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  1. Dear Respected Gurujis, Am I so unfortunate that I cant even get a reply, a word of console from anyone. I am told that my Kanya Rashi and my Name Chart both are under the influence of Shani Sade Sati. However Shani is a very favorable planet for me. Then why am I a FAILURE in Life...Please guide...
  2. Dear Friends, Am I so unfortunate that I am not even getting a reply from anyone. Revered USRji, and other learned Gurus. Please don't ignore me. My life is going haywire. Please Help.
  3. Dear Friends and Revered Gurujans, Hello! My Birth Detail is December 10, 1982, Calcutta, India at 3:37 AM IST I had been struggling to meet both ends throughout my life being under the influence of Rahu Mahadasha. However April 2009 brought a new hope for me when my Rahu Mahadasha ended and I was under Brihaspathy Mahadasha. I was struggling to be an Interior Designer. After that I did get some projects, basically pea-nuts. But I welcomed whatever came my way since I did not have any work. I thought something is better than nothing. I did get two good projects and was quite at pace with my work. However, every time I get a project, I tend to spend the money. Somehow or the other the money escapes from my hand and again I find myself in square one. I always gave every such occasion a chance and tried to save as much as I can in the next project. But then something happens and I am drained out of my savings. I have a project on the verge of completion and I can clearly see that my outstanding in the market in his account is more than the sum of money the client is left to pay me. It's not a loss. I have already spent the profit, rather more than that. This time I am literally back-broken. I don't understand where did I spend the money. And it's not the first time. It happens always. I have lost interest in my work. Don't feel like doing anything. I am just wasting my time away like a teenager who's not sure of what to do in life. I just waste my time on watching new electronic gadgets or reading or taking photos from my camera. I wear a Yellow Sapphire(Bankok origin) and a Burmanese Pearl. I was advised to propitiate Lord Brihaspathy and so I worship him on Thursdays and pray to Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Godess Parvati/Durga, Sai Baba, Lord Dakshinamurthy daily. Please save my wrecking ship. Thanks
  4. My salute to all the learned members, I had been struggling to be an interior designer since 4 years and finally I started making some projects with the generous help of Revered Shri USRji and my life was taking shape. But suddenly I lost all interest in my work. I have become the most lethargic person. I find failure in everything. No endeavour is bringing any sort of success. Not even close to it. My life is in a mess both professionally and personally. I always tend to spend the money that I earn and when it’s all gone I sit back and regret. I have ignored 3 offers in the past 2 months. I just waste my days watching new gadgets or surfing the net (although I do not chat nor am a FB/Orkut or Twitter addict. I take knowledge about varied fields from the net. I crave for knowledge and love reading). At this age I suddenly feel as if I am a teenager, not sure what to do in life. At times I feel to quit Interior Designing and become a Photographer, then I feel like I should be a Writer, then again I feel I should join my father in our family business. I skip visiting my existing project and then spend sleepless nights thinking what am I doing with my life? (Like I am doing now at 3:00 AM IST) I am under Guru Mahadasha and was guided by Shri USRji some procedure to propitiate Guru(like visiting Navgrah Temple on Thursdays and worshipping Lord Brihaspathy, donating yellow cloth, bengal gram etc.) Worshipping Godess Parvati/Durga for my Moon. In addition to what he guided I also wear a Yellow Sapphire (Bankok Origin) and a Burmanese Pearl. I worship a lot, especially Lord Ganesha, (my Ishta devta) Lord Shiva, Godess Durga and Sai Baba. But the more I get into