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  1. Dear Friends, I am really in dire straits in life. I dont understand why my things just do not click. While a student although being called intelligent, I never went for MBA or CA or any other career motivated studies. My family business was at bad times when I joined it to help my father...but our condition grew worse as days passed by...So I joined Interior Designing Course and now it is 2 years but I got only 1 project. Who ever visits my this project or sees its pictures is very much influenced by my work and build up bridges of appriciations yet mostly I dont get new clients and if at all I get, they just slip due to some reasons or the other. I even tried my hand in Share Market but there too failed. Our family astrologer told me that I am under the influence of Rahu which will end by the end of this year. Yet he says that I will only be able to make it after 2011. The only thing good that has happened to me till now in my life is that last year I got married to the girl I loved. But I feel ashamed that I cant handle her responsiblity so much so that I didnt even have money to buy her a good gift on her birthday. I am very frustrated in life. I want to do something in my business. Can you please guide me. I will ever be greatful to you. I am giving below my birth details. Name: Rajiv Kejriwal D.O.B.: December 10, 1982 Time: 3:37 A.M. IST Place: Kolkata(previously Calcutta), West Bengal, India. With Best Regards, Rajiv Kejriwal.
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