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who is the supreme god?

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As Sri Ramakrishna repeatedly said "KALI is Brahman"


Now again KALI is KRISHNA or KRISHNA is KALI. Google and you will find a number of articles on the subject. There a KrishnaKali deity installed in the cremation ground at Kalighat.


There is a famous Krishna temple at Udipi, Karnataka. The Murti there was discovered and installed by Madhavacharya. If you visit the temple during the sharada Navaratri period, you will find the idol of Krishna being dressed up as different forms of Devi. On the Ashtami day, Krishna is dressed up as Mahishamardhini.


Krishna called me there on Durgashtami day to show that HE is no different from Mahishamardhini.


Then how about Siva? He is the Purusha and Kali is the mula Prakriti. (Sankya)

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Seriously,the starter of this thread is an imbecile.


"And please no Krishna and Rama.."


What is your problem ??? Do you have any decency to post ??


The post # 21 also reflects some pea brains.


It has already been accepted that Uma and Sadashiva are forms of Godhead,for they do not come in the Jeeva category.There is no use digging up the topic.

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