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Do i have Gaja kesari yoga?

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Can the learned ones advise what good Gajakesari Yoga does.


People with gajakesari yoga are likely enjoy a good name, earn fame, and be blessed with a generous disposition. They are blessed with good luck, intelligence, and high morals. They are respected by others.


The results would show up in dasha/bhukti periods of Jupiter and Moon and during mahadasha periods of other planets as well if the main dasha lord is favourable to both these planets, otherwise, this yoga would not show up.


It is said that Mahatma Gandhiji had a strong gajakesari yoga in his chart.

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May I request that for the sake of learning & understanding, can the learned ones advise how effective Gajakesari yoga is in following two cases (as I have read some where that 1/3rd of the population has this yoga).


(i) POB....Delhi, DOB.......21st October, 1952 & TOB.....1.25 a.m. (father)

(ii)POB....Lucknow, DOB.......14th April, 1984 & TOB.....1.15 p.m. (son)


Thanks & Regards.........pooja

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