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Vic DiCara / Vraja Kishor

Why the Moon Loves Taurus

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There are several coinciding factors which make taurus the place where the moon operates best. (Specifically the most exalted spot in taurus is 3º, which is when the moon is in the lunar zodiac "Krittika" and the 108th Zodiac of Capricorn).


1) Moon is water, Taurus is earth. Earth + Water = Fertility and fertility is extremely important to the moon.


2) There are two other earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo. Virgo is not as good because it is an infertile sign. Capricorn is better than Virgo, but saturn is less womanly than Venus. Venus rules Taurus. Therefore ...


...Moon (Female) + Taurus/Venus (Female) = excellent synergy.


3) Notice that the exaltation degree (3º) occurs when the moon is simultaneously in the main sign of Taurus and the 108th division of Capricorn!


4) Taurus is STABLE, and the moon's only real weakness is that it waxes and wanes and lacks stability. The other two earth signs are not stable (Capricorn is a growth sign and Virgo is a dual sign) - therefore Taurus is the best place to counterbalance the instability of the moon and make it very strong!!!


5) The lunar zodiac Krittika (which is at 3º Taurus) is owned by the Sun. This is the finishing touch on fertility. Earth from Taurus, Water and motherhood from Moon, + sunlight from Krittia. Therefore 3º taurus is the absolute most wonderful spot for the moon!

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