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The Subconscious according Vedic Understanding

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Psychoanalysis has now been existing for more than a century. Its theory has great influence on self-developement, education and conflict resolution. But basically the recognition of subconscious is emotional and has not got to rational level.

Simultaneously - according modern psychology, subconscious is the final motive power of human’s psychology and behavior. It refers to human’s instinct impulse and the depressed desires after birth.

Sigmund Freud saw guilt as basic to the human problem, and those who enabled men to cope with it would become the true priests of the future. Out of this premise, psycho-therapy was born. Sadly, the religions have been very quick to adopt it. However, therapy heresy by-passes the fundamentals of faith in God: the atonement, regeneration, restitution, and more. The counselling heresy is a thriving evil because it undermines theology to be no longer central to peoples live.

Time for Vaishnava scientists to present the real explanation of what is subconscious: the outlet of the sum total karmas of our previous lives.

Since they have no better explanation they have to accept and finally understand why there's this vast differences of human behaviour.




"Krishna is the supreme witness sitting within the heart, and He not only notes what one is thinking and doing, but He also gives the living entity facility. If one wants to do something in order to satisfy his senses, Krishna gives all facility. This is stated in Bhagavat-gita. Sarvasya caham hrdi sannivistah: 'I am sitting in everyone's heart. Mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca: 'From Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness.'








"In this way Krishna gives us a chance. If we want Krishna, He will give us a chance to have Him, and if we don't want Krishna, He will give us a chance to forget Him. If we want to enjoy life forgetting Krishna, forgetting God, Krishna will give us all facility so that we can forget, but if we want to enjoy life in Krishna consciousness, Krishna will give us the chance to make progress. That is up to us. If we think that we can be happy without Krishna consciousness, Krishna does not object to that. Yathecchasi tatha kuru. After advising Arjuna, He simply said, 'Now I have explained everything to you. Whatever you desire, you can do.' Arjuna replied immediately, karisye vacanam tava: 'Now I shall execute Your order.' That is Krishna consciousness.








"God does not interfere with our tiny independence. If we want to act according to the order of God, then He will help us. Even if one falls down sometimes, if one becomes sincere, thinking, 'From this time I shall remain Krishna conscious and execute His orders,' then Krishna will help him. In all respects, even if one falls down, he will be excused and given more intelligence. This intelligence will say, 'Don't do this. Now go on with your duty.' But if one wants to forget Krishna, if he wants to become happy without Krishna, the Lord will give so many chances to enable him to forget Him life after life."






(Matchless Gift, Chapter 2)

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I see the fault on the part of mundane pyschology to be one of not recognizing that the unconscious has been formed from the beginning of our association with matter.


As suchadra mention above, "Time for Vaishnava scientists to present the real explanation of what is subconscious: the outlet of the sum total karmas of our previous lives." He is referring to sanchit karmas which are stored as impressions or samskaras and which fill and are the substance of the unconscious or subconscious mind.


How these stored karmas are brought forth as prarabdha karmas which form our present destinies and how our present thinking feeling and willing draw down particular karmas from the sanchit stock to influence our future karmas (kriyamanas) is essential understanding to the field of pyschology and without knowing how this works the gross pyschologists are left flailing around with one theory or another, hit and miss guess work.

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Srila Prabhupada gave the idea that different impressions mix and mingle and produce dreams.

He said that if one sees gold and then sees a mountain he can have a dream of a gold mountain.

That does not mean that we actually once saw a gold mountain.


The other night I dreamed that somebody in a custon 55 Chevy that was brilliant turquoise color took me accross a road of water to a party where I cooked special food for a wealth Japanese businessman and was making nectar drink for some Swamis at the same time.


I got worried because I was running out of nectar drink to feed the Swamis with.

Meanwhile, I was trying to keep cooking for the wealthy Japanese businessman.


So, this is a good example of how different impressions all come together to create dreams that don't necessarily have any basis in our previous lives.


Our minds just stitch and patch together thoughts and ideas and produces dreams.

We haven't experienced in the past any such thing, nor will we experience it in the future.


The mind is just a witch that brews up all sorts of crazy dreams by mixing together different impressions.

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