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Need Help For Fissure Problem

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Hi...i've joined this site just to get help for my problem - I developed a anal fissure post delivery of my baby. I have been having this problem from dec/jan now. It goes through cycles of healing and relapsing and its a torture, especially since i have a four and a half month baby to look after. Can anyone pl suggest some sure fire remedies? Thank you.

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hi Yashodara,

i have seen beautiful results with oint from hamamelis virginiaea.And a tea from "speenherb", but i look for the latin name for you.

You have to coock it with milk.

Try also with more all and whole grains rice, coocked or stoved vegetables like kale, brocolli, roots, carrots and less tropical fruit, juices and softdrinks.

I am not a doctor but thats our daily life experience,



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The latin name is Scrophularia. The roots can be coocket in milk and you can make ointment together with gee.

Another good treat are Dr. Schussler salts, i found "calcarea fluor" . you can find in every good homeopatic farmacy.

What came in my mind, be carefull with to much sweets, sugar, honey,...

good luck, :)


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