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finding the ishta devata from the Atma Karaka

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Om Amrtesvaryai Namah!!


Namaste to all!


my sincere apologies for leading you astray in my last posting in

regard to the determining of one's ishta devata...i had been studying

so many different branches of the Jyotish that i forgot which one was

relevent to this question of the ishtadevata....it turns out i just

found the relevent quote in my files, and when i noticed it referred

to the Atmakaraka as the indicator, (or rather the 12th Bhava before

the Atamakaraka as found in the Navamsha)...begging your forgiveness

for this error...the actual quote is below:


"O Brahmin, just as the minister cannot go against the king, the

other karakas, viz, Putrakaraka, Amatyakaraka etc. cannot

predominate over Atmakaraka in the affairs of the native. If the

Atmakaraka is adverse, other karakas cannot give their benefic

effects (fully). Similarly, if Atmakaraka is favourable, other karakas

cannot predominate with their malefic influences."


Atmakarak is the most personal planet in the chart. It is the king

of the horoscope. Its role is to protect, as the king protects his

kingdom and territory.

Being the most personal planet, it has the strongest say over moksha

(final emancipation) and for that reason, the 12 th house from the

atmakarak in the navamsa chart (dharmamsa) is used to ascertain the

ishtadevata or the personal Deity who will guide the soul to its real

home - Moksha.

Thus, the main role of Atmakarak is to purify the soul. Therefore,

the position of atmakarak in a chart describes the suffering of a

soul, obstacles and bad karma which are all meant to cleanse the soul

from its sins, and promote rise and evolution. It is for that reason

that house placement of atmakarak as well as arudhas ruled by it are

indicative of disturbed areas of life, where a person has to work

unselfishly to ward off the previous sins. For that reason, a person

will suffer most while given the opportunity to progress most through

the instrument of atmakarak power.

While different astrologers opine that atmakaraka places will be

beneficial for a chart owner, it has been the case that house

placement of atmakarak becomes very sensitive in a person's life,

where the obstacles and sufferings are found, giving

rise to personal growth and evolution. However, to make it clear,

Atmakarak doesn't necessarily indicate suffering by its mere

placement. There may be happiness under the conditions set by

atmakarak/spiritual inclinations.



thus we have it from the actual quote, i think it may have come from

the Jyotish News...What do the members think of this method for

determining the Ishtadevata, and the attendant ideas re the

"suffering" indicated by the placement of the atmakaraka?


thank you,


In Amma's Divine Love,

and in Her Service,

i am

Her child,




Om Amrtesvaryai Namah!

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This all seems absolyely true according to my life, and explains

to me how I am able to bear things where the Atmakaraka sits that I see some others unable so courageously. I do see the effects of my AK

as prifying and a painfull blessing.


Thank you for your post.


My AK is Mars in Scorpio in 2nd.


So I will say no more.


Kind regards


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hello to everyone,


I have a question regarding my ishta devata or i should say finding it.


I was born on February 25 1985 at 11pm in Rahway, New jersey. The GMT is -5 hours and no daylight saving time. The latitude is 40 36 29 north and longitude is 74 16 41 west.


I currently live in freehold New jersey. latitude 40 15 36 north and longitude 74 16 27 west. same GMT. Please if anyone can help I would be heartfelt with appreciation.

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