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gay marriage in California

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This is why I should apologize for my liberal views. Not because Im renouncing them, but if there were gays who would not pollute the air with their insistance that everyone must publically accept their movement of genetalia, then my support would be a little valid. But even here, where I thought some would speak intelligently about human rights of privacy, these political gays who are controlled by the carl roves of the world, a blatant divesioon against intelligent d4ebate about real issues like the asteriods bearing down on this death star, I was wrong. They want to try to prove that gayness is subject to public debate, pollution the air with garbage that humans left behind when they shed their billygoats bodies.


FLASH. All the gay conscious folks, listen up. There is direct evidence that billy goats are gay. The science of billy goats means that you are not perverted, just kinda billy goaty.


Sheeshe, maru and josiah, :eek: :eek: :eek: theist, some folks dont leave well enough alone. I gotta go get my billy goat, he is all tangled up, braying in misery.



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