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Help for Hindu Final Project Paper_Please

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Hi, I am currently enrolled in a HUM130 Religions of the World at my college. I am required to compose a final project by asking followers of any chosen religion questions and composing an essay summarizing the answers. I am very excited about the project and have chosen Hinduism as my religion of choice. From my studies, I have found the religion very interesting and eye opening. I am recruiting a few people to help me out by answering ten short questions about your personal religious beliefs, practices, and ideas. If you are able to provide more insight for me on this topic, it will be greatly appreciated. I have placed my ten questions below and you can either email me your answers directly at fdbrown1982@hotmail.com, or post them under this thread. I thank you all for your willingness to participate!





  • What led you to the Hindu faith? Were you raised in the religion or sought out a different religious path?
  • Do you have a large fellowship within your community or is it difficult to locate other Hindu followers?
  • Do Hinduism practices in <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">America</st1:place></st1:country-region> differ from its origin? How or how not?
  • How do you choose the deity in which you pay homage? Is it traditionally passed down from parent to child, or do individuals follow or worship the deity that is more relateable?
  • Which activities, if any, does the Hindu religion have especially marked for practicing youth?
  • How can one enter into the Hindu religion?
  • As with some other religions, does Hinduism implement laws for or against acts such as abortion or homosexuality?
  • What are some of the important holidays and traditions of this religion?
  • How has religion shaped your life?
  • What are the challenges, if any, to practicing this particular religion?

I want to thank you in advance for helping me out with my Humanities final project. Scrolling through the forum has provided a more in-depth look into Hinduism and the lives of those who practice the religion. Keep up the good environment!

Please respond as soon as possible! Thanks again!

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To anyone willing to assist me with my project, I will be extremely grateful. For anyone living outside the United States, for question number three I can arrange the question to ask.."Do you believe Hinduism practices vary from region to region? Why or Why not?" I think that would make more sense and be inclusive as well. Thank you all for your time... I have two weeks before my deadline... any assistance again is greatly appreciated!

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