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USR, want to know if you find anything wrong in my preidction, if so, i can take care

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Recently i have read a article, that planet in the seventh being the 10th from 10th will make him promote/enter into business while planet in the sixth being nineth from 10th will make him do service.


The Dasamsa should be analyzed in detail independently like the Rasi chart. The Artha Trikona is composed of the second 6th & 10th houses. Planets in these houses will have a direct bearing on the functioning of the native. Any planet in the tenth house is independently capable of giving good yoga that could mean power, rise and success in ones career. In addition, the seventh house should also be studied, as it is the Pada to the tenth. If the Sun dominates in these houses, a political career or similar public service is indicated. If the Moon dominates, Government Service or such other professions like hotel business etc are indicated. Mars gives Police; Intelligence related activities, Army etc. Jupiter produces lawyers, Judges, Priests, Astrologers, etc. Mercury gives business, writing & publishing, trade etc. Venus gives entertainment and all works of beauty while Saturn gives heavy burden, menial jobs etc. Rahu can indicate imports while Ketu shows exports etc. A list is provided at table 13.1.& 13.2


2. The sixth house rules business and the seventh house rules business. If there are more planets in the sixth house, or if it is otherwise stronger, service is indicated. A stronger seventh house gives an independent business. Similarly, the sixth lord promotes service while the seventh lord promotes business. This could mean instability in service during the period of the seventh lord. Similarly, debilitated malefic in the seventh house will encourage service as they will damage the business.


3. The boss is seen from the ninth house while the subordinates are seen from the fifth house. During the period of a malefic planet having papargala (malefic obstruction) on the ninth house, one is tormented by the boss (or ex-boss) while a benefic having Subhargala (benefic intervention) shall give a very good and helpful boss. Thus in Charts showing any kind of employment, the concerned houses for the self are the first, 6th & 10th. The third house from these (3rd, 8th & 12th) can cause problems. The eighth house will show retirement; the third house shows short leave while the 12th house shows long leave.


4. The ascendant lord in the ninth house makes a person very independent (he likes to be his own boss) and business is best advised in such charts or employment where a lot of scope for independent work. The second house is the eighth from the seventh house and shall play a crucial role in starting any business. In simpler words, the starting of any business is determined by the finance available. The quadrants to the 2nd house are the 5th, 8th & 11th houses showing the money that is put in by the partner, loans from banks etc. & self respectively.

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