeing Panca-Tattva, the other deities, Prahlada-Nrsimha, Jagannatha, Baladeva, Subhadra, and other deities while you are here, will purify you. These deities can grant your wishes. Try to ask for something Krsna conscious. Don't ask for something ordinary that you can get just by your karma. Get the mercy to chant and hear and serve and achieve pure devotion for the Lord. Very important verses here. We are learning from Vidura how all the temples are ananta-linga.


I remember once Prabhupada was telling us, we were at an old temple in Panihati, he said, "Look at, it's a five hundred year old temple, but they are still worshiping." The temple was rundown. He said, "At least they are worshiping. I don't know, we are . . . ." ISKCON was only ten years old. He said, "What will happen after twenty-five years? What will happen after a hundred years?" Will the devotees keep worshipping the deities? Will they be careful?" He told us to, "Install a deity you are very enthusiastic, utsaha, enthusiasm, but then later on you may think that the guru, 'Why he has given me all this burden? I have to get up early in the morning. I have to wash the glasses and the plates, make the offering. So much service to do.' If you start thinking like that, then everything is lost.


[We should think,] "The guru is giving me this great fortune, this Deity. I get to serve the Deity, serve Krsna's incarnation, arca-avatara. One of the eight kind of incarnations is the worshipable deity. So Prabhupada is saying, "Utsaha, enthusiasm, and later if you are in maya, it becomes nigraha, neglect, offense."


Sometimes disciples ask me, "Can I worship Radha Krsna? Can I install?" Who will maintain? Like you go to the temples in Vrindavan. We inherited one temple in Bangladesh where there are a thousand deities. If someone wants a deity, we can give you, little donation for the temple, but you have to take very nice care. There is the main deity that was installed by some rich, wonderful devotee, built a big temple, but over the years, people could not maintain the small deities. The children were not devotees anymore. Like we want our children to take on the worship. So they came and leave an endowment to take care of the Deities. Now it's got a thousand deities. Then they gave to us. Now we have a thousand. You've got to wash them with a hose or something. We don't have a hose, I mean, it's like so many deities. When we took it, it was really run down.


Some of these, many of these grhasthas, gurus who were also grhasthas, great pujaris were also grhasthas. People should also give some time to do the deity worship in the temples. Some of the big temples, here we have enough brahmacaris. Some of the grhasthas also come. In Mayapur, Vrindavan Prabhupada said male public worship in the main temples because of the culture, but in other temples, the ladies, too, they worship. That's also important. Everyone in the community should share this burden of love. It's a loving service. How much mercy you'll get by worshipping the deities, it's incalculable.


So Thank you very much.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare - Jayapataka Swami

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