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Debilitated Venus

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The Nadi Astrologer is generally busy and one has to take an appointment with him a month before approximately When you go there on the appointed day he checks his dairy and take the three impressions of the right thumb for males and the left thumb for females on a paper giving serial order number and ask you to wait till he calls you. Then he goes inside his library room where the palm leaves are kept which is not accessible to others. After an hour or so, sometimes quicker, he comes back with an old palm leaf bundle called index leaves. After making himself comfortable he carefully unwinds the long string which keeps the bundle in tact. He tells you to answer yes or no to his questions. With great devotion he takes the first palm leaf and starts reading on one side. The reading style is of funny accent in a poetic way, not understandable to even Tamilians. After reading one or two lines or even less sometimes he asks you some questions and you have to answer yes or no only. If you say 'No' he proceeds to the other side of leaf or next leaf and continues his questions. The questions are generally one or two at a time , such as whether our name is after some God /Goddess contains 3 or 4 or so letters or so, starts ends with a particular letter in a Varga (series) of the Hindu alphabets, Similarly about the names of parents and wife/husband whether anyone of them or both are alive or dead, number of elder and younger brothers and sisters, number of children number of uncles, type of profession, whether you are born in rainy season /summer etc. whether you are born in moveable /fixed/dual Moon and lagna rasis, whether you are born in a particular Moon Birth star whether you are born in a particular day in a particular year whether your age is so and so etc. He says that h e does not know what questions to ask unless he scans the leaves and that is why they generally insist the concerned person or a person who knows every detail about the persons consulted, should be present to answer the questions correctly, otherwise they say the readings won't go wrong. They do no bother much of you cannot answer questions about birth date month age, Moon rasi and star, lagna and they seem to bother more about matching of your name names of parents and wife/husband. If he gets 'No' answers to all the leaves of the first bundle which he goes back into his library and brings another bundle. This process continues for an hour or so generally covering generally up to bundles each consisting about 50 leaves or sometimes quickly even in the first bundle till he and your are satisfied and the answers to all the questions in a particular leaf are 'yes' only Concerning names, parents, wife /husband, co-borns profession etc.


Then he goes inside and bring another particular bundle and reads in poetic style your actual birth date month land year the astrological birth chart with position of planets sometimes with lagna also exact names of yourself, parents, wife/ husband, co-born, education, profession and gist of future predictions in a broad way and this is called General Kandam (chapter) of first bhava. You can verify the chart given if you know your birth chart he writes the concerned verses from the leaf in a note book . Then he records the same in an audio tape with translation into common understandable Tamil or some other languages with the help of a translator if necessary . He generally charges a minimum of 400 rupees upto this General Kandam Then he asks you whether you want to more details about any particular aspect of your life such as marriage, profession, etc and if so he picks up corresponding bundle and charges a similar amount extra for each aspect which he calls it a separate kandam or chapter. Some chapters give details about previous birth, remedial measures etc. At the end he hands over the note book and audio tape to you with devotion and takes money generally at the place where the photos of Gods /Goddess are there.




The details covered in each Kandam generally are as follows:-


Kandam 1- To be found through thumb impression (gents right, ladies left or sometimes by horoscope of the concerned person or palm, will contain name

parents and wife/husband's names brothers, sisters, maternal uncles, children,

profession and general list of future predictions for all the 12 houses.


{general kandam }Then each kandam is ur choice on which area of life u wanted to concentrate in reading ,so read and identify each chpater and u can demand reading it .


Kandam 2 - Money family speech, eyes, education.


Kandam 3 - Brothers and Sisters


Kandm 4 Mother ,House, Lands, Vehicles, Pleasures


Kandam 5 - Children Birth of children, reasons for not having children.


Kandam 6- Enemies, Diseases, Debts, cases in court.


Kandam 7 - Marriage., Married life


Kandam8 - Danger to life, longevity, period of death.


Kandam9 - Father, Wealth, luck, Temple devotion to God ,Preaching from Holyman


Kandam 10 - Business, Job, Profession


Kandam 11 -Gain , Second Marriage.


Kandam12.-Expenditure , Foreign visit, salvation,next birth.


Kandam13- Shanthi Kandam - Last Birth, Sins committed, remedial measures


Kandam 14 - Deekshakandam- Mantra Japam and wearing of talisman (Raksha)


Kandam 15 - Avushathakandam Medicines for long standing diseases.


Kandam 16- Dasa Bhuktikandam prediction for the present major and subperiod of the planet.


Kandam 17- Predictions about social service and political life


Kandam 18- Predictions about attainment of spiritual wisdom through yoga, path to attain salvation, divine advice, appearance of the Deity to one's spiritual eye and divine help.



In addition to these, there is also a special chapter for 'Prasna' where any query is answered.


Generally Remedial measures are like visiting particular temple, feeding the

poor etc, corresponding to sins the remedial measures re suggested. Suggestion of giving alms to the Nadi reader.




There is some other section known as mantra nadis ( or tantra nadis ) there the question will b answered through leafs on invoking mantras and it entirely depends on the spiritual power of reader >And in that you don't need to ask read the chapters and your question along with your doubts and its answers will generally appear on leaf and reader will pass the information to you .

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Is debilitated Venus bad for marriage? What if Venus is with Mercury in Virgo for Cancer lagna?


well, over all marital happiness is to be seen with all the details. As a karaka for wife and happy married life; debilitated Venus with Mercury in Virgo for Cancern Lagna is likely to cause tension, unsafisfaction in marital matters, diseases to self and wife and temporary separation. If such Venus is exaltaed in Navamsha Chart; then there are great chances that such malefic infuences do not take place. And if 7th Lord is weak; when Venus is with Mercury in Virgo for Cancer Lagna; there are great chances that the native is not likely to enjoy happy marital life. There may be problems like separation, divorce, delay or denial in marriage; death of wife; severe health problems, progenic problems. Over all, under such circumstances; the native seldom enjoys marriage.

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Guest astrosearcher

Does a debilitated Venus placed in the 6th house with exalted and retrograde Mercury in the same house, reduce the positve effect of Mercury for an Aries ascendant?

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