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On U.S. election. Srila Prabhupada - 'Why shall I give this nonsense person my vote?

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I love (want to serve selflessly without exploitation (been there done that) all the wonderful devotees of Lord Krishna.


The main threat to all so called Hindu's is Western materialism and science and their own ignorance of worshiping the 33,000,000 demigods that govern the mahat tattva or material creation, instead of Krishna the cause of all causes. Note, Siva is not a demigod but an expansion of Krishna playing the role of His greatest devotee.



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What Universality You are talking about? Maya Vada, Secularism, Rational Cow slatter idealogy? You can keep that sort of Company.I would avoid all that.


NOPE: The Vaishnavism that the bunch of stupids like you have made Secular.




Even a Worm is redemed finally I suppose. If you chose to be a worm, I will have nothing to say on it, as it is your free choice.



You can see the worm.. I see the soul.

You forgot what the original Guru told... There should be no difference between the Dog and the Dog eater.


Mr Pathetic.


I'll continue...

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