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Going Through A Divorce, I Need Help Please!

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Full name is Rupinder Kaur Lamba, 8/16/81. I was born around 12:07pm. I know i was born between 12 to 12:15pm. Exact timing is difficult. Mum said its around 12:07pm. I live in chicago illinois, married for 7 years... separated rite now... Divorce will come through within 1-2 months... no children rite now.... Life has just been difficult last year, but things are looking up.



Do you see anything in the future right now for me as it comes to relationships and will my next marriage be successful? How long do I have to wait to find the right person. Im seeing someone right now im not sure if hes the one for me or not! Can someone please help me!

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The future reserves what we expect for. So don't bother with astrology, kundi and other things like those. They are bullshits. Put in your mind what you want to do and realize. There is no other way for success. I hope you will find the right person but don't ask for others to look into your future, now, when you are emotionally disturbed. This karma is not a fixed thing. It can be changed now, in this life for sure. No need for another life with a bright future. The future is now and here. So wake up from the dream of being chained by karma. It is a bad joke. You are 27 years old. After your marriage or now, you are seeing another person. How can you ask for others opinion who don't ever know that person if he's the one or not? Make love, see other peoples, feel free. But do not ask for help. It is common to put your trust in the new one person because he makes you feel special. After a relation you feel now the passion again. I bet he is better in bed than previous man. But all those are bullshits. No need to run ahead in a new marriage right now. Just play your role in life and wait a while to make things clear. You need deep mind and sharp attention. Those are in my opinnion things to do.

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