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Alok Bhardwaj

Critical & Urgent- Life & Death ---1 Day Old Baby Having Fits - Pls Help

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All Respected Astrologers, I am attaching the details of a baby girl born on 1 Sept 2008, 22:32pm, Ghaziabad.UPHer life is under danger zone. This baby had 3 FITS in last 12 hours after her birth (I don’t know the clinical name the disease) she is still under CRITICAL observation. Her parents are in deep sorrow because Doctors have asked them to pray almighty for saving the life of child. Please suggest following:1. Is there any chance of survival for this baby?2. If yes, then will she have to suffer from this disease for entire life?3. What is the remedy to cure / control fits in spiritual / astro aspect?Her parent’s details also attached for reference:Father :10-10-1977, 11:05am, GhaziabadMother :18-06-1978, 5.30am, bilaspurPlease reply urgentlyAlok Bhardwaj

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Everything is crucial till 5th September. I dont think there can be any eventuality though. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra jaap and Durga Saptashati is very important. Moon is malefic. If Chandra homam is possible, please go ahead.


God bless the baby


Best Wishes


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The adversity period might last till 19/10/2008.

This might be due to Jupiter being the lord of 22nd drekkana and venus being the 64th navamsa.


The child is running Jupiter sub-Sub-period in Venus Sub-Period in Sun Period.


The child has been born under Jupiter Hora, Jupiter Mahakala and Venus

Kaala lord.


Do ask any credible priest to perform Shukra and brihaspati puja for the child as soon as possible.


Other than that Parents can simply chant "Om Shri Dakshinamoorthaye namah" 108 times, 504 times, or 1008 times depending on their convenience and time availability on that day.



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