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Why we have to give food for crows?

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The beauty of the peacock is increased by its beautiful tail, the beauty for the swan is given by its pure milk like white color, chameleon's specality is that it changes it's color as t thinks. Did we thought of these special behavior, who gave these special behavior?, the reason for these is given by Shri Valmiki Ramayana's 18th chapter.

The following story is told to Lord Shri Rama by Rishi Agasthiar.

Maruthan is the king of Uzirabijam. one time Lord Indra and other devas attended the yaga done by the king. Brigaspathi's brother visvamithra conducted that yaga. At that time King Ravana came to the spot with his friends. All devas had fear on seeing King Ravana's strength and his friends, for there self defence they tried to change thier shape into birds and animal only to escape themself from the strengthful ravana. so Lord Indra changed himself into beautiful peacock, likewise Lord Yama, brother of Lord Shani changed himself into crow and Lord Varuna and Lord Kubera changed themself into swan and chameleon respectively.

But the shathriya, the king Marutha didn't get afraid, he willed to fight with the strengthen King Ravana. But the brahmana Visvamithra told King Maruthan not to conduct war since it may distrub the yaga.

Since King Marutha didn't came to war, Lanka King Ravana gone away from that place saying that the king Maruthan is a coward and afraid to war. On seeing that King Ravana left that place Lord Indra and other devas left reliefed, and they changed them self to their original body, yaga finished successfully.

Since all deva's are escaped from King Ravana, they thought of giving blessings to the birds and animals which helped them to get escape themself from King Ravana. Lord Indra gave beautiful tail to peacock as a thankgiving and he also blessed it that it may not harmed by any snake and any other poisonous animals.

Lord Yama blessed that crow will not get any disease, no one would look as you as a prey, and if any one give you food in their life time their forefathers in yamaloga will be benefited. Lord Kubera belssed chameleon that it can change it shape as it want to escape from enemies at time. Lord Varuna also blessed Swan with intelligence.

So, it is blevied that if we worshiped God during Saturday and giving food to crows on that day would benefit our forefathers in yamaloga. let all of us get benefited from the above story.

Let God's blessings and spirituality will always with us,


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