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Chanting the different names of God

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Hi I'm just new here and barely discovered Lord Prabhupada.


Is chanting hare jesus hare jesus jesus jesus hare hare


the same effect as the hare krishna mantra?


What about hare buddha or Hare Muhammad?


I have a Jesus Mantra its:


Yahew Yahew Christos hallelujah hallelujah yeshua yeshua jehovah


yeshua yahew yeshua yahew christos christos jesus.


Does chanting the different names of God works for ALL PEOPLE?


Lord Prabhupada also talks about a systematic way of chanting the different names of God if theres a doubtful muslim or christian around.

How does that work?


What's the most practical way to convert and convince a stubborn christian or muslim that God is ONE?


Do you tell that stubborn muslim to chant: Bismillah, bismillah, allah, salam, inshallah then tell him to chant the hare krishna mantra afterwards?


I'm really interested in spreading God consciousness here so I can end all the prejudicism, ignorance and feud that is happening in my area.


Where I live theres a bunch of muslims and christians that are fighting with one another.


So whats a practical way to spread god consciousness using the different names of God as proof?


I'd like to know so I can bring peace where I live.


Thank you. 777

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Hare Krishna maha-mantra is devine sound vibration --"brahma-sabda".


Even mis-pronounced and with ill-will motivation -

-anyone who chants or hears or meditates on

Krishna's Name, fame, form, personality,

paraphenelia, entourage and pastimes

has over-come and surpassed the

limitations of mundane considerations and

has made a connection with God as he is

present in the heart of devote seekers & saints alike,

namely, 'param-atman'

(God's companionship with all individual souls --present as the 'Super-soul' localized within the Heart of all living beings).


Regarding dealings with someone who is a non-believer:

it is best to tactfully encourage them to continue in what ever is thereown Dharma (duty/obligations/vocation/level of faith), rather then "disturb their minds" -- as Krishna explicitly explains in the Bhagavad-gita.


If one performs prayer in the form of aurally vibrating the Holy-names this will purify the atmosphere and discipline the mind of a yogi.


Societal Peace is possible only after Cow killing is stopped.

As long as such butchery continues all other endeavors in society will always meet will disturbances.


Theses disturbances always reflect the above peace-prinicple in a diametrically opposite way to the ideal states of utopia.


Also, "bad karma" en-mass or indiviually, are similar manifestations of Good people inflicted with strife so as to reconcile deeds from a prior life ---so to some degree 'sufferring' is the purpose of taking birth in the material world.


In closing, The yogic discipline of Hari-nama-tapasya will overcome the lust and vagaries of the mind's wanderings . . . and now you know the rest of the story.

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Okay you still didn't answer my question whether chanting the different names of God works for EVERYONE on the planet.


Is chanting hare jesus or hare buddha, or hare muhammad the same as chanting the hare krishna mantra?


Personally I dont like chanting the hare krishna mantra because I'd like to know things which are of God and which are not.


For example I started chanting an islam chant the other while driving.

It does something like this:


Bismillah, allah, allah, salam, inshallah, mashallah.


Then out of nowhere I saw the arabic sign of Lord Muhammad in front of me in the sky in cloud formation. Man!! it felt so peaceful.


Then while I was in the bathroom taking a warm shower and the number 6 suddenly appeared on my bathroom mirror.

So I started chanting hare 6, hare 6, -6-6. hare hare and it had krishna's bliss.

It also works when your chanting hare 7.


Then one time while I was in a funeral service, the number 31 appeared out of nowhere in the sky also as cloud formation.


And I started chanting hare 31, hare 31, 31, 31, hare hare. and it had God's bliss!


Also out of my consciousness the number 16,000, 16,400, 3275 and 8,400,000 ( this was before I read the bhag.) suddenly appeared.


Then also a mysterious Man appeared to me while I was sleeping, I know it wasn't a dream because I was also feeling the Lord's bliss while seeing him and he smile at me. I dont know but something in my consciousness was telling me it was the apostle Paul.


The next day I was also chanting and then it suddenly started to rain. Then after it stopped the sun started to slightly appear and it had a huge letter S and it felt very blissful like the Lord.


Then I went to my computer to listen to a lecture by prabhupada and the word SHASTRA appeared. I know the letter S stands for more things other than shastra like scripture, sansayya, the son. etc.


I dont know am I going crazy?!!!


Does chanting the different names of the Lord works for everyone?


I chant Hare - Nirvana, heaven, prophet solomon, prophet joseph, joel, jonah, gabriel, 316, 777, ultima, alpha, omega, eloi, elijah, elisha, jehova, yahew, santa maria, fatima.