pujas and stuffs, the messier my life becomes. So I am even loosing the interest, the devotion and the trust that I used to worship with earlier. I am sorry Shri USRji that I couldn’t keep up to your expectations. I followed your remedies (and still do) but I had been unsuccessful, at large, to yield any fruit. I am sorry to have disappointed you. But I don’t know why I do it? It’s like there is someone else who’s making me do all this and I have no control what so ever. I may sound funny but could this be some sort of Subconscious Genetics because my grandfather and father also had quite similar a story? Please Help:pray: My Birth Details: December 10, 1982 at 3:37 AM IST in Kolkata (then Calcutta) West Bengal, India. Thanking you Regards,
  5. Dear Revered Gurus and Friends, Greetings to all of you. My Name is Rajiv Kejriwal. My DoB is 10th December, 1982 at 3:37 AM IST in Calcutta, West Bengal, India Currently I am under Guru (Jupiter) Mahadasha. A revered astrologer once told me Guru is my 3rd and 6th lord is in 2nd with Ravi the 11th lord. So I wore a 5.25 carat Yellow Sapphire(Bankok Origin) and followed other remedies as told by the astrologer to propitiate Guru. I am an Interior Designer by profession. However, I am in a financial/professional crisis. Following the remedies of the astrologer I did profit but it is usually short term and soon I am always in Square One. I also share our family humble business with my father as dealers in Bearings (An Industrial Item) The Astrologer also told me that my 10th lord,lord of profession Moon is in 12th. Since Moon is my lord of profession should I propitiate and strenghten it by wearing Pearl or by other remidies to come out of the dire straits my life is in? Will that help? Seeking the remidies of the learned members. May God Bless you for doing this great social service helping the needy with your knowledge. Thanking You
  6. Revered Sir, Thank you for your reply. I have started worshipping Lord Hanuman in addition to worshipping Lord Shiva & Durga Maa whom I am worshiping since you advised last year. I have been struggling throughout my life. Currently I am totally fed-up of the moves my life is taking. I struggled as an Interior designer for 4 years now but could'nt make it. Now I am being forced by my family to join my father's business dealing in Ball & Roller Bearings. Can I join it? Can you please suggest any other feild in which I can venture? However, I would also like to tell you that you are the only person who has told me that I am under Shani Sade Sati. Thanks for that too. Thanking you once again, Hi! Deepaji, Hope u r fine. Regards, Rajiv Kejriwal.
  7. Revered Sir USRji and dearest Deepaji, Hi! My name is Rajiv Kejriwal. Last year I visited the forum for a solution of my dire financial conditions due to the malicious effect of Rahu Mahadasha. I was advised by you two learned members to wear a ruby, a zircon and an emerald. I was also asked to worship Godess Durga and Lord Shiva. I did as directed and was patiently waiting for the period to get over. I did get some favorable fruits out of my humble efforts to fight the tough times but largely my conditioned remained unaltered. My Rahu Mahadasha ended on the 4th of March this year. However, I would like to inform you that since that very date, I feel lazier at work. As it is I don’t have much work and what I got from God’s grace, I am doing it half-heartedly. I feel like I get irritated very quickly, I have become more careless and fun-loving. I have read that such things happen during the reign of Rahu (the demi-lord of worldly pleasures) in a person’s chart/life. Does that mean I am still under his shadow? What am I supposed to do now? Please provide guidance as to what next is stored therein for me. I just want to break free. My DOB: December 10, 1982 at 03:37 Hrs. IST Place: Kolkata(then Calcutta) West Bengal. Regards, Rajiv Kejriwal
  8. Thank you dear Deepaji, The best thing I like about you is you prompt, upto the mark and stright forward reply. Thank you once again. Dear USRji, What would you suggest?
