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can someone help me with a solution to my problem

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TIME OF BIRTH 20:30hrs

DATE OF BIRTH 9-10-1958

PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY. Arni (near vellore) Tamilnadu

SEX Male


Your current status : Studying / Service / Business Govt. Service (Defence scientist)

Educational background M.Tech

Work Industry and current salary. Defence Rs 45000 pm


Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember marriage aug1984, passed BE - 1980: ojined Defence as scientist 1986-dec

Family background

Father : Business / Service / Industry etc.. retd. Govt service

Mother : house wive / Business / Service / industry etc. housewife

Brothers : younger / elders and above mentioned details one younger married

Sisters : younger / elders and above mentioned details one younger married


Sir, my wuestion is as follows.

Even though i had a reasonably good career, so far, except a small delayed promotion in 1990, i have had lots of tensions in the job. I have to work more than others to get the same recognition. Since the time sade sati started, the tensions have increased. Hurdles in the job, always fear of loosing my position in the heirarchy due to straight forwardness, and uprightness, and not being conducive to certain highers ups requirements (for which i have to do things against my conscience). Even though in some form i have had visible protection from God, i have had sleepless nights aswell.

I am due for a promotion in this year. Will i get it this year or will it be delayed. if delayed by how much. When will i be free from the sleeplessness, and stop fearing for being sincere and righteous.

Any pariharam can solve the problem?



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Well, I also see some other problems related to domestic life. Are there any problems in your marital life related to marital harmony, progeny or health of wife? Your straight forward and determined nature is clearly shown due to presence of Mars in Lagna under aspect of Saturn; and presence of Mercury, Venus, Sun and Rahu in 5th house. No doubt, that you may not have been provided with ample opportunity to use even 50 per cent of you skills; and unfortunately I do not see any such opportunity in near future. On the basis of Jupiter's position in natal and navamsha chart, whose antardasa is going on till Dec 2009, you will have to compromise a lot in respect of your professional development or promotion. There may be some increase in salary or some financial benefit; but there are very meek chances of getting respectable promotion and regard. You are very likely to enjoy good support of luck and fortune in respect of professional, social and financial matters between Nov. 2012 to May 2015. As far as, remedies are concerned, you may wear Emerald and Gomedha so that you can deal your professional matters tactically i.e. presenting yourself in a non-offensive manner.

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Dear JK,

Sani Sadesath period ,half the period is over. In another 15 months time the 2nd part of it will be over. 3rd part of two and half years you get lot of relief wrt to your job and gains. Do on every saturday tailabhishekam to Lord Sani in any temple to have peaceful life. Moon is weak in your horoscope due to closeness to amavasya and there will be unknown anxiety haunting you. Wear a pearl on the little finger right hand and pray Lord Siva .Jupitor in 6th house keep away your opponents from doing any harm to you which you mentioned as divine force helping. Any way you can chant Aditya Hridayam to gain more confidence in you. You are sure to get your promotion before December 2009.


Good luck,



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