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Change of Field......Respected Deepaji,Astro_tech and others...pls let me know

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Respected Deepaji,


I was working for wip infotech and i leave the job in 20th january 2008 due to frustration in the job.......till them iam only concentrating on the stock market.......for the last 5mths iam only concentrating on the stock market and get tons of knowledge........i have earn more from the stock market than the job.........and in future i can earn more from the stocks...


I want to tell you mine story.....i completed mine bcom in the year 2003 and after that i work in the stock company for only 1 mths(dec 2003) after that i was jobless,i was searching for the job but was not succesful and in the year 2005 i join IT course in june 2005 and i get the job in april 2006 till then iam working for wipro but i was really frustrated with the current job role,i was nominated for the best engineers awards,i had given several recomendation to the company and i also received several apprecation from the managers and also from the IT head....i was one of the best engineers in our site......iam succesful in this field.........


No iam going to change the field from microsoft servers to oracle.....both the field are different.....


Now i want to do DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR ORACLE COURSE and very soon iam going to join the course.....and i think in this field one can earn huge........and i will definitely going to do this course...


Please let me know what was wrong during these 8 yrs....i was not doing well in education nor in job......but iam succesful in the IT field.....


ONly one thing is going into mine mind.........to make lot of money.....will i get the job after completion of the course.....this is the 2 mth course......in this field one can get lot of money.........


Iam going to do the job and side by side i will invest in the stock market.....


Will i earn near to crores till the death of mine.....well mine wife will also be earning............so can we earn near to crores during our life span......pls let me know..............

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Iam graduated in commerce in the year 2003,after that done IT course(Microsoft,ccna(network)june 2005.......


In the month of april 2006,i got the the first job in IT and in june 18 2006 i got the job in wipro infotech.......i was nominated for the best engineer awards,received various appreciation from the manager for my efforts,given various recommendation for the benifit of the company......this is the field where i got success......


Family....my dad retired in dec 2007,mother is a housewife,two elder sister in which the eldest sister expired on june 1 2008 this month.....mine younger brother is working for sharekhan..........



The important events are ....when the manager told me that iam nominated for the best engineer award out of 40 engineers..only 4 engineers were nominated......received various apprecation from the manager........and most important when the manager told me multispecialist in front of the IT head.......rank 4th in one of the tech websites and also recieved appreciation from the stock forum admin for the efforts.......

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Ketu mahadasa since 8/2001 to 8/2008 answers your question why you don't have satisfaction inspite of receiving awards for your performance. Your lagna lord is debilitated though vargottam in 5th gives high IQ but it gives physical debility ie you can't withstand continuous work load and requires periodic relaxation.

Your elder sister demised in Ketu-Mercury period, is it due to pregnancy related/surgery/accident ? (My deep condolences to you and family members).

The coming period is Venus Mahadasa.It will be excellent and you are sure to get your dreams fulfilled.

With best wishes,


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Mine elder sister was not mentally well and its very rare some people expired during their birth date....mine elder sister born on 1st june 1972 and she expired on 1st june 2008.......


One more problem during the last 2 or 3 yrs i can't able to speak fluenlty any languages.....is there is any issue with the 2nd house.....what should i do.......i wear 11mukhi rudraksh...........iam going to take the training of DBA ORACLE so pls let me know which rudraksh should i wear......so that i can concentrate on my studies.........

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Wear Cats Eye During The Stock Trading Hours Only(locket).


5-7carats Pukhraj Indexfinger In Gold - Permanently

5-7 Carats Pearl Ring Finger In Silver - Permanently

For 100% Financial Prosperity.



It is said in shiv puran that wearing rudraksh does benifit the human beings,so pls members share your thought on this.....

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Respected Deepaji and Astro tech,


Thanks a lot for the valuable suggestion,but will i be successful in this field......the rudraksh which iam wearing are 100% authentic.......www.rudraksh-ratna.com


Pls let me know which rudraksh should i wear for concentration,vocal power ..


I find job much more suitable and favorable in your case.

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Kubera's pride takes a fall


We should never take undue pride in our material or spiritual accomplishments. The old saying "Pride always leads to a fall." is proved true in the following story.

Kubera (the God of wealth) invited Shiva and Parvati to dinner wishing to show off his riches. But, the couple denied Kubera's request and said that he could feed Ganesha instead. Kubera laughed and said 'I can feed thousands of children like this."

Ganesha went to his palace and sat down to eat. He started eating all the food placed in front of him. As was the custom, more and more food was served to him, as he did not say that he had enough. Soon there was no more food in the palace and so Kubera ordered his troops to get more food from the surrounding villages. But Ganesha continued eating and there was no more food to be found. Still very hungry, Ganesha started eating all the furniture.

Kubera became very frightened. Ganesha told him, " You promised my parents you will feed me. Now, I have to eat you up as I am still very hungry ". Kubera ran away and pleaded with Shiva to save him from Ganesha. Shiva asked Kubera to give up his pride and serve Ganesha a handful of rice. Kubera went back to his palace. By this time, Ganesha's stomach had become very huge but the child was still hungry. When Kubera served a cup of rice with humility, Ganesha's hunger was satisfied.

<HR color=#000080>

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Will i earn near to crores till the death of mine.....well mine wife will also be earning............so can we earn near to crores during our life span......pls let me know..............


Wow! I never knew people like you existed. I feel bad for your future wife unless she is money minded like you.. I think you are planing on taking your crores and your wife's crores with you to next life or something.


If you are not happy with what you have now you won't be happy after you get any amount. Instead of asking how to feel happy and satisfied with what you have, you are asking if you get a cashing cow.. Shame on you..

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