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Alok Bhardwaj

*4 Planets in 1 place !!!* Deepa Ji / USR Ji / Sasisekran ji -Pls advice

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Respected Sirs,


Please advice on this chart as you may find it interesting as 4 planets falls in 1 place.


Is there any bad effect on this girl? Is this chart falls in KSY?


DoB - 24-10-2006

Time - 19-20pm

Place - Ghaziabd/Delhi

Gender - Female



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Taurus Lagna with Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Venus in 6th house of Debt and Enemy.

Sun is bad, its even doing harm to Venus and Mars. Jupiter is also placed in enemy's house.


There is no Kaal Sarp Yoga in the chart as Saturn is on the other side of Rahu Ketu.


Deepa Ji / USR Ji / Sasisekran ji will surely do a detailed analysis of the chart.




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Lots of week points such as moon and sun debliated, her parents may be from a middle class family or even from a poor background. but irrespective of the plantes in the sixth house, ketu in the fourth house she is not going to suffer until 2070. Saturn the yogagraha dasa is running now, than mercury which is placed in the 7th, than ketu dasa might create problems for a shorter period but than again Venus dasa which will run until 2070. so need not worry at all. remember TIMING is very important.


marital problems can be expected as far as concerned Mars is in the 6th along with Venus in the sixth.


the dasas which will be running for a longer period is the balance in her chart.

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