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What is so great about Krishna

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One of the five topics of the Gita is, "jiva, aka atma or soul".

For some the soul is a void hole in space temporarily manifest as a subjective being —for others the soul is the transcendent life-force searching for personal permanence.

The personalities in the puranas are all cousins sharing a common family tree back to maha-pita-ma Lord Brahma.

These personalities in the puranas are the same jivas in a temporal material body living in celestial opulence are known as the devata superintendents of cosmic affairs.

In the puranas, we are made privy to the lives of those in the royal court of the demigods and similarly we are made privy to the lives of saints who advised and inspired great personalities of antiquity--only made known to us mortal readers herein by way of contemporary saints emerging from out of Bharata-varsa.

The Family Tree of all the personalities of the Veda

As found in the Bhagavata-purana

There is an actual family tree described in approximately 563 Slokas.

These Slokas delineate the family lineages starting with Brahma [including all the Prajapatis, Manus, the Soma & the Surya Dynasties] up until the 11th Century C.E..

Approximately 2,500 names [including wives are listed]

Avataras and their family lineage is included too—which brings us to the Puranas and before that to the various Vedic Books that re-tell ancient events among the Devas in their youth.

In the Bhagavata-purana the family tree Starts with & proceeds as follows:

1) Brahma's Birth [155 Trillion B.C.] — Brahma's children — Brahma's Daughter-in-law & Son-in-laws — Brahma's grandchildren — Brahma's great-grandchildren

2) Brahma's first 50 years of his life have already passed —

3) Brahma's awakes afresh at the start of the Present Day (kalpa) — the first Manu (svayambhuva) is born — Kasyapa & his cousins re-populate the Universe (prajapatis)

4) The first to 6th Manus born, live and pass.

5) The 7th Manu is born

3) At the end of the 1st Maha-yuga of the 7th Manu— Mother Revati leaves to seek Husband (and 27 Maha-yuga later arrives to marry Balarama).

4) We are here now in the 28th Maha-yuga epoch [out of 71] of the present 7th Manu.

5) The family tree continues until the 11th Century CE.

The watch word for being given this data from Vyasadeva, IMO, is a matter of "Orientation" —as in finding our way in and around a forest and knowing where our cousins and Uncles homes are to be found.

The reason for various seemingly contradictory statements in the Vedas, and also, in seemingly contradictory statements in the Puranas about pastimes of persons mentioned in different puranas etc is:

The events happened in vastly different epochs and vastly different places —attended by a few most famous personalities and also attended by mutitudes of Sadhus, rishis and celestial near-do-wells —therefore the re-counting of Vedic events of antiquity contain points-of-view from sources that witnessed the same events from different vantage points.

Also, the Demigods are prone to mistakes, bad-manners, momentary lapses of judgment, lust pursuits etc —so eventhough their behavior is exemplary it contains all the variety of Celestial Soap-Operas [novellas] that spring from the Human-condition [Demigod-condition].

Remember, Daksha, Durvasa and what to speak of Big-Big Asuras who made mistakes when they could have enjoyed the good life into their dotage years.

Why would Indra not recognize the advent of Vishnu's origin incarnate, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com><st1:place w:st=Krishna</st1:place>?

Because of supreme conceit. But the Devas are not self-hating soul killers —they live a polished life of opulence with their duties to perform for the good of all sentient beings and also for the maintenance of the physical structure of the cosmos.

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I am not able to understand what is so great about krishna, I go to all temples and I dont have any preference

There are so many Gods, like Rama, Ganesh, Siva, etc and each one has their own family God (ie who worship a particular god right from the begining of their family origin), that being the case why there is so much Emphasis on Krishan alone. is it because of Gita or something else,some one please clarify...

One of the meanings of the name Krishna is 'all attractive'. That's why. :) This is just His quality: He attracts the jivas. You can't change it. :)

You say you like them all (the Gods), but you also asked this particular question about Krishna. :)

On the other hand all the other Gods (as well as everything else) also partially represent different qualities of Krishna and His energies. I don't want to offend their followers who would definitely like to see them as the Absolute. This is good. This is another good quality of Krishna though: He is completely detached. :) He does not care if everyone sees Him the best. He actually likes to glorify and please His devotees. He even serves them sometimes.

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