  9. Revered Sir Shri USRji and Madam Deepaji, Hi! With reference to the prediction given by both of you I would like to recall that I was adviced to wear an emerald. I guess the falling Wednesday being Ganesh Chaturthi would be very auspicious & so I want to wear the emerald on that day. I went to a very close relative who is a dealer in precious stones. Now, this dealer told me that a 3.25 - 3.50 carat Emerald would be just fine for me since I am too thin. I am of 25years with a height of 5'6" but my weight is just 49kgs. My little finger is so thin that a 5.25 carat emerald would be more wide than my finger's width. The shopkeeper, a 65 yr old experienced person, directed that one should wear a gem according to his/her weight. I however wanted you two valued persons opinion. I would also request you to please be as swift as you can so that I am able to place the order and get the ring done before falling Wednesday. As per your advice I have also started wearing a small ruby and I am glad to inform you that some things have indeed started materialising thereafter. I am very thankful to you two. I am once again giving below my details for you ready reference: Name : Rajiv Kejriwal DOB : December 10, 1982 Time : 3:37 AM Place : Kolkata (formerly Calcutta ), West Bengal Regards, Rajiv Kejriwal
  10. Dear Ruchiji, I do not have much knowledge about astrology, but from my little personal experience I have come to understand one thing for sure that Marriages are INDEED made in the Heavens. Believe me sister, I have seen it n experienced it myself and have spent my teenage fixing up lovers for my friends so much so that I was called Cupid in my college days. If God has made the concerned person for you then let any damn thing happen he will come back. And if God has planned an arranged marriage 4 u, then u will only fall in love with ur hubby and with no 1 else. About the delay in your marriage, other learned members will definately help you in this ever-friendly forum. Best Regards, Rajiv.
  11. Respected USRji and other members, Thank you very much for your kind replys. My BiL's health had been a constant tension for me and my family since we all thought it might be due to the manglik dosh of my Sis. Now I am firmly convinced that this isint the reason. Again Thank you very much. I have also noted u ppls advice for my BiL. May God Bless You All, Regards, Rajiv Kejriwal.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I am providing below their details for your kind reference Brother In Law Name: Rabindra Khaderia DOB: May 9th, 1969, Time: 01:20 A.M. IST Place: Sirsa (in Haryana) My Sister Name: Gopali Khaderia(Gopali Kejriwal before marriage) DOB: May 14th, 1974 Time: 10:00AM IST Place: Kolkata (then Calcutta) in West Bengal. Regards, Rajiv Kejriwal
  13. “Why is it that every relationship begins with freedom and ends in bondages?” Love comes like a strong wind and carries away two lovers to unknown dimensions. There is nothing worldly about it. And love doesn’t only mean the love between a boy and a girl. It might be love between parents and children, siblings, friends, love for self, a love that a devotee has towards his Lord and even love between two homo-sexual persons. Love is love; one cannot distinguish love or distribute it into different aspects. Nor can love ever be materialistic. For example if I say, “I love my Cell Phone”, or say “I love my house”; that is not love. I am just fond of it largely because it has fulfilled my needs and also because it shows my status in the society. These things which we are fond of are basically gifts of love which we give to our selves because we all love ourselves. Loving always involve giving. Always remember you can give without loving but can never love without giving. Relationship is something which either you have born into or have landed up as a bond between you and someone you want to be linked to. To be more specific you have parents, sibling, uncles, aunties etc. in your relation since you were born; so this is the relation you were born into. Not all parents are your parents. There is specification about such relations. And as you grow, you like being with a particular person and so you befriend him and share a relation called friendship. This is a kind of relation which acts as a bond between you and your friend to keep you both linked. Although the latter relation is more pure but if it is a relation there has to be a bond and bond itself means bondage. The only bond which does not lead to bondage is true love because unlike other relations there is no condition in it, there is no limit in it. People often confuse love with relationship. But they are like mirror images; looking similar but exactly opposite. Lovers go through an experience peak and then need to settle down. In the process, they start feeling bored, craving the same peak again and again. When they don’t reach it, they feel frustrated and fall into the ditch of miseries. Peaks in love are experienced when lovers open their wings to fly high into the sky together. There’s a whole sky of freedom and togetherness that they feel in each others company. But the moment they start clinging on to each other and suppress freedom, love falls into the valley of misery and tears and they start wondering what happened to their love? The clinging has clipped the soft wings of love. And why did the clinging start? Clinging started with expectation. Materialistic or non-materialistic but we all do expect something or the other from the person we love, which is the seed of the problems. Gradually, without getting noticed, expectation