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baldness, career problem, marraige problem -- pls advise devotees

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Dear All,


I am facing all types of trauma in life.


I have acute baldness in my head and hence I look like a 40 yr old while actually I am only 25. Because of this my marriage proposals are getting rejected. Also I have obesity and very fat inspite of being under diet.


While I think to solve the above issues, my career is under constant threat.


I have been sent out from onsite (US) from my company last month. As I was already home sick, I thought of settling my career in India. But company again forces me to go abroad.


On one end career is not settled and always under one problem or other. On other end, I cry daily due to home sick and the pain of departing parents. I am the only child of my parents and they really worry about my career, baldness and marraige.


In saloon shops and all, the barber comments that baldness must come in 70s or 80s of age.The entire society I feel is looking at me down.


Though I have good finance background and has enough contended money by Perumal's grace, I could not enjoy the wealth due to the above mentioned problems. Due to all these my spiritual thoughts and devotion are also going down. All the time I feel peaceless, disturbed not able to concentrate on any one problem. I feel I will die young due to prolonged anxiety. I am the only child to my parents and they dont have anyothe hold.


I am writing this mail in deep depression. Though I was into devotional thoughts and used to read Bhagavatam, about great saints and all in the past. But currently I am thunderstruck.


Hence all devotees I kindly appeal -- to pray to your prime deity to get my problems solved.


At this moment I dont know anything but to wait with patience chanting rama rama.

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Dear Ramkrishnahari,

I can understand the problem of baldness and obesity. I'm 24 and also a s/w engg. I've lost a lot of hairs.

Well about the problem of baldness, if one practices good foods and yoga, hair loss can be contained. because a lot depends upon the kind of food we take and exercise we do. and if its not possible in any way go for a nice bald look!! :cool:


And about the obesity. Don't worry you know the poblem and well and you know the solution too. Its just the 'Action' which is missing. Even our great vedas advice daily exercise. The best way to keep fit and lose weight is running and proper diet. I'm not telling about dieting, just control on fast foods and high fat foods. I myself lost a lot of weight after this year. I was weighing around 85kgs at one time and now its 68-70kgs with no visible belly!! ;)

To start with exercise, just do it for your parents. Like say you have to run or go to gym for your parents to make them happy. The love for your parents will work like a charm. Love is a very good thing when used in proper way :)

Its just ourself between depression and happiness!

you may not like my views, but thats the way its referred in vedas and puranas.

All that matters is the action towards the obstacle. Its not a problem, its the solution we work on!

There is nothign new in this post but somethings need bombardment!


Come on brother its not that bad as you are seeing it right now.:)

Cheer Up!!


Now find those snickers where its been in hiding and go for a good run and feel better each and every day!! Healthy man healthy thoughts!!


Lord Krishna will always be there saying come on, workout and have good thoughts.

Social pressures will always be there, its you who handles it with Lord Krishna at your back!

Try helping yourself with actions and the Lord God himself will come crashing in to help you into everything, no matter what.

Trust him and start acting brother.



God Bless You

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hearts to pore when you feel it you know it , what would happen if you just had nervouse breakdown would things fix or break and how long can you go on as you are , and what remedy are you using and what is it you wish to feel and see for real now krishna will come and cry with you and rahda will hold both of you until soothed give up your sorrows and take up they mat for deity call as duty do prabhupada please be a friend to all body and soul or you cook your brain and get fried we are all hellpless with out mercy and when we know this we take shelter what better than bhagavatam these testing moments are called the dark night of the soul as you roam headless in hell we all wake up in hell when krishna through the mercy of a pure devotee puts your head back on after an iternity of forgetfullness a curtain if the soul were to see everything it would faint and fly from body to body trying to escape the blow of nature and fact this time hard luck because you know mrs prabhupada he stops you in your tracks and says love what you got give your best and then surrender the result all of it good bad joke on your own headand now smile at syamsunder waiting to play with you after you wake as you are learn so you can help others after you learn krishna will guide you as prabhupada will speak in your dream if you wish , for many years i could not sleep for deep childhood fear only prabhupada could save my life and i had the good fortune to hear his message and slowly my life is healing before i get to old and bald i am 47 now and mostly bald but very bold , if you are going to crumble then just get over it after or stand up and beg prabhupada to help you al the way to chaitanya you beg everyone to lift your soul you release your sorrows with a cofidential god brother or more openly like here so you hope your call will be heared , do not be disturbed , calm your soul mind body, very calm slowly still , feel rahda arms around you as you suffer here until you are calm as soul rest your mind feel your bones look and let go rest your body and mind feed your body prasad feed your mind hari katar feel rahda hand on your heart and breath her love until you are completly cool mind body and soul the poison colled same as shiva , then speak your truths as shiva would give up your sins slowly and then fast and then slowly again and so on the viel will lift as sure as sunrise opon your soul jai prabhupada jai rahda

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