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Life in darkness

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Dear friends,


Please guide me how can I get rid of the present tough times I am going through since a couple of years. I am practically unemployed. I do share trading but that too doesnt yeild any result. I am in complete darkness as to which feild should I go into. My family business is of spices' merchants which my elder brother looks after and I haven't got any share in that. I am married and have a daughter. I also wear a yellow sapphire. My other details are as below:

Full Name: Bhuvnesh Chitlangi

DOB: 30-09-1979

Time: 3:00 AM IST

Place: Nagaur, Rajasthan (near Bikaner)




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Dear Bhuvnesh,

Time for last almost three yrs has been tough for you.

To minimise the bad effects of transit you shoud regularly do:

1.Chaya daan every saturday.

2.Donate food to the neey(disabled) on satudays.

3.Read hanuman chalisa/sunder kand on tuesdays,saturdays and sundays.


this will provide some relief which will enable you to see with a cleare vision.

May Ganeshji bless you!

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Dear Bhuvnesh,


You do need to wear pukhraj, but i will strongly suggest that you take it out at least until Venus AD gets over - 21 june 2009.


Instead, wear a pearl.


You are going to have a very tough time with current Ketu transits, for which along with every potent remedy suggested by Lalit Sharma ji, you must must worship Lord Ganesha.


HAve a heart, your life will come on track, as long as you are able to initiate things correctly and perform good actions


Best Wishes



Respected Lalitji,


what a transformation! :)




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Thank you Sir Lalitji & Madam Deepaji,


Shri Lalitji I would request you to please throw some light on what is Chaya daan? I have never heared of it.

Deepaji when am I gonna get free from my Ketu transit?

Also please guide me as to what feild of business or service suits me?


Thanking you once again.


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