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please advise for successful ivf treatment

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Dear Adtja,

Wish you success in IVF. The exalted Venus and debilitated Mercury in 8th house, the house of Jupitor the 5th and 8th lord are not giving good results wrt progeny. Mercury is lord of 2nd and 11th and Venus lord of 3rd and 10th. For the IVF to be successful pray Sri Lakshmi and Vishnu (Sri Lakshmi Narayan) and donate Green gram and Bengal gram to a priest/poor person in the temple. Wear a good Green Emerald in a ring on your little finger (see that the stone touches your skin). Dont wear any other gem.Try to pray Sri Lakshminarayan regularly every day. Mercury generally indicate twins as he is in Meena rasi.


with best wishes,


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I am planning to undergo IVF treatment in May 2008. Please suggest remedy for this to be successful. I am concerned about saturn in fifth house.


DOB: april 27, 1960

Place: Bombay

time: 2:42 pm


Thank you

well, great chances for success in this regard. you are running under Mahadasa of Jupiter and antardasa of Venus; and during the time of going under treatment you will be running under pratyantar of Mars i.e. between 29 April to 26 June 2008. Therefore, dasas are likely to be quite favorable and supportive.


PS - I was not aware that Shri USR has already offered his learned suggestions, therefore, please follow his recommendations.



good luck

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Dear Sharma Ji,

Vedic astrology is divine and the knowledge is to be shared by all. Perhaps you must have observed that i explain in detail my analysis and advice. The reason is that it may be of some use to the people interested in astrology.Also the member has to be convinced that the reply is of some help to him/her. Astrology is misunderstood because it is not openly discussed and felt it as their personal knowledge. I welcome your addition to my reply. Some times i may also do. Both should be complimentary and not opposing which confuses all.If you have any cases requiring my help, i will do.


With regards,


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Dear USR ji


In fact, I really appreciate your dedication and knowledge of astrology. You have got such a clarity of concepts and deep understanding of astrology and remedial measures; that I just do not want to create any kind of confusion in the minds of those seeking guidance from your good self. Most of the times, I have observed that our views are very much similar. Like in this case, I was on the similar lines of Mercury position and the strength of 5th and 8th houses. Even, the remedies are likely to be on the same principles. It is just that I might have got some different set of remedies which could have confused the querrer, I just edited my mail.


I would love to discuss and learn from you.


regards and best wishes

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