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A Basic Principle of Comparative Studies of Religions

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Paarsurrey says:


The advent of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was an epoch making event towards the end of the nineteenth century in the history of comparative religions in the present era.


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Guided One (1835-1908), made it convenient for the human beings be of any race, color or creed to make comparative study of the Revealed Religions of the world and to accept the truth wherever one finds it. He set out many unbiased, neutral and full of wisdom principles for that purpose, the foremost among these is “The claim of a Religion on any topic as well as the logical argumentation should be from its Revealed Book”.


There may be a religion whose followers claim (e.g. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, Zoroastrianism or any other religion) that their religion or its teachings are for the whole world. ( i.e. it is international ), but the others may demand the followers of such religion to prove if this claim is explicitly mentioned in your Revealed Book and that if that claim has been supported by divine arguments in your Revealed Book.


This could be easily checked by anyone sincerely searching for the truth or guidance. If a religion on any of the important topics or human problems does not contain the relevant claim or argumentation / reasoning then that religion could be pronounced as a Dead Religion for all practical purposes.


One may remember here that all revealed religions in its origin were truthful; this fact has been highlighted by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad many a times and with great emphases in his writings.


We are more concerned with the present era – a dynamic scientific era; where we live in. The humanity is facing very complex problems which must be addressed by the Living Religion of the world if there is any utility in the religion worth the name; any denomination.


The religion is for the common as also for the highly literate humans and since it is claimed to be divine, it should satisfy the common man as also the very literate special man.


The followers of a religion might be very clever and cunning that they could advocate for their religion and could attribute claims to a religion which are not explicitly found in its Revealed Book or they could provide arguments in its favor which are only man-made and not provided by the Divine.


In that case such a religion could be pronounced on its merit, at the most, to be a man-made religion, definitely not sent by God. This could be a litmus test. Verify the religion of your choice on these two simple but wise counts; you might be stunned to realize that many a religion are just myths and its followers are following it only blindfolded.


On his own part Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad set out this epoch making principle in an Inter-Religions Conference in the year 1896 and then he proved that the religion of his choice i.e. Islam has claim and arguments on the five basic questions facing by humanity:-



  • <LI class=MsoNormal>The Physical, Moral, and Spiritual States of Man. <LI class=MsoNormal>What is the State of Man After Death? <LI class=MsoNormal>The Object of Man’s Life and the Means of its Attainment. <LI class=MsoNormal>The Operation of the Practical Ordinances of the Law in This Life and the Next.
  • Sources of Divine Knowledge.

The conference had given these questions on which the participant speakers had to speak.



I leave the solutions to the respected readers. Try for the Religion of your choice. Best of luck!




I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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Dear Ahmadi peaceful Muslim, let me try and answer. I will not refer to any Mirzas or Acharyas for your convinience. Do give a try yourself also without quoting.



The Physical, Moral, and Spiritual States of Man.

Physical state: The sensual gross body where the soul thinks, 'I am the body' and acts accordingly. This is true for all living creatures that are all visible, microscopic and periscopic.


Moral State: Moral to a Tiger: Eat the deer, Moral to a animal: fend for itself. Live like a parasite. Moral to a Man: Only man has declared it. Thats the reason it varies from place to place. You can observe it is more sexually biased(especially in Muslim countries). Morals are subject to time and place. The morals of a Indian may not look like the morals of an Englishman. Its the question of adopting the best listening to your inner voice(since you know it).


Spiritual State: Different religions quote differently but all believe in the soul concept. The purest form of conciousness pervading in and out of every living and non-living thing or you may say the entire universe. It is called Energy,Brahman,Allah,God,Conciousness etc,



What is the State of Man After Death?

To tell you the truth none of them have returned and told it. It is just in belief. According to me, it is the loss of the gross body to the soul which the soul was thinking to be it. It is one step up to ultimate reality.



The Object of Man’s Life and the Means of its Attainment.


