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Why Hindu temples Are Closed During Solar Eclipse

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Majority of the Hindu Temples are closed during Solar Eclipse.When god,Almighty is only responsible for all the creations,eclipses are no exeption,He is immortal and the Creater of all the celestial occurences and non should affect him.Only the mortal beings are affected.Why then the abodes of the Almighty,temples are closed during Solar eclipses.

Can learned ones explain?


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There was a solar eclipse in February and a devotee astrologer wrote an interesting article which you may want to read:


Hmmm... I guess I can't post URLs until I've made 15 posts. Oh well.


"Tomorrow there will be a terrible eclipse of the Sun in Capricorn. As per Vedic intelligence, the vibrations of the Sun become adverse during an eclipse, so common sense dictates that especially pregnant women, mothers, children and all others should stay indoors and avoid the Sun's rays on Wed. as much as possible."


It is not Lord Vishnu who is affected by eclipses, as obviously He is the Supreme Controller. However, His devotees should take precautions, just as they do on Ekadasis (avoiding grains, etc.)

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Well you can always visit an ISKCON Radha Krsna Temples, they certainly do NOT close during such an event.


We had a solar eclipes some years ago, we chanted Hare Krsna in the city as day turned to pitch black night, we then invited the many people watching us chant during this event, back to the Temple for prasad and Kirtan in the Temple








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Dear M.R. Moorti,


Whlle God is suprime and beyond the planets, Human made temples are not. Temple rictuals are based on agamas. And the rictuals are certainly determined by space and time. If it were not so why we go to temples at the first place to seek god? (God is everywhere). And why we resort specific rictuals and mantras? (God if free of all causation, and procedures cannot influense him.)


Temples as well as temple gods(powers ) are very much man made ( much like technology) The god of a temple is not the god that is beyond space, time and causation. The god in a temple is generated out of a technological procedures based on cettain laws ( like avahana, prana pradista and the like). Hence these powers of the man made temples are very much subject to determined by the cosmic laws.


I have heard two alternate interpretations as to why the temples are closed during eclipse:


During Eclipse, the gods ( man made powers of temples) are supposed to be very week and are supposed to desert the temples and go to water spots. Hence there are supposed to be no gods in the temples. Hence temples are closed. ( this is interpretation 1).


During Eclipse Gods beecome so week that any body could control them using their appropriate mantras and rictuals. (That is why those initiated into mantras are advised to chant the mantras during eclipse time to gain siddhi easily. The power of Japa is supposed to increase hugely) Hence any one wanting to take away the power of a temple could walk in to a temple during eclipse day and perform avahana rictual and carry the god away in a watter pot. That is why the temples are closed during eclipse so as to avoid this theft of gods. ( interpretation 2).




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