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  1. Hello ayurveda 4uall, I cannot get them here, can you give me advice where i can find them and let them send to Europe Belgium. beste regards, rob fa448010@skynet.be
  2. Yashodara; The latin name is Scrophularia. The roots can be coocket in milk and you can make ointment together with gee. Another good treat are Dr. Schussler salts, i found "calcarea fluor" . you can find in every good homeopatic farmacy. What came in my mind, be carefull with to much sweets, sugar, honey,... good luck, Rob
  3. hi Yashodara, i have seen beautiful results with oint from hamamelis virginiaea.And a tea from "speenherb", but i look for the latin name for you. You have to coock it with milk. Try also with more all and whole grains rice, coocked or stoved vegetables like kale, brocolli, roots, carrots and less tropical fruit, juices and softdrinks. I am not a doctor but thats our daily life experience, Robert fa448010@skynet.be
  4. 10 years ago i had severe backpain after a workaccident with a pumpinstallation. I went to many docters and kiné's, 40 treatments and their was bettership, but i still felt light pain on my right ishias to my leg. I took some homeopatic's and a new tratment from Sweden, called a "mastercare" rack. The fysiologist put me on that rack, it turned like a balance 5 %, with my head down. After a while i must do some exercises in that posture. after 45 minuts i stepped of that machine, no pain anymore. So i waited a few days to start again with my runningtraining. I was that time 44 years old and that year became champ on 800m. From time to time i took cod-oil in my yuggurt, just a few drops. I dont know if it is the real remedy, but i feel some fine lubrication insight Just an experience that was very costeffective and available for every human being.
  5. hello vaidya Adwait tripathi, Are you living in Europe and can deliver me this good ayurvedic products ? Can you give me a hint of prices and other product you have? Robert Belgium fa448010@skynet.be
  6. thank you very much Sir, Miss. I gonna search for this products in my country. best regards, Robert Belgium ps) in a couple of months, my son will come to India for his job, something like Coimbatore. He is a sannyasin from his 4th year, given in Poona. Now 26 years later he's back and i think it will be a happy experience. when i cannot find the Ayurvedic's he can help me from their.
  7. I am a Caucasian type, wite hairy as a young boy and turning wite grey again No i haven't visit yet a skin doctor,...i think they gonna give me a creme or a lasertreatment:eek3: . I am looking more for whole-istic solutions. greets, robert
  8. Dear Swami, The patches are small light brown 2-3mm, they do not itch, some patches on one side are bigger in size and are situated between one eye and my ear. I want to insert a picture, but i cannot see the possibility here. My tongue looks normal,pale red, only when i take dairy, yogurt,...it turns white yellow for awhile.I will take your advice, and cut in my chocolate behaviour;) a few months now i take B-complex brewersyeast and it looks better then before. Thanks for the advice, Rob
  9. Is that the one macrobiotic people make tekka from it.? I have some species that called Gobo, its a japanese one, much greater and bigger. So you make a tea from it, or just cook it like a vegetables ?
  10. hello mister, miss, I am a 57 years old men of Europe, Belgium. Doing sports 3 times a week (running)and a full time job.Born on 16 april 1951 near Antwerp. Always looking for healthy ways of living and also doing meditation one's a week. I eat a lot of vegetables, pure veg, oils, like nuts, having a good cholestorol of 156 just on pure eating everything, even butter.A good balance between HDL and LDL. The one weak thing is that i like sometimes good black Belgian chocolate and that i see thereafter the problems on my skin. Maybe its to heavy:eek2: , but so delicious . It contains lots of good components, like anti-oxydants, minerals. Another thing is that i cannot well to the sun, burns easy, but i took no action to protect me in the past. No i am more conscious about it. What can you suggest ? I think that i am a pitta type, full of idea's, need lots of diversity, like nature very much and doing gardening in my free time. trying to cultivate different things from all over the world. Even ashwagandha was one's growing in it:) thank in advance ps) in a few months my son comes to India Coimbatera to organise some job.
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