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Gemini rises in the lagna and lagna lord Mercury is placed in 12th house along with Venus and Sun. Both Mercury and Venus are combust. Presently you are running under Mahadasa of Venus and antardasa of Moon till 18 July 2008. Apparently Moon is well placed in your 10th house, but due to being debilitated (Neecha rashi) in Navamsha Chart, it lost its strength significantly. The next antardasa will be of Mars (18 July 2008 to 19 Sept 2009) which is also debilitated in 2nd house and placed with Saturn. It is only after initiation of Rahu antardasa in Venus Mahadasa (19 Sept 2009 to 18 Sept 2012) that you can expect some significant rise in your professional matters. Though, the antardasa of Mars (18 July 2008 to 19 Sept 2009) is likely to provide some source of income depending upon following astrological remedies:


As you are in USA, traditional remedies are likely to be tough for you to perform. Therefore, you should donate food items (specifically wheat and Jaggery) either either in Organisations for blind people or organisations for Aged People on Sundays.

In addition to this, offer food to dogs.

Offer prayers to Lord Ganapati daily in the morning.

Wear an Emerald in right hand little finger in silver.


In regard to your marital problems, things are likey to remain quite tough during antardasa of the Moon. Though during Mars antardasa, you can have some positive results.

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