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Alright one more Demigod

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no offence taken tirisilex....please accept my simple obiesances


small attempt at service:pray:


sorry if my post was blunt and gave wrong impression... 108 battles (in my mind) - kula shaker


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Cool.. Not really my type of music.. But I'm sure I could learn to like it.. My problem is I kind of dont know how to dance to it.. Personaly I like to mix a dance with the styles of Fluid and Hip Hop.. I listen to Trance Ambient.. They tend to quote spiritual teachers and I can dance to it.. and some of it is quite peaceful and of course some of it is pretty fast..


Who is this who is singing? If you like I could introduce some of the groups I listen to.. I know some that quote and sing Srila Prabupad and Yoga Sutras.

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Who is this who is singing? If you like I could introduce some of the groups I listen to.. I know some that quote and sing Srila Prabupad and Yoga Sutras. tiri

This is Kula Shaker band named after King kulaskekhara. I think the singer is a Hare Krsna follower of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja.


I love music alot and would appreciate some trance with Srila Prabhupada's words....that is nice about KC.


You play keyboard I recall? How is your music coming along?

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this is mellow, kind of old, morning program songs from Iskcon


super mellow...you may like it to chill sometime.


my fave song in this album is Tulasi Kirtan song...beautiful.


Tulasi devi is a great healer....we can dance around her and that takes away lifetimes of ill's.


Modern science also says tulasi tea is good! Adaptogen! click here to listen to Tulasi Kirtan[url="http://mybloop.com/go/uI1dGG"]

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I dont actualy play keyboard.. I consider myself a composer.. The machine I have allows me to program the music in without a typical keyboard.. I look at a scale list to help me match the notes correctly but I've practiced with the machine and know it fairly well.. I also have a very good Effects Processor that I use to effect my voice.. It lacks a couple of effects I would really like to have but it suffices.. I have an affinity for vocoders and had an excellent one but I lost it because I was broke and needed money. I also have a very good Sampler where I can run drum loops (I can do some drums but I cant do it excellently.. Sometimes it sounds to synthetic) and record sounds like frogs and birds and other sounds and use them.. I use my Mac for my Creative stuff and I use it for recording and simple editing.. I wish I had a Korg Synthesizer because it has more of the sounds I'm looking for.. I pray to Krishna that he gives me one.

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<TABLE width="82%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="66%">BRAHMA RISHI VASISHTTA - OORJA (ARUNDHATHI) VASISHTTA is the most well known of all Nine NAVA BRAHMAS and of all seven SAPTHA RISHIS. VASISHTTA is a name as well as a title. VASISHTTA is a Family friend, philosopher and guide. He is a Kula Guru, a family Purohith, a well wisher of the family, nay the entire community. He is a Raja Guru, a prime Minister, an adviser, a counselor to the ISHVAAKU Rulers.

VASISHTTA married OORJA, d/o KARDAMA - DEVAHOOTHI. VASISHTTA is the Kula Guru to Nimi Chakravarthi. One day, both NIMI and VASISHTTA got upset with each other and each had to be reborn. Along with VASISHHTTA, OORJA also discarded her body. VASISHTTA was reborn to MITHRA-VARUN with VAAYU Amsa as a KUMBHA SAMBHAVA - an incubator baby. OORJA was born in a schedule caste family as ARUNDHATHI. ARUNDHATHI is the only star who shines along with VASISHTTA in The SAPTHARSHI MANDALA. VASISHTTA and ARUNDHATHI are an ideal couple, immortal and inseparable; hence every newly married couple must look at The Divine Rishi Pair - VASISHTTA and ARUNDHATHI on their marriage day for enjoying eternal MARRITAL BLISS.

VASISHTTA and ARUNDHATHI had several Sons , most famous among them being SHAKTHI , Father of PARAASARA MAHARSHI, who in turn is the Father of VEDA VYAAS who in turn is the Father of SUKA MAHARSHI - what a Progeny! - BRAHMA - VASISHTTA - SHAKTHI - PARAASARA - VEDA VYAAS-and SUKA.

VASISHTTA is an embodiment of Peace, Tranquility, Ahimsa, the Greatest Brahma Rishi, a Gothra Kartha and a MaithraaVaruNa.


</TD><TD width="18%"> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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<TABLE width="85%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="68%">PULASTHYA MAHAA RISHI and PULAHA MAHAA MUNI PULASTHYA and PULAHA are Nava Brahmas as well as Saptha Rishis.

PULASTHYA married Havirbhu , d/o Kardama - Devahoothi and begot two sons - 1. Daharagni and 2. Visravasu. Dahara died in infancy to be reborn as Agni Deva Sambhhotha to Mithraa – VaruNa as a Kumbha Sambhava AGASTHYA .

Visravasu was married twice and begot one son Kubera by first wife - and begot three sons by his second wife - RAAVANA BRAHMA , KumbhakarNa and Vibheeshana . Pulasthya settled down in Himalayas.


PULAHA MUNI married Gathi , d/o Kardama - Devahoothi , had three sons - Karmasreshtta , Vareeyaamsu , Sahishnu. Pulaha built an Aashram in Haridwar

(Haradwar ) in Uttharakhand.


ATTHARVA MAHAA RISHI Heard ( Sruthi ) and Remembered ( Smruthi ) long ago ATTHARVA VEDA and hence the name . This was recorded by VRIDDHA GAARGYA MAHAA MUNI, the Senior and passed on by word of mouth to his Sishyas 5,250 years ago .

Incidentally about 5,120 years ago Senior Garga's descendant, GARGA,



</TD><TD width="16%"> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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I had a horrible pain in my neck the other day and prayed to Sri Dhanvantari. I prayed the mantra, "Vande Dhanvantarim Vishnum Ayur Veda Pravartakam Piyusa Purna Kalasam Smrita Matrarti Nasanam." When my neck didn't feel better I playfully asked Him, "Lord, why does my neck still hurt! :P" Just then, my neck popped with a loud cracking noise! Concidence? IDK... maybe?

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