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How to reduce kama

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Originally Posted by suchandra

Since I posted a quote 100% covering the whole issue, this is vijnana.



Sucandra has chosen a quotation for your edification.

Get it?



Randy Wanker-ites in to the sunset?


I got it Bhaktjan. But I see in all forums he just does a quote and I havent seen any true knowledge emerge out of his own brains. If at all something emerged, it would be those good words he has chosen to write. A try is better than a hogwash.

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Don't talk more foolish nonsense first answer this question, when a high court judge makes the right quote from the lawbook, hasnt he realized jurisprudence? He has fully realized jurisprudence! And you know it, but are too arrogent to admit it! In fact he's getting paid a huge salary for quoting from the lawbook. Making the right quote according to the requirements of a particular legal procedure.


Ok fool, I'll answer. Learn from a proper student of Srila Prabhupad.

Remember, Sashtriji, Nehruji, Mahatma Gandhiji and Ram Manohar Lohria went to jail by the right quote of Lawbooks.

But there is always a but you bug.... Now you tell me.. Were They Wrong?

Gita says... elevate yourself from such trivial moral and stupid hypothesis.

Elevate from Vice and Virtue. Such nonsense is not accepted in the Gita.



Similarly, when Prabhupada received academic guests, he always used to have a disciple read appropriate Bhagavad-gita verses backing up what he explained. Does this mean mean Prabhupada couldnt speak vijnana, realized knowledge, because he backed up everything by sastra?


He came as a teacher and left the eternal knowledge to be utilised and not learn like a parrot. And blabber like a brat who does not what to say in what circumstance.


And yes that's what we need from you all. Give the example and back up by Shastra. That's the thing me and Sri asked you. But you said I need only to quote from authority.


We have here many people from many different point of views.. you r authority might not be authority of theirs... so big bug.. be more intelligent and expert in your approach. Gita proclaims, "I like those who do their job expertly." When you And your bunch of psycho Iskconites blabber about Vaishnavism [without knowing the true and beautiful essence of Bhagvata Doctrine]... many people instead of liking it, start despising it.




No, only some layman would speculate in this way.

Prabhupada always quoted Sanskrit verses because it is taught by Lord Krishna, who also quotes from sastra.

I don't hate quoting though very rarely you'll find one in my posts.


But remember you are in a universal platform in Audarya... know what and when to quote.

Your message if contains Truth is enough to show that. Of course, when asked then quote.

Don't try to immitate Srila. Monkeys like you and Iskconites have tarnished unkowingly that beauty that Vaishanvism is naturally popular for by immitating that Great Seer.

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Hey Suchandra, what has happened to you and Amlesh?? Guys control yourself and let off this mud slinging. For the sake of the one you both love and agree in common. Lord Krishna.

SORRY Sri. I think you are right.

I present my sincere apology to Suchandra et al.

I think I'll stop here with this thread.


Thanks again Sri.

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cnjai20 u raise an honest question, one that i myself have been trying to control for a long time.


From my own personal experiences the following help:

1) Win the little fights with your mind, eg if your addicted to chocolate (like i am) then give it up to beat your craving. Once your mind starts to understand that its not the control it makes other desires easier to control too.


2) If there is a specific place or scenario where you find that your kama is invoked then stay away from the place/scenario! occupy your mind in something else like reading religious books.


3) If you are used to admiring girls e.g. on the streets then force yourself to stop doing it


4) If all else fails and you find yourself falling for kama, try to think of your own future, specifically your own death! Nobody knows when there own death will occur, if it were to take place in the next 5 minutes would you like to 'go' knowing that 5 mnutes ago you were thinking about kama? I think not!


Hope this helps.

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Guest renukesh

Hi I m 31 yrs married 2 yrs ago problem is I have more kama n my wife has less kama though women must have more than men but I have promised not to force her its been a problem for our relationship any solutions please tell me

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gopi-manohara sundara hari om rādhe-govinda hari nārāyaṇa oṃ... Kāma is desire. Any [worldly] desire. Desire to be admired, desire to show-off, desire to be a part of a group, desire to follow others blindly, desire for name, desire for fame, desire for importance, desire for recognition, power, acknowledgement - yes even as basic as that . So what is this? It really boils down to the ego [false-ego if you will, in the language of some here]. Yes, Prabhupād has explained it really well . He said that all these desires (that look harmless) have a root in kāma as conventionally thought of. To the OP or whoever: Just remember this, Attachment to Shri Kṛṣṇa brings detachment from the worlḍ. May this be a mahāvākya (on par with aham bramhāsmi, tat tvam asi, prjñānam bramhan') for those who can relate or accept it . It does not matter if you are a man or lady. Kṛṣṇa is not a "womens' God" as many think - what a big myth. Surrender to that Most Beautiful , Most All- attractive, ParaBramhan', Ādi Nārāraṇ, bhakta-vatsal shr kṛṣṇa, who defeats koṭi kandarpa (million cupids). [kandarpa-koti kamaniya vishesha shobham, govindam adi purusham tam aham bhajAmi (Bramha SaMhItA)] Become HIṢ. Develop your Personal Relationship with Him . The world will fall on the side. It is certainly important - your roles and duties in it - but it will take secondary preference. Slowly, all the desires on the list above, will take back seats if not get erradicated completely. All that matters is The Lord of your heart . chhoti chhoti lakuṭi cḥoṭe cḥoṭe hāth , bansī bajāye mero madana gopāḷ. Some may not like thiṣ. Kṛṣna-Kṛṣṇāing all the time. OK, then, adopt that spiritual joy, bramhānanda as you see it . Fine. Discriminate between eternal and temporary (think lifetimes, not this life). Think of: junk food Vs prasad chips Vs wholesome meal soda Vs nectar kāma (towards the worldly) Vs prema ( towards the Divine) All the best . May the ananta-koṭī bramhānḍa-nāyak bless all with His Sweetness.


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