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I feel like killing myself

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yes, the other astrologer i had visited, also suggested that jupiter was the saving grace in my chart, though he said nothing wrong with empowering it to get better results.

1) pls help me with some kind of narayan pujas suitable for me. i would want to do something that won't take more than an hour, as i have my classes on sunday and it is a busy day. reading of the ramayan / ram charitmanas can be considered as a puja?


2) should i worship hanumanji or shani dev on saturdays?

3) should i start fasting on saturdays? that will mean stopping my monday fasts.

4) Are there others who feel my marriage will not happen to the same person?

5) will i be able to study further?

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Dear probablyankita,


I believe you are overstraining yourself. No matter what deity you worship, you should always remember you are doing it for your own moral/intellectual upliftment. If chanting mantras and playing in temple can make a bogus get into MIT for PHd then everyone might have been doing that.


Help yourself and help others whom you can help. The hands folded to worship a lord and even better when used to help one in need. And tust me it feels great to help anyone who deserves it.


I can't answer your above mentioned questions, but if you think just by doing all those things can solve all your problems then you are highly mistaken. Do something for your parents and you will find a genuine smile on their face which will even make you feel better. This is not a forum to discuss these aspects of life, but I would also like to mention if nothing works out there are medications which can help you get over depression.


P.S. - Always remember You need to help yourself. Even God can't do a thing if you don't wanna get over it.

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om gurubhyo namah




dear probablyankita,


since you can devote one hour on a sunday, use that time to pray all

deities mentioned in this thread. devote 10 to 15 mints to each deity.

what is important is regularity. mantras are not like gems. if your

sankalpa to the almighty is for the good HE will take care of it and will

never harm you ( as some feel gems do ).


in kaliyuga chanting of mantra is most important.


in feb-10/11-2006 you were running rahu/moon/moon period. Moon in

your chart is afflicted by rahu and mars. moon is found cursing in the

chart. moon makes a lady mother. if it is cursing , then problems in

those areas are to come. to come out of the moon's curse , keep

chanting "om namo narayanaya ". narayana is universal mother and he

shall take care of you. you can keep chanting his naama when you are

reading, walking or reading... experts can do this in back of their



ekadasi vrata is for your atma karaka. if you cannot observe vrata

on all such days you mentioned , you may do it on a rotational basis.


first think of settling in career and improving in your educational



today is your janma star, and there chances for you to keep worrying.

try to aviod that.


may mother bless all





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dear probablyankita ive been like you but i met a yogateacher who suggested me to do mantra recitation with pranayama the mantra is mahamrityumjaya ,32 durga names and narayana kavacham in a week of recitation i couldnt believe my self how my state of mind had changed and in 1 month i was allready a new person with strenght and happyness inside me ready to face what ever could come to my life.at the begining i was too down to force my self for any mantra recitation so ilearnt the mahamrityumjaya mantrawhich is short and started the practice singing it loud,the next morning i remember i was singing under the shower and the day before the practice i was deep depressed,after a week of practicing mahamrityumjaya 108 times per day i was really motivated to learn more and i started with the 32 durga names ,well i dont know how to tell you but this mantra gave me another great surprise i was feeling that i was allready fine so i did practiced these two mantras for one month with correct pronunciation and with pranayam the results were incredible no medicine or pill can be compared to mantra kirtan(chanting)they give you so much power,after that at theend i started reciting every day the narayana kavacham 1 time then 32 durga names 11 times and finally mahamrityumjaya mantra 108 times.My life has changed for much better in every aspect and mantra recitation has become part of my dayly routine,and im thankfull to the rishis for giving us such jewells to live life with full of joy.the mahamrityumjaya mantra you can learn it in google and in youtube the 32 durga names are allso in google and the narayana kavacham you will find it at prapatti.com there you can read it and listen to it.probablyankita dont wait and go for it mantra is waitting for you!!!!!!!!!

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