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Being Situated in Samadhi

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Although there're Vaishnavas who consider Prabhupada's lectures/letters as "tricky preaching strategy" or "baby bottles to feed the infants" and not necessarily based upon authoritative sastra - when even the non-Vaishnavas say it is true, what can be done?


Prabhupada, 25 February 1974, Bombay: The frogs, they can become in samādhi, situated in samādhi, for many, many years. So these things are not very great things, to have samādhi, to have yogic principles. Even in the animals you will find. I read long, long ago that in the coal mine, while they were digging coals, one frog came out from the coal and jumped over and died. That means the frog was buried within the lump of coal for many, many thousands of years, and he was keeping samādhi. Kumbhaka, kumbhaka-yoga they know. So these are not very extraordinary things. Because after all, living entity is eternal, does not die. Na hanyate hanyamāne śarīre [bg. 2.20]. If, by some process, he lives for some time more, that is not very wonderful thing. The wonderful thing is how to stop this birth and death. That is wonderful thing. Not that I am living, say, for fifty years or hundred years, another man is living for three hundred years. That is not very wonderful thing."


Frozen Alive!


One of the most amazing examples of freeze tolerance is the wood frog (Rana sylvatica). This common frog is found across Canada and all the way north to the tree line. Wood frogs winter on land, hiding under the leaf litter on the forest floor. By hibernating on land, the frogs can get active as soon as the snow melts and breed in the temporary ponds and ditches formed by meltwater. Wood frog choruses can often be heard over a month before aquatic frogs, like leopard frogs, are released from their ice-locked lakes and rivers to begin their own breeding. But hibernation on land has its cost. Frogs can't dig underground like toads do and they need to hibernate in damp leaf litter to keep from drying out. Their soft, water-permeable skin is no barrier to ice and so, whenever frost penetrates into their winter home, they freeze. Ice penetrates though all of the fluid compartments of the animal and within just a few hours a mass of ice fills the abdominal cavity encasing all the internal organs. Large flat ice crystals run between the layers of skin and muscle, and the eyes turn white because the lens freezes. Their blood stops flowing and as much as 65% of the frog's total body water is converted to ice. Breathing, heart beat, and muscle movements all stop and the frozen "frog-sicle" exists in a virtual state of suspended animation until it thaws.













"The southern edge of the pond (at the left of the picture above) has remained frozen since the 1st, and the fall of snow pictured above has given that edge quite a bumpy texture, enough to turn into an abstract this image of two frogs in amplexus.

If you look at the larger image you'll see a second picture taken after they moved in which the second frog is clearer to see!"

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The words of people like Prabhuppada are intriguing, still very confusing. After the attunement to the divinity, it is nothing.

But it's worthless talking about Frog and other creatures which happened to carry on that thing accidentally, few are exceptional too. Samadhi, being an entity remote from any ordinary person, his words were just to solace the hearts whcih could disappear in dismay.


If samadhi kinda stuffs would have been that much of easy then no one ever in the history and even Prabhupada never would have needed confronting self to Bhakti kinda stuffsa n any other Sadhana or else.


Bhakti, too is a path to lead us to the Samadhi, but in ages !!! Bhakti of Meera would relate us to Samadhi but not the kinda ours.

Anything in the path of spirituality is to seek for the bliss. Samadhi relates us to the higher realm of Bliss which is impossible for all. It must be the reason why he said so, few words of comfort.

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The words of people like Prabhuppada are intriguing, still very confusing.

Thanks passionate_freak for telling what is your opinion. Somehow it seems there're presently as many opinions as there're people on this planet - 6 billion religions so to speak. However, when it comes to explain knowledge beyond your brain capacity, what is beyond this universe, how you want to tell what is fact?



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