grows into demand. And we still believe we are just expecting. Don’t have any expectations. Love because love is your inner growth. Love helps us grow towards more light, more truth, more freedom. Two persons can be very loving together. The more loving they are, the greater is the freedom between them because the more loving they are the lesser is the space for any doubts, any relationship, any bondage. The more loving they are, the thinner is the prospect of any demand. Naturally then, there is no question of frustration. Love but never turn love into a relation. Love without condition, without relation and without expectation. Then there will always be freedom, to reach the highest altitude together. Let’s take the example of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. We all know how much this couple loved each other. We also know that they were just lovers and never entered into a relation like marriage etc. Have you ever wondered why? It’s simply because the creator wanted to show us the truth. He wanted us to understand the difference between worldly relation and divine love, the conditional and the unconditional, the bondage and the freedom. And the altitude their love has taken them to is that we still worship them and respect their unconditional love so much so that a picture of Krishna alone seems incomplete without Radha in it. Take a paper and a pencil and draw one circle each for each person you love. One circle for your father, one for mother, one for sibling, one for spouse, one for friend… uncle, aunty, everyone; one circle for each and write in the circle the respective relation you share with the person. Now, we all do love our selves, so draw one circle for your self. Now write down the relation that you have with yourself. No you don’t have any relation with yourself. You are just you with yourself. There is no name for the relation that you share with yourself. Yet you truly love yourself. No matter how ugly looking face you might have but before going to a party you dress your best and always try to put your best foot forward. You take care of yourself daily because you love yourself. And that to without having any relation with your self. This is pure unadulterated love. Love others the way you love yourself without demanding, desiring or even expecting any type of relation form it. A relationship is a part of the materialistic world. A slight change in the situation and it evaporates; and nothing but the name of the relation is left between the persons sharing that relation. There is no solidity in it. But love comes spontaneously, like a fountain, falling form the height of a mountain, yet looking beautiful and asking for nothing in return. It is a fire which burns all the impurities in you and takes out the pure gold in you. Love is a quality and not a relation. For example take two words, friendliness and friendship. Friendliness is a quality within you; we say the particular person is very friendly; but friendship becomes a burdensome relationship. You can be in a relationship with a few people. But your quality has got nothing to do with anybody else; you can be friendly with the entire world. You can be friendly even when you are alone but you cannot be in friendship when you are alone since the other is needed. Hence you may have several friends out there but when you are alone, you are lonely. By being friendly you might be alone but will never be lonely. Be alone not lonely. A flower blooms and even if nobody passes by yet it is fragrant. It does not matter whether anyone comes to know about it or not. Being fragrant is a quality. Regards, RAJIV
  14. Respected USRji, Deepaji & other learned members, My eldest sister is married since 12 years and she is double-manglik while my brother-in-law is plain. At the time of their marriage, my brother-in-law had a kundli which showed that he too is double-manglik. However, a few years ago it was discovered that all these years he had a wrong kundli. So he rectified it and made a new kundli with his accurate birth details. This new and correct kundli shows that he is not manglik. Life is smooth as far as both of their relationship is concerned and they are even blessed with a son. However, my brother-in-law health is a matter of concern. He has become weak over the years and recently fell seriously ill when it was discovered that he is suffering from diabetes. I was wondering whether it is just the normal course of mortal body's life that people get ill and sometimes get a life long illness like Diabetes, Arthiritis etc. or is it the circumstances of a plain boy getting married to a double manglik girl. I feel my parents wont punish me now for a mistake I did unknowingly as a child. And so God(parent of all) being much more merciful and will definately forgive somthing done unknowingly. Comments are seeked from you learned mens as to what can the circumstances be if such a situation arises and what can the solutions be. Regards, Rajiv Kejriwal.
  15. Revered Shri USRji, Thank you for your valued reply. I do worship Lord Shiva daily since many years now. Regarding Ruby, could you please specify other details as its weight, base metal to cast it on, and also if there is any perticular day to wear it. I cannot say when will I be able to wear the Ruby because as I told you I am not in a position to spend much right now. I am pleased to know that I have an excellent future but when will this future become present. How much more will I have to bear? Please throw some more light. Thanks Hi Deepaji. Hope to hear from you too. Regards Rajiv Kejriwal.