If I chant those names I feel the same bliss as chanting the hare krishna mantra. Can anyone here relate?


Does chanting the names of the lord work for everyone, I may have realize the truth here that God is indeed One.


And No I dont believe in just letting other people who are weak spiritually just go by. If God is indeed our main purpose then I think its our job to help people out.


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What's the most practical way to convert and convince a stubborn christian or muslim that God is ONE?




Convertion is done by Chapels, Gorgs and Masjids and not in Temples. First try and convince the GVs that 'God is One'. If you say that, they tell, It is monoist attitude. Try... All the best.

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Dear Shaholinsurfer,


The official position of Visnavite - atleast some schools of Visnavism - would be that only chanting hare krishna mantra is valid and your other experimentations of Cristian and Islamic and number mantras are not mantras at all as they are not discovered by Seers. Hence Hare krishna mantra is a valied mantra - and only this is a valied mantra - and others are not.


Having said that - to clarify the Visnavite position on this issue - now let me reassure you that you are not going mad, but you are having a spiritual experiance. Tantric doctrine is the best to understand your experience. According tantric doctrine, "If you imagine god to be of the form of a donky then god will assume the form of a donky to grace you". God has no specic form and take any form according to the conception of the deciple. You need a form for his worship and you can use any form. There is only one god and hense, Whatever name ( mantra) and form are used to worship - whatever religion you follow - all goes to the one god only.


You are not crazy. You are having a spiritual experience. God is comming to you in the form you conceive him(or her or it or whatever) to answer your prayer. Now all that you need is to understand this and perhaps stick to one mantra and one form, whichever appeals to you. My suggestion is to follow your own original religion ( with out the parochialism attached with it), though you can follow any other religion, or even invent your own religion too. However there is no need for conversion. All religions have seeds of divinity in them and all are ways of approching god.


Talk to mistics- not to people who are religious. People who are mearly religious cannot understand your experience and will only make you wrong.


This advise is not from Visnavite's perspective. It is Tantric Perspective. ( Here I am employing the Word tantra in tits technically correct sense : methods of awakening kundalini, technique of worshipping god) Most Visnavite - for that matter most religiousity minded people - will only disaggree with this and dismiss your experience.


You need a mystic guru to guide you further. Ask god for it. God will show you the path. God himself can be your guru if you dont find one in flesh and blood. The most important thing now is not to get confused about your strange experiences and not to get discouraged by the advises of people who do not know - who do not have first hand spiritual experiences.




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Hindus generally respect others belief. We are not hungry to convert people to our religion. Whatever faith you have, that's really your business. But the names of Allah and Jesus are not considered sacred in Hinduism. From a Hindu perspective you are not getting any benefit from chanting Jesus or Allah. From a Christian and Jewish perspective, devotees are not even allowed to pronounce the name of Jehova. Muslims do allow to chant allah.


So one way you are screwed, the other way just putting strain on your instrument. In Hinduism Buddha is regarded an avatar of Vishnu. It is beneficial to chant Buddha. Hare is the vocative of Vishnu's name Hari, so even if you chanted hare jehova, hare jehova, you would still be chanting Vishnu's name.


The sacred names of God are revealed in the scriptures. You can't expect to chant "Microphone, Keyboard, Mousepad" and expect to get salvation.

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You can study Naad yoga, the science of sound and the Shabd. Kundalini yogis and Sikhs say that the mantra (all thoughts) creates a pattern in the cerebralspinal fluid in the brain and this influences the mind. Also the mouth has 64 pressure points (meridians) on the upper palate. Different words pronounced, the tounge hits the different ones and stimulates different meridians. That is why there are different mantras for different states of consciousness. Also the rhythm is improtant. This is the physical side, energetic..

But also there is the part of devotion where you chant to the highest highest love with your Heart and you really surrender your Heart into and all your being and this has an effect.

I hope i conveyed all this information in the clearest, most accurate manner and I admit that I have only began studying recently on these most wonderful subjects

AUM Shanti Shanti Shanti

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Who knows for sure. I view the story of Jesus to be divine on a similar level to the divinity in the stories in Srimad Bhagavatam. Don't know for sure if any of these stories are true but I hope they are because I find life without faith to be pretty depressing so I continue to believe in God and hope that all the faiths of the world end up being right on some level anyway. I have even chanted the name Allah and found it to be pleasurable and it is amazing that Christians and Muslims hate each other so much when on a fundamental level there seem to be a lot of similiarities between Christianity and Islam.

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