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  1. 12-3-1975 13:05PM, DELHI SHANI/GURU/SURYA Problem started in June 2008. Lost job on 30 Aug. No job despite good Shukra AD till Jan 09. Pls suggest expected time to get a job. Year 2009 is suggested as a good career year but 2 months left wihtout any result. Pls suggest. Thanks Alok
  2. I am working professional in telecom sector for 10 yrs. I love doing job but Do i have any scope for doing business ? Related to Transport, Iron,Electricity or Accessories? Can i do investment in Land/Real Estate ? by when ? Alok 12-03-1975 13:05pm Delhi
  3. No astro tech, not yet !! I am desparately waiting for it. Opportunity seems coming in my way in terms of jobs consultants keep calling me and taking my bio data to forward to telecom companies. But no direct call from any company so far. I am patientely waiting for it as per your advice that i should get something in hand by mid oct. I have started the remedies suggested by you. Anyway thanks for showing concern. I would update/feedback you once i get anything in hand. Thanks Alok
  4. USR Sir, Your predictions are absolutely correct !!! Narration of result of planet'slacement is quite right. Does correction in birth time from 1:05pm to 12:50pm changes the result at a very large scale ??? as I feel all your analysis and predictions are as per my expectations and matches with the different event of my life. Since I have been under Shani Mahadash, I was wearing "Neelam" since last 6 years and I felt good after wearing it. Now I have removed it. As per your advice I am wearing 7 crt Emrald for last 6 months as per my ascendent Mithun and its lord Budh. And I pray HAnumanji on Tuesday and chant mangal mantra ( Om Bhom Bhomahya Namah:)3 Mala every tuesday. Only things which I had NOT done so far is : 1. Pray to Vishnu 2. Not wear pearl so far 3. Pray of Shiv/Parvati on monday. from now on I would surely apply both the the remedy mentioned above. Thank You Sir.
  5. Dear All, Thanks for sharing thoughts.. We are on the same platform of understanding of basic wellbeing and upbringing of the person to achieve the goal in life. All collective efforts turn in righ direction if goal is determined well before.... Deepa ji, please narrate the chart and suggest the scope of choosing the career line. Thanks
  6. All Respected Astrologers, I am attaching the details of a baby girl born on 1 Sept 2008, 22:32pm, Ghaziabad.UPHer life is under danger zone. This baby had 3 FITS in last 12 hours after her birth (I don’t know the clinical name the disease) she is still under CRITICAL observation. Her parents are in deep sorrow because Doctors have asked them to pray almighty for saving the life of child. Please suggest following:1. Is there any chance of survival for this baby?2. If yes, then will she have to suffer from this disease for entire life?3. What is the remedy to cure / control fits in spiritual / astro aspect?Her parent’s details also attached for reference:Father :10-10-1977, 11:05am, GhaziabadMother :18-06-1978, 5.30am, bilaspurPlease reply urgentlyAlok Bhardwaj
  7. Sir, Person DoB - 10-10-1977, 11:05am Ghaziabad,UP He had been under unstable career till Nov 2005 before he went to abroad and he progressed quite well. Got married in Jan 2007. He is looking for a possibility to start small business in abroad related to fashion items. Will he be successfull ? He is presenlty doing a job. Main events of life : 1. Graduation in 1998 2. NCC 1st Class candidate, representd India in UK under youth exchange programm. 2. Inconsistent career from 1999 till 2005 ( 6 jobs changed in ) 3. Gone abroad in Nov 2005 4. Married in Jan 2007 Thanks Alok Bhardwaj
  8. Thanks for prompt predictions rajshekhar ji. I have learned to keep my head cool and keeping my self low profile in Last 3 years as l have been taught many lessons of life and I am happy with my current situation. Time may fullfill all my losses when my Budh Mahadasha start. Do you see any scope for imporvement or "Dont" in my chart which I should follow? Regards Alok
  9. DoB 12-03-1975, 13:05pm, Delhi Under Shani-MD, Guru-AD, Shukra-SD 1 First time lost my job all of sudden in Dec 2005, just after my promotion. 2. Second time job loss - Tomorrow is my last working day in present company. No job in hand as of now. I want to understand the reason for these sudden events in my life and remedies to reduce the affect. I am regular devotee of Shani. Take corrective upaay as per antar/pratyantar dasha. Wearing emrald 7 cart in small finger. Pls help as when can I get a new Job? Thanks Alok
  10. Respected Sirs, Please advice on this chart as you may find it interesting as 4 planets falls in 1 place. Is there any bad effect on this girl? Is this chart falls in KSY? DoB - 24-10-2006 Time - 19-20pm Place - Ghaziabd/Delhi Gender - Female Thanks
  11. sir, Horoscope details are attached. Time of birth is correct. Nearest place near Mohali is Chandigarh. DEVIKA CHART.doc
  12. It is said generally that the end of any Mahadasha, specially Shani/Rahu is inauspicious ? What expert say on this.? What do you predict in my case ? My Shani Mahadash is on the verge of ending by Dec 2009. DoB-12-03-1975, 13:05 pm,Delhi. 1-Shani 6-Rahu 8-Mangal 9- Surya,Budh,Chandra 10-Shukra,Guru 12-Ketu MD/AD - Shani/Guru upto Dec 2009, Please suggest,
  13. Thanks for sharing this inofrmation Ms Deepa. A very good picture and a well narrated story. Thanks
  14. Thanks for reply Sonat. I am sure my birth time must be correct. Many incident of my life took place as predicted by various astrologers and i find them correct. Let me give you a snap shot of various insident happend in my life so that you may connect these incident to get correct time of my chart: 05-1987- Move from Delhi to Jaipur 1987-1995- Avg Study History (No Major incident) 06-1996- Mother Passed Away - Shani Sadhe Sati 12-1996- Got a good career start with MNC 03-1999- Got married ( Love Marriage) 03-2002- Marriage failed, Mutual Divorce by Court 06-2002- Move from Jaipur to Delhi, Got another breakthrough in career 02-2003- Remarried Successfully without any compromise !! 08-2003- Move from Delhi to Chandigarh,another breakthrough in career 12-2003- 1st Baby birth 08-2004- Movefrom Chandigarh to Delhi, another breakthrough in career 11-2005- Promoted in job but that could not last for long..... *12-2005- Lost my job and kept idle for 9 months withotu job* 09-2006- Got a job but had to move away from my family 01-2007- Father passed away 05-2007- Got a new job in Delhi and back to my family 08-2008- On the verge of leaving a job, No hob in hand as of 27 Aug. Now you observe few things very clearly- 1. Too many change of places due to change in job. 2. A stable career from 1997 till 2005. No growth after that. 3. Financials were comfertable as i got great financial help from my younger brother during bad period. 4. I had a conflict of thoughts with my father through out his life. 5. Two marriages. Current one is going very well. 6. I feel very close to divine,nature,vedic culture,hindusm etc and try to live life simple as much as possible. I hope this information is sufficient for you to take help. Thanks
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