  16. Revered Shri USRji and Dear Deepaji, Hi! This has got reference to my current phase of life for which both of you obliged me with your kind solutions. (In Dire Straits dated 29-05-2008) Shri USRji, you had directed me to worship Godess Durga on every Friday, Lord Shani on every Saturday and Lord Rahu till 03/09. Deepaji, in addition to Shri USRji, you prescribed me to wear a good emerald and a zircon. I couldn’t wear an emerald because it is too expensive for me right now. But the rest I followed and the first sign of success was that my application for a passport for which I had been struggling for since a year had been accepted and I even cleared the verification. But, my financial and work (career) condition remain unchanged. By Gods grace I got some ventures for my Interior Designing & Decoration Business in a month since I followed the remedies and among them three were as if I was bound to get the work orders. The 1st one liked my quotation and was about to call me to place the order on me. But all of a sudden things shut down. Much likely, the 2nd one liked my designs and quotation and even negotiated the prices and verbally confirmed the work and said that in a week he shall give me the advance to start the work. But I am still awaiting his call. Now I am too afraid about the 3rd venture. The client liked my designs and I am quite confident about getting the work like I was in the above 2. I don’t want to miss this project at all. I don’t know why it happens to me? If some one doesn’t like my designs, or quotation is rejected, it is fine, but why where after everything is 99% confirmed then I fall out of way? Please Guide what should I do so that I may not miss this 3rd project at least. I am giving my details below once again Name: Rajiv Kejriwal DOB: December 10, 1982 at 03:37 AM IST. Place: Calcutta, India “Tinka tinka jod ke main aashiyana banata hoon, Tabhi hawa ghar ujaar kar jaati hai. Kinare par bas pahuchne hi waali hoti hai jab, Tabhi meri kashti doob jaati hai.” -Rajiv Regards, Rajiv Kejriwal
  17. Revered Shri USRji and Shri Deepaji, I am sorry to interrupt and apologise in speaking among learned scholars like you two but I have grown up so much at least to understand that love doesn’t merely means love for a lady. It encloses all sorts of affections be it for a lady, a sibling, a teacher, a disciple, a parent, anyone including self. In fact your helping us is also your love for mankind, philanthropy. And I really feel so lucky to be able to have communicated with you two such loving persons. :) With all my Love, Rajiv
  18. Dear USRji & Deepaji, It seems you two share a strong bond of love. Shri USRji, I would like to comment on your saying that Deepaji likes gems being a woman... because you yourself suggested me to wear a Diamond, a women's best friend. You both simply R O C K. I have taken into consideration both of yours valued suggestions and have already started working towards the same. Lets hope things materialise soon. I will keep in touch with you both. With Best Regards, Rajiv
  19. Dear USrji, Thank you so much for your analysis. It is appriciable that although being on a holiday, you still care to reply. But Sir, what am I supposed to do right now? As I told you, I am completely unemployed at this point of time. So I got to do somthing. You will appriciate, I cannot just wait sitting idle till 03/09. Shree Deepaji also told me to wear a diamond, a emerald of 5.25 carats and zircon of 3 carats. What weight would you prescribe me? Also tell me the respective finger, day, time etc. of wearing them. After wearing these gemstones, can I enter into the venture? With Best Regards
  20. Dearest Deepaji, Further to your guidence for the gems to be worn by me, I would like to ask you on which finger should I wear them. Also if there is any perticular day, time and/or the phase of the moon, do tell me. Your help is like a guiding star to me showing me a direction to move. I hope things materialise as we want them to be. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Thanking you with all my heart, Rajiv.
  21. Dear Shri USRji, It was really a courtesy of Shri Deepaji to have extended a helping hand to me. I have already got her observations. But since I am just a beginner in astrology science so she adviced me to contanct your goodself and/or Shri Sasisekaranji for a much detailed analysis and may be a solution which may yeild a more prompt results. I thank you too for your reply and am anticipating a solution soon. Best Regards, Rajiv Kejriwal.
