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how to know that you have awakened your kundalini

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You will know when your kundalini is awakened, because you will feel it travelling upwards through your being. The symptoms are different for everybody, because some people experience the awakening of it without conscious effort, as a fated accident. But most people do need intense focus on some object coupled with an intensity of desire. Some people have many visions, some people become afraid at certain points because the chakra that the kundalini is travelling through has some weakness and requires purification,so the experience can be both unpleasant at points and then completely ecstatic, but everybody will experience it rising, it is a very real tactile experience in one's being. Once it reaches the top chakra you will experience tremendous unity with everything and become oblivious to anything except the presence of divine. So do not worry, you will know when it happens. There is no vagueness about it and no need for mental speculation. When it happens you will definitely understand.

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