The best creation on earth called homosepiens is having one extra thing from the rest of the creation i.e., intellect. With this, he can attain anything, become anything only if he tries. So, the objective is 'To know the Ultimate Truth'. Means of Attainment: Many paths lead to the almighty. The Tree is One but the roots are many.



The Operation of the Practical Ordinances of the Law in This Life and the Next.

Any path that you hold on to have a defined way. Traversing on this defined way is the Practical Ordinance of the Law in this Life. Next can just be assumed. I find it impractical to make a mention of it.



Sources of Divine Knowledge.
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If a religion on any of the important topics or human problems does not contain the relevant claim or argumentation / reasoning then that religion could be pronounced as a Dead Religion for all practical purposes.




When being asked, why animals have no soul, people usually have no reasonable answer. Instead they come up with all kind of confused explanations like, there is only biological life within animals. This is of course a very foolish understanding, since animals have so many similar qualities like human beings. In fact modern science more and more discovers new findings how animals have a great deal in common with human beings.


New Muslim Vegetarian/Vegan Society formed in UK

This welcome new venture was launched during the Young Indian Vegetarians 1995 annual picnic in Hyde Park. Its president, an active supporter of the National Alliance For Animals and a vegan of many years standing, has subsequently received inquiries from all over the world, including a sultan in Saudi Arabia. For further details contact:

Rafeeque Ahmad,

59 Bray Towers, 136 Adelaide Road, London NW3, UK

<hr size="1" noshade="noshade">Islamic Duty of Compassion Towards Animals

In view of the welcome news of a Muslim Vegetarian/Vegan Society and the recent contributions from other major religions to these pages, we reprint just a few of the following Islamic teachings on the duties of Muslims towards their fellow beings (with apologies for any orthographical inaccuracies).

<center>islam1.gif"The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) was asked by his companions if kindness to animals was rewarded in the life hereafter. He replied: 'Yes, there is a meritorious reward for kindness to every living creature'." (Bukhari)



All creatures on earth are sentient beings. "There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings - but they are communities like you." (The Quran, 6:38)



"The Holy Prophet (S) forbade the beating or the branding of animals. Once he saw a donkey branded on its face and said: 'may Allah condemn the one who branded it'." (Muslim)



"The Holy Prophet (S) forbade the setting up of animals to fight against each other." (Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi)

"The Holy Prophet (S) condemned those who pinion or restrain animals in any other way for the purpose of target shooting. (Al-Masburah and Al-Mujaththamah)." (Muslim)



"The Holy Prophet (S) said: 'It is a great sin for man to imprison those animals which are in his power'." (Muslim)



There are numerous Islamic laws forbidding vivisection (Al-muthia) on a live animal. IBn Umar reported the Holy Prophet (S) as having condemned those who mutilate any part of an animals body while it is alive. (Ahmad and other authorities)


(S) stands for 'Salam', meaning 'peace be upon him'.


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The Physical, Moral and Spiritual states of Man?

Light; is the energy upon mass. (ie…. If a man is dead, the mass is there, the life is not)

Light is life.

Life: purposed to continue

Conscious choice: Good: supports life to continue

Bad: loss to the common

To impose a life is simply to impose an action; good will support life, bad is selfish (isolating).


<FONT face="Times New Roman">What is the State of m<font] Lives (continues existng) in the wake left during choice.

If planted a tree; the cause of the continuance

If teach good knowledge; lives in the contribution.

If contributes for a new generation (copulation); lives in the life created.

Each may continue beyond the period of choice.




Born by the combination of life; to continue by creating and causing life.



Support life to continue by choice: do good.





Learning from what is revealed from previous lives; combined with an honest self: Equality and honesty: compassionate reasoning.




Truth is non negotiable; simply absolute. Such that the words recorded and understood will combine but that is where the honesty and compassion of the people must begin to unravel the history for the future to understand.


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