  22. Dear Shri USRji and Shri Sasisekaranji,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> First of all I would like to thank Shri Deepaji who guided me to get in touch with you. Sirs, I am really in dire straits. I dont understand why my things have never clicked in life. While a student although being called intelligent, I never went for MBA or CA or any other career motivated studies partly because I knew my father would unable to afford them and partly I didn’t gain that kind of interest. By Gods grace and my mother’s blessing, I never failed in any exams and cleared my Bachelors in 2005, but I had always been bent towards creative things and wanted to be a film maker someday. Our family business was at bad times when I joined it to help my father who was already 59years of age by the time I graduated. Being the only son I thought it my duty to help him but our condition worsened as days passed by. So I joined Interior Designing Course and now it is 2 years but I got only 1 project. Who ever visits my this project or sees its pictures is very much impressed by my work and build up bridges of appreciations yet mostly I dont get new clients and if at all I get, they just slip due to some reasons or the other. I even tried my hand in Share Market but there too failed. Our family astrologer told me that I am under the influence of Rahu which will end by the end of this year. Yet he says that I will only be able to make it after 2011 and gave me a Durga Beesa Yantra which I wear around my neck. I also worship Shree Karyasiddhi Yantra and Shree Mahalaxmi Yantra daily since 2005 but with no noticeable results. The only thing good that has happened to me till now in my life is that last year I got married to the girl I loved. But I feel ashamed that I cant handle her responsibility so much so that I didn’t even have money to buy her a good gift on her birthday. In fact, whatever liquid cash she got during our marriage is also spent on our various needs. She is very cooperative and never uttered a word of complain but I am belittled in my own eyes. I am very frustrated in life. I want to do something in my business. Can you please guide me? I will ever be thankful to you. A business friend of mine who is very impressed by my works may be pursued provide me a loan to start a new Interior Designing firm. Shall I ask him for the laon? Shall I venture? I am giving below my birth details. Name: Rajiv Kejriwal D.O.B.: December 10, 1982 Time: 3:37 A.M. IST Place: Kolkata(previously Calcutta), West Bengal, India. With Best Regards, Rajiv.
  23. Thank you Deepaji for your kind guidence. Your philanthoraphy is really appriciable. I shall start a new thread addressing Shri Sasisekaranji. With Best Regards, Rajiv
  24. Dear Deepaji,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> I am too skinny and under weight. So in that case I believe the recommended weights would suit me.<o:p></o:p> I appreciate you direct me to think for a second opinion regarding a new venture, but till what time should I wait? And what would I do till that time? As I told you currently I am absolutely unemployed. My family business is almost on the verge of shutting down.<o:p></o:p> Who is USRji?<o:p></o:p> Lastly I must appreciate you guide like a professional astrologer and I don’t know why but since yesterday I feel that something will happen now. There will be light in my life. I don’t know if it’s any kind of psychic connection, but I find some kind of solace after our communication.
  25. Dear Deepaji, First of all thank you very much in giving your precious time for my problem. I am very new to astrology and such sciences. Hence I would request you to please explain to me in detail. Like you mentioned Shani sade-sati in your solution, so does that mean I am also under the influence of Shani. What is Jupiter Mahadasha? Regarding the emerald and diamond could you please be a bit more specific as to their weights(rati) and the metal(s) to cast these gems on. Is Gomedh and emerald the same thing?Coz I've heard that Gomedh is the gem to please Rahu. I also wear a Durga Beesa Yantra around my neck and worship a Karya-siddhi and Mahalaxmi Yantra daily. I know I am going too inquisitive. But this is my frustration and I desparately need some solution. One of my business friend, who is very pleases and impressed by my works, is ready to provide me a laon for an Interior Designing Firm. Shall I venture and open up a new firm with loan? Thanking you once again for your instant reply.
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