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What’s the way to get into heaven?

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One man spoke in a meeting. He spoke 14 languages so fluently, no one can identify his mother tongue, and he spoke so fantastically

One man in the crowd asked him,” Sir, what is your mother tongue?” for that the speaker said,” All are my language”. But the man who asked was furious to know the mother tongue of the speaker. After some time the meeting was over, all gone to take rest.

Speaker was in deep asleep. The man who asked him came there and gave a big blow on speaker back. The speaker shouted in pain (in mother tongue). The man who asked about his mother tongue said,” Sir! Thank you! Now I came to know your mother tongue, and sorry for the thing that I did!”

In dangerous situation the great stage speaker used only his mother tongue. Any thing which is more loved by us will automatically show up without our knowledge.

At death time, ones mind will be in deep sorrow, on that time one will not remember God’s name, he will cry of fear. But the truth is that we should chant Shri RAMA’s name. To do that we have to practice from our young age itself, one can’t chant God’s name at his death time without any practice.

‘Ayyappa ditshathar’ says,” Lord! At the time of my death I may not remember your name or due to illness I may not be in a position to tell your name. So, I shall chant your name now itself, please accept this and give me moktsha”.

Bhagavat Gita tells one story; once upon a time a man named ‘Ajamilan’ did only good things in his lifetime. He frequently chanted Lord’s name. Even though he chanted Lord’s name due to karma he did bad things and got bad name. He lay in bed due to illness. After he finished passing all his karma results, his mind got clear and he realized the bad thing that he done due to karma. He thought Lord and he worried about the thing that he has done. At his death time he chanted Shri RAMA’s name and Shri RAMA took him to heaven. He practiced Lord Shri RAMA’s name at his young age itself, so it is possible for him to call Shri RAMA’s name at his time of death.

But one should remember Lord’s name and his blessing; he is the foremost important to everyone. If only the word ‘Narayana’ is enough without thinking him means, the one who goes first to heaven, is CD players and tape recorders

So, one should keep in mind that only God’s name is not enough, we should think of God at each and every time. God says,” If you start to withdraw all the evil things and chant my name, I will take you to heaven”.

So, please tell Lord Shri RAMA’s name, sure there’s heaven waiting for you.



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