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Revered Sir Shri USRji and Madam Deepaji,


With reference to the prediction given by both of you I would like to recall that I was adviced to wear an emerald. I guess the falling Wednesday being Ganesh Chaturthi would be very auspicious & so I want to wear the emerald on that day.

I went to a very close relative who is a dealer in precious stones. Now, this dealer told me that a 3.25 - 3.50 carat Emerald would be just fine for me since I am too thin. I am of 25years with a height of 5'6" but my weight is just 49kgs. My little finger is so thin that a 5.25 carat emerald would be more wide than my finger's width. The shopkeeper, a 65 yr old experienced person, directed that one should wear a gem according to his/her weight.

I however wanted you two valued persons opinion. I would also request you to please be as swift as you can so that I am able to place the order and get the ring done before falling Wednesday.

As per your advice I have also started wearing a small ruby and I am glad to inform you that some things have indeed started materialising thereafter. I am very thankful to you two.

I am once again giving below my details for you ready reference:

Name : Rajiv Kejriwal

DOB : December 10, 1982

Time : 3:37 AM

Place : Kolkata (formerly Calcutta ), West Bengal



Rajiv Kejriwal

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