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  1. If you google these words: patita pavana adhikary solar eclipse ...the first link that shows up is the article I was trying to post.
  2. There was a solar eclipse in February and a devotee astrologer wrote an interesting article which you may want to read: Hmmm... I guess I can't post URLs until I've made 15 posts. Oh well. "Tomorrow there will be a terrible eclipse of the Sun in Capricorn. As per Vedic intelligence, the vibrations of the Sun become adverse during an eclipse, so common sense dictates that especially pregnant women, mothers, children and all others should stay indoors and avoid the Sun's rays on Wed. as much as possible." It is not Lord Vishnu who is affected by eclipses, as obviously He is the Supreme Controller. However, His devotees should take precautions, just as they do on Ekadasis (avoiding grains, etc.)
  3. I thought she was asking about the oil, not the flax seeds. Double-checking here.... Yes! She was indeed asking about the flaxseed oil. At any rate, if you're going to use the seeds, they need to be soaked first for several hours to release the enzymes. Then it turns into a slimy mush, which means you can't grind them up at all. It's not so edible that way, (I know, I've tried it), so taking the oil is probably better, if you can afford it. Barleans is the brand I usually see at the health food stores where I shop.
  4. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get more flaxseed oil, Damodara Priya. I used to take it and then stopped for some reason. I used to take 1 or 2 tablespoons a day, usually with cottage cheese or yoghurt. (The Budwig regimen recommends taking it this way, for added cancer-fighting properties.) I've heard that some people simply add a tablespoon in their salad. I would definitely not cook with it. It's supposed to be taken raw, in its natural, cold-pressed state. I remember your posts from way back when. So very nice to see that you pursued Krsna Consciousness even further and decided to take initiation. Ki Jaya!
  5. I used to lean towards Republican due to the abortion issue, but they've had their chances. The Reagan years, the Bush & Son years, that's 20 years of Republican leadership in the last 28 years and they can't stop abortion. I want abortion to stop as much as anyone, but it's not going to happen except through education and enlightenment, probably on the grass roots level. At least Obama keeps a trinket of Hanuman Ji in his pocket. I'm not saying that makes him qualified as President. Personally, I'm not voting.. for the same reasons Mahak mentioned. But if I had my druthers as a bystander observing this whole process, I would prefer Obama.
  6. Are you serving coffee there? Food? You can find good used computers at repair shops. They usually refurbish junked computers and put new hard drives in them, sell them for cheap. Possible names? "Have a Nice Day: Internet and Mobile" "Jeepers Creepers" "No Pudding, Just Cells and Putes" "Online and Outta Sight" "Mellow Yellow" "Form a Queue"
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