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Karma is useless.....(from past lives)

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memory? what memory.....? thats what i've been asking all along.....WHERE is the memory?


-Hare Krishna

In the subconcious mind, or as Sridhar Maharaja would say, "underground". Subconscious means that your conscious mind has no direct access to these memories. On one level there would be just too many memories and the conscious mind would be overwhelmed. But why couldn't you remember everything from your most recent past human life? The answer is that we are presented with the same tests that we failed in our last life, under more or less the same conditions. This would not be possible if we had full conscious memory of our most recent human lifetime. In the eleveth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam it says that one who accepts the suffering that they endure as the result of there past actions and also sees such suffering as the mercy of the Lord is fit for liberation. Such a conception is universal and what some Christians call, "getting right